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The memories of his previous life were still vivid in his mind. Although there were no good memories there, no memories worth reminiscing about, only endless pain and sadness, to Teng Yan, who had transmigrated, that place would always be his hometown and had his childhood memories. After coming to this world, Teng Yan thought that he would never have anything to do with his previous life again. However, at this moment, as he looked at the four words "Flame God Incantation", his thoughts had completely fallen ?

The tears blurred his vision, but they did not roll down his face. From the moment the Teng Clan was exterminated, Teng Yan told himself that he could never shed tears again. Even now, tears had only wet his eyes.

We, the cultivators of the Heavenly Mountain,

He had been obsessed with martial arts all his life, hoping to reach the peak of martial arts. He would conquer the world and end his grudges.

That night, the top ten martial arts experts attacked together. He had rushed thirty million miles, killed six of them, injured three of them, and finally lost.

All his meridians had been shattered, and all his martial arts had been wasted. He didn't want to end up in this world without reason. The heavens were merciful, and because they had been saved by the previous patriarch of the Teng Clan, they no longer had any desire to live.

"Now that I wrote down the Flame God Incantation with my lifetime worth of martial arts, you and I are in the same world, this was originally a kind of fate. I hope you can spread my secret throughout life and bring forth the majesty of China ?"

Flame God Incantation:

The supreme mental cultivation method of the Flame God Incantation was divided into nine levels: Rising Sun, Rising Sun, Burning Flames, Body Refinement, Heart of Earth Fire, Body of Sky Fire, Heart of Divine Flame, and Body of Flame.

The levels of martial arts cultivation were: "Flesh Training", "Tendon Training", "Skin Training", "Bone Training", "Viscera Training", "Bone Training", "Blood Exchange", "Enlightenment", and the "Unparalleled Body" cast from the energy of heaven and earth.

Soul cultivation level: Soul-immobilize, egress, nocturnal travel, sun-travel, Telekinesis, Appearance, Possession, Possession, Lightning tribulation, using the radiance of the sun and moon to train the immortal origin soul.

Martial dao complemented each other's cultivation. Those who achieved great mastery could split the sun and moon, and could shake the world.

When Teng Yan saw this, he did not know how to express the feelings in his heart at this very moment. He was originally feeling helpless because of his cultivation, but who would have thought that the Divine Flame Method would appear at this moment? The heavens are on my side!] Especially what this Chinese cultivator wrote at the end: After reaching large success, one could divide the sun and moon, and could shake the world. Teng Yan didn't know how powerful the experts of this world were, but at least they didn't have such abilities when he first met the people from the Heaven Battling Sect.

He held the Godly Flames Divine Technique in his hands tightly.

As long as he was able to cultivate the Flame God Incantation to a certain level, he would have a high chance of taking revenge. Moreover, this was left behind by senior Hua Xia, which had a different meaning to Teng Yan. It was a fortuitous encounter. It was just as this cultivator senior said. Being able to see the mental cultivation method he left behind was originally a form of fate. Perhaps the heavens had already arranged all of this ?

After getting familiar with it, Teng Yan finally discovered that the Flame God Incantation was simply tailor-made for him. He discovered that the soul cultivation attribute in the Flame God Incantation was actually the mental strength cultivated by the medicine masters. In other words, he could refine medicine at the same time as cultivating the Flame God Incantation, which would be killing two birds with one stone.

"Wahaha..." For the first time, Teng Yan revealed an innocent smile. Whether it was in his previous life or this life, Teng Yan swore that he had never been so happy before. Excited laughter reverberated throughout the entire valley. However, to Teng Yan's surprise, Little Green cried out and protested to him. Of course, Teng Yan thought of all his actions as him cheering for him. Congratulations, Teng Yan realized that he was wrong in the future.

"Little Green, I love you so much ?" Teng Yan grabbed Little Green, who looked like a puppy, and fiercely kissed it.

"I... Help, this bastard is a hooligan. Big brother, I'm as strong as you are. Please let me go ? "Wuwuwu ?" Little Green grumbled helplessly in its heart. A person begging for mercy. Unfortunately, Teng Yan had no idea what he was thinking.

"Green, time to go..." After cheering, Teng Yan no longer had any hesitation. To him, time was everything. He had to make the best use of every second he had. If he allowed his enemy to live longer and longer in this world, he would feel even more remorseful and resentful. "Heaven Battling Sect, just you wait. The day of your destruction is near. One day, I will make you pay a thousand times back for what you have done to me ?"

Even Teng Yan himself did not realize that from this moment onwards, he possessed two completely different personalities. The first one, was as innocent and unsophisticated as an ordinary child, while the second one, was as cold-blooded and ruthless as if he was a god of death ? It was also because of this change in Teng Yan that the entire Heavenly Dream Continent would call him the Evil God in the future ?

Teng Yan ran out of the door. What was Teng Yan trying to do? From what he could see, Teng Yan didn't hesitate to uproot all the valuable spiritual herbs one by one. Then, he excitedly ran back into the room and threw everything into the furnace. It didn't matter if it was Tier 8 or Tier 9 spiritual herbs, or even Deity Tier spiritual herbs. As long as he could use it for concocting pills.

According to the records of the Teng Clan's previous owner, the early stages of refining medicine did not need to refine any particular medicine, as long as one was familiar with the profession of medicine refiners, was familiar with everything during the process of refining pills, and could grasp the control of Spiritual Force, then it would be fine. According to the records of the Teng Clan's previous owner, the early stages of medicine refining did not need to refine any specific pills, as long as one was familiar with the profession of medicine refiners, was familiar with everything during the process of refining pills and could grasp the control of Spiritual Energy.

This... Teng Yan had been busy for a long time before he realized that he was just blindly working. Why? Pill refining would require fire, but Teng Yan didn't even know how the world burned. If he could have a lighter or something like that, it would be perfect ? Unfortunately, how could such a thing exist in this world? However, just as Teng Yan was feeling helpless, a miracle happened. The purple flame shot out from Little Green's mouth, instantly solving all of Teng Yan's worries.

"This... A dog that can spit fire? "This world is truly full of wonders ?" Looking at the puppy, Teng Yan said in surprise. However, Teng Yan couldn't care so much now. Let's start by concocting pills ?

For the sake of a better future, Teng Yan worked hard, struggled, and threw precious spiritual herbs into the pill furnace. He failed again and again, and persevered. In order to become a Medicine Sovereign, he had to work hard, strive hard ?

If any other pharmacist saw Teng Yan's current appearance, they might have immediately committed suicide. Why? Other pharmacists might not even be able to find a single Tier 8 spiritual herb in their lifetime, let alone a Tier 9 or God Tier one. That was a rare treasure in the entire Heavenly Dream Continent, but what about Teng Yan now? It was a complete waste. "He is a complete wastrel.

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