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Fail, failure, failure. After countless failures, Teng Yan was completely speechless. Damn! It had been eight days. For eight whole days, he hadn't succeeded a single time? Was it due to his bad character? Or was there a problem with this cauldron? Didn't they say that failure is a f * * king success? What was this now? Teng Yan stared foolishly at the pill furnace before him.

"Your sister, Xiao Lu, light the fire. Continue, I don't believe this evil ?" Teng Yan roared in anger. He had nearly smashed this cauldron to pieces.

Of course, Little Green listened to Teng Yan and eagerly ran to the side of the cauldron and took out a handful of purple flames. It enveloped the entire pill furnace in flames.

How could Teng Yan know? How could he succeed in refining a pill like this? Every time he would put seventeen or eighteen Spirit Grasses together to refine, he would completely ignore the Spirit Grasses' attributes. He did not know whether or not the Spirit Grasses' attributes worked against each other.

In this world full of fantasy and cruelty, medicine was a profession that could enchant everyone. If one wanted to become a drug refiner, there were very harsh conditions. Otherwise, the world would be full of drugs, right? One had to know that even a beginner alchemist could be revered by tens of thousands of people. Once you step into the realm of medicine masters, your life's wealth will follow you and some large families will not hesitate to invite you to join them.

Once an alchemist reached this threshold, they would have a chance of becoming a true alchemist. As long as there was an alchemist joining the family, the family would get stronger and stronger. Advanced pharmacists could also establish their own families and start their own sect from then on, because as long as you were an advanced pharmacist, they could invite experts to depend on you ?

Therefore, many people wanted to become a medicinal master, but the vast majority of people would never be able to enter the hall of the medicinal master.

"Bang..." A loud sound shook the entire valley, causing the surrounding birds to scatter in all directions.

"Another failure?" Teng Yan helplessly looked at the scene before him. His face was dyed a deep blue by the black smoke. Your sister, your father doesn't believe this ? " At the same time, he shouted angrily, "No one can stop me!" Actually, it wasn't Teng Yan's fault. Normally, if one wanted to become an alchemist, they would have to go through the guidance of an advanced pharmacist. Otherwise, if he messed around like Teng Yan, he would never become a drug refiner in his entire life.

"Little Green, let's go dig some grass ?" The high grade spiritual herbs at the bottom of the valley were now no different from weeds in Teng Yan's heart. In the past few days, who knew how many of them had been wasted by him. If he sold these herbs, perhaps buying a country wouldn't be a problem.

What a sin ?

Soon, Teng Yan carried another big pile of spiritual herbs and ran inside. He continued. The heavens were fair, so he believed that as long as he paid the price, he would get a reward. Come on. Teng Yan grabbed another handful of high grade spiritual herbs and prepared to throw them into the furnace.

"No, no, no, my little ancestor, I beg you, put it down, put it down ?" At this moment, a sorrowful voice, filled with urgency, sounded in Teng Yan's ears.

Teng Yan was stunned. He had been at the bottom of this valley for so long, but he didn't see anyone? After a moment of absent-mindedness, the spiritual herb in his hand fell into the furnace.

Ah ?" My Spirit Grass... "I fainted. Little Ancestor, stop messing with me, wuu ?" The same voice sounded in Teng Yan's ears.

"Who, who is it? "Come out ?" Teng Yan looked around and roared, but he didn't see anyone's appearance. He was astonished. Did he hear wrong? Shaking his head, it seemed that he had worked too hard in refining medicine these past few days. Continue...

"Little Green, light the fire ?"

"Don't ?" The voice finally sounded again. At this moment, an old man suddenly appeared in front of Teng Yan. The moment the old man appeared, he immediately laid down on the cauldron without saying anything. He then took out the spiritual herbs from within.

"Hey, hey, who are you? What are you doing?" Faced with this sudden appearance of an old man, Teng Yan couldn't help but feel surprised.

"Scram ?" The old man didn't even turn his head before he let out a furious bellow.

"..." Teng Yan was speechless. F * ck you, does my pill refining have anything to do with you? [You actually dare to throw a tantrum at me?] Originally, Teng Yan was already infuriated by not being able to refine a single pill in the past few days. Now, he had completely found a way out ?.

"Fuck, you old bastard ?" "Damn it!" He cursed and kicked the old man in front of him. "Ouch ?" Immediately, Teng Yan's voice called out again. There was nothing he could do. When Teng Yan kicked the old man, he had obviously stepped on the old man, but it had pierced through the old man's body, causing him to fall to the ground ?.

"I..." Teng Yan stared at the old man before his eyes in shock. An expert? He thought to himself and then reached out his hand to touch the old man's body, but ? "Ghost ?" A shout resounded through the entire room. Teng Yan realized that the body of the old man in front of him was actually made of nothing.

"Ghost, you're the ghost?" The old man finally took out the spiritual herbs from the pill furnace and stared at Teng Yan with an angry expression. It made Teng Yan's hair stand on end. [You stinking brat! If you don't know how to concoct pills, don't learn how to concoct pills! You are simply wasting these spiritual herbs!]

"I... "You ?" Teng Yan was speechless. He thought to himself, "Sleep, what does your father want? Can you control it?" He said, "Your sister, you just don't know how to learn. If you do, then why the hell would I learn ? ?"

"Brat, your mouth is quite formidable. How can you learn pill forging in such a manner?" What do you think these are? These are all treasures. You think you can forge pills just like this? Look, this is Heavenly Star Grass, this is Full Moon Grass. These two spiritual herbs are mutually exclusive. It would be weird if you were to put them together and refine a pill. " The old man took out the two stalks of Spirit Grass in his hands and shouted angrily at Teng Yan.

"Err ?" Teng Yan was speechless. It seemed like she really didn't know? " Geezer, you're a drug refiner? "

"Nonsense ?" The old man shouted angrily at Teng Yan, "How could our Teng Clan have such a useless person like you ?." "I wonder what the heads of the clans are doing now. They don't even know these basic pill refining techniques?" The old man mumbled to himself.

The speaker has no intention, the listener has no intention. Teng Yan couldn't help but be surprised. Was this old man from the Teng Clan?

"Who are you old man?" Why haven't I seen you before? Don't fool me... I'm not a three-year-old. "

"I am your ancestor ?" "A strand of consciousness left behind ?" The old man roared at Teng Yan again. He had no choice but to do this. Now, he was truly furious. Seeing Teng Yan ruining these high-level spiritual herbs time and time again, his heart ached. Otherwise, he would not have appeared in front of Teng Yan. 00

"My sect? A strand of consciousness? " Teng Yan was speechless, but he could roughly understand what was going on in front of his eyes. However, he also felt admiration for himself. In this era, refining pills to the point where he could refine the Old Ancestor.

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