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After refining the pill to the point where he could refine the old ancestor, Teng Yan was probably the only one with such ability in the entire Dreamsky Continent.

"Hee hee, from the consciousness that the old ancestor left behind, as a junior, you should at least come up with something good to help a junior like yourself, right?" After the days of being at peace, Teng Yan had basically buried his hatred for the Battle Sky Sect deep in his heart, because Teng Yan told himself that he had to do his best to conceal himself, so that he could always keep himself in a condition that others wouldn't be able to see through.

Teng Yan knew that he was currently as weak as an ant, and that any human would be able to easily kill him. Therefore, if he wanted to survive, he could kill his enemy as soon as possible. He was constantly strengthening himself in the midst of obscurity.

"Um ? Old Ancestor, right? Look at me! I've worked so hard for so long and I haven't even managed to concoct a single pill! Do you think you should teach me?" Teng Yan shamelessly said to the complaining elder.

"Go..." Where are you going to stay? You're still learning how to refine pills? You want to become a pharmacist? "You have simply tarnished the profession of being a medicinal master. This is a sacred and inviolable profession." The old man hatefully said to Teng Yan. There was no helping it, it was Teng Yan who had wasted so many precious high-grade spiritual herbs. The old man felt a pang in his heart when he thought about it.

"I... Alright, my life is truly bitter. Looks like I still have to rely on myself to work hard. Sigh ? Green, let's go back to digging grass and concocting pills ? "The Heavens do not disappoint those who have good intentions. I believe that one day, I will succeed ?" Teng Yan felt wronged as he helplessly said this. However, he made a decision in his heart: "If you don't teach, I'll see if you teach me." Seeing how much the old man valued these spiritual herbs, Teng Yan was confident that the old man would teach him.

"Sigh. No. "My little ancestor, I beg you, don't waste these spiritual herbs!" The old man said in a wronged voice, he really couldn't bear to continue watching Teng Yan waste these precious spiritual herbs. Not to mention whether Teng Yan would use these spiritual herbs to concoct pills, just Teng Yan alone would be enough to uproot these spiritual herbs and if any other pharmacists were to encounter high grade spiritual herbs, he would take a small part of them. In this way, these spiritual herbs would continue to grow, but Teng Yan would directly uproot them.

"I don't want to either, but no one will teach me. I can only slowly study it myself." Teng Yan said helplessly, looking extremely innocent.

"I'll teach, I'll teach, alright ?" The old man said helplessly. In order to protect these high level spiritual herbs, he could only compromise unconditionally. He also knew that this brat in front of him had caught onto this point, but what could he do? "It seems like there is nothing he can do about Teng Yan." "You little brat, don't think I don't know what you're thinking. I'll tell you, I can teach you, but you have to promise me. You have to listen to me in the future." The old man said angrily.

"Alright. As long as you can teach me, I'll do whatever you want." Teng Yan agreed without even thinking. In his heart, he was thinking that it would be weird if he could return the favor ? About that, can I ask, what's your current rank? " Teng Yan then asked curiously.

"Who cares what rank I am, as long as I can teach you!" The old man said angrily. He really didn't like Teng Yan. If Teng Yan hadn't threatened him with the spiritual herbs, he would have just ignored him.

Sigh, humans, sometimes it is just so helpless, so sad ?

"Nonsense, of course I have to figure it out first. If you were a pirated version, you would only mislead the children. When that happens, even if I cry, I won't be able to cry ?"

"I am a fifth-grade Medicine Sovereign, f * ck you, tell me, do you think I have the qualifications to teach you?" Wait a minute, what is pirated? " The old man looked at Teng Yan in surprise.

"The fifth rank of the Medicine Sovereign? Geezer, do you think I'm a three year old child that easy to fool? You? Grade Five as a Medicine Sovereign? "Even if you are bragging, you should first draft out the answer..." Teng Yan said in disdain. In this world, the best medicine master was the Medicine Sovereign. According to the rank of Grade Nine, what would it be like if this old man was really a Grade Nine Medicine Sovereign? Therefore, Teng Yan did not believe it.

Believe it or not, do you think this old man wants to teach you? You want to be a drug refiner without a soul consciousness? "That is simply a pipe dream ?" The old man did not care about Teng Yan's suspicions as he spoke in a disdainful tone. It was just as he had said; he did not want to teach Teng Yan at all. "Also, Teng Yan didn't know that in the ancient days when the previous patriarch of the Teng family lived, there was nothing unusual about a medicine master like this ?

"I ?" Teng Yan was speechless. Of course, he knew what the spiritual sea was. It was the so-called spiritual force. He never intended to train any kind of spiritual force, but he wanted to train in soul force. It was a level higher than the spiritual force. Of course, this was also because Teng Yan had obtained the Flame God Incantation. The Flame God Incantation itself required one to cultivate in soul force, and to Teng Yan, this was killing two birds with one stone. Moreover, as a transcender, Teng Yan had a soul force that others could not compare to.

"Alright, brat, do you want this old man to teach you? If not, I'll be leaving. However, you absolutely cannot continue wasting these spiritual herbs. Leave this place immediately!"

"What you want is beautiful. "If you're going to teach me, then learn it. Ugh, who do I have to fear? At most, I'll just be tricked by you ?" Teng Yan said furiously. He was going to risk it all, but Teng Yan was also helpless in his heart. If he didn't let this old man teach him, perhaps he would never be able to become a drug refiner.

"Since you wish to learn it, then listen carefully. Read all of the books by your side ?" The old man said indifferently, not even sparing Teng Yan a glance.

"I... "I have read it all long ago." Teng Yan said in disdain.

"Finished?" The old man looked at Teng Yan in surprise.

"I'm done reading."

"You don't even know the properties of these spirit herbs until now?" Are you f * * king trying to trick me? " The old man bellowed his whole life, but he did not scare Teng Yan. It seemed like she hadn't looked at it carefully ? Helpless, Teng Yan was once again forced to study the books on the books on those high tier medicinal pills ?

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