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Today was definitely the most shocking day in the history of the Kingdom of Zi Ye. At this moment, looking at the huge monster in front of them that was a thousand meters long, everyone revealed a shocked expression, even the warlord level grand elder of the Heaven Battling Sect was no exception.

The strength of magical beasts had completely exceeded the limits of humans. Divine Beasts were already heaven-defying existences, not to mention Saint Beasts who were unheard-of and were unheard-of in the past. What's more, there was a spirit beast with a healing treasure on the side ?

"Brat, who exactly are you?" Facing the might of the black dragon, the Great Elder of the Heaven Battling Sect could only focus all his attention on Teng Yan. After all, the black dragon was an existence that he would never be able to contend with ? In order to survive, he might have a slight chance of doing so. After all, to have such a powerful helper, he must have an unspeakably powerful force supporting him from behind.

He did and he did, so there was still some discussion.

"Who is this young master? This young master has said this before. This young master is the young master of the Teng Clan who was killed by you three years ago and lucky enough to survive. Today, I will take out everything that you owe me from the Teng Clan ? "Let's slowly enjoy the feeling of death. What I have experienced before will definitely be returned to you all a thousand times today!" Teng Yan's cold eyes were emotionless as he spoke. Three years, he had waited for this day for an entire three years.

Sin was washed away today. Hatred was buried today.

If the Heaven Battling Sect was to be destroyed, everyone would die.

The debt of blood will be repaid with blood. Kill my family and annihilate your entire family.

"I just want to know, who is the power behind you?" The Great Elder asked indifferently.

"The power behind me? You guys think too highly of me. Three years ago, I was a single person. Now, I am still a single person after three years. Do you think there is anyone in the Empire of Ziye who can back me up? Even if this young master wanted to, did they dare? "Do you have that ability again?"

The cold voice rang out one after another, intimidating everyone present. Yes, in this day and age, there was no one in the entire Empire of Zi Ye who could control this young man. No one could decide his fate anymore ? The Great Elder, on the other hand, was shocked. From Teng Yan's tone, it sounded as though everything was real? Did he not know the true layout of this world? He didn't know how valiant the outside world was.

"If that's the case, I hope you can spare us. From today onwards, my Heaven Battling Sect will never set foot in the Empire of Zi Ye again. How about you?" The Great Elder calmly said.

"What do you think? Teng Yan's disdainful gaze fell on him, "A blood debt must be repaid with blood. A hatred of destroying the family, a hatred of destroying the family, what right do you have to make this young master give up?" With a turn of his tone, a monstrous killing intent instantly blossomed ?

"Based on the power behind the Heaven Battling Sect, as well as the Teng family girl who didn't die three years ago ?"

"Xiang'er ?" Teng Yan's pupils contracted as his furious eyes locked onto the Great Elder. "Tell me, where is Xiang'er?" At this moment, Teng Yan was like a fierce beast whose scales had fallen off. Teng Xiang, this younger sister, was perhaps the last hope he had in this world. That kind of loneliness had already caused Teng Yan to suffer unspeakably. In this life, the heavens had given him a home and a large family. Three years ago, he had just arrived in this world, and was just like an ant. He could not do anything and could only helplessly watch as his family members were killed one by one, but three years later, today, he had the strength to protect his family members. Therefore, Teng Yan would definitely use his own life to protect his family members. /...

Teng Xiang was one of the reverse scales in Teng Yan's heart. He was also the one who was the most lonely during this period of time ?

"Speak, where did you hide Xiang'er?" His roar shocked everyone. This was the first time they had seen Teng Yan so angry. Even when they were fighting in the battlefield or facing their enemies, Teng Yan was not as angry ?

"Hmph ?" Kid, so what if you have strength? What can you do to me? "Let me tell you, your sister is not in the Heaven Battling Sect right now. Also, if you kill my Heaven Battling Sect today, I promise you, you won't see her for the rest of your life."

"Speak, where is Xiang'er?" "Otherwise, I will make it so that you will never be reborn ?"

"So what if I tell you? Do you know the true identity of our Heaven Battling Sect? " The Great Elder said indifferently. Facing Teng Yan, even under the pressure of life and death, he was still incomparably calm ?

The true identity of the Heaven Battling Sect? Everyone was astonished.

"Let me tell you, our Heaven Battling Sect is just a small branch of the Battle Alliance in the Empire of Ziye. The Battle Alliance, don't even mention you frogs at the bottom of a well, have you heard of a Saint Beast? Do you think you're the strongest existence in this world? Let me tell you, Saint Beasts are trash in the Battling Heavens brotherhood ? The entire Dreamsky Continent is divided into seven great alliances, and our Battling Heavens brotherhood is one of them. For a small nation like the Empire of Ziye, the Battle Alliance has at least nine hundred of them ? Do you think you can stand against us, the Battling Heavens brotherhood? Just with you ants? Just with trash like you? Let me tell you, three years ago, your sister was sent to the Zhan Tian Alliance's headquarters and accepted as a personal disciple by the elders of the Alliance. You should feel fortunate that you were able to have an existence at the pinnacle of the world as your sister's master ? Today, if you destroy our Heaven Battling Sect, then within a year, once the Battling Heavens brotherhood learns of it, they will send their experts here. When that time comes, you won't be able to fight back, and you'll never see your sister again ? "Kill me? Do you dare?" The Great Elder said angrily.

A naked threat appeared in front of everyone's eyes. They had a completely new understanding of this world. Battling Heavens Alliance, an existence that surpassed Saint Beasts, did all of these really exist? Everyone was at a loss, even Teng Yan was also at a loss ?

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