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All of these people were heaven-defying elites, and every single one of them had already reached the peak of the late stage of the war general realm. At any time, they could break through to the realm of the war general and become a Battle-Emperor, and besides these experts, there were also ten or so people from the Evil Faction, and all of them were at the Battle-Emperor level. Everyone knew that the Battle Alliance could arrive in Hua Xia at any time, and at that time, there would inevitably be a bloody storm, so the only thing they could do was to continuously raise their own strength.

Today was the day Teng Yan would lead the group into the depths of the Magical Beast Forest and subdue the high level magical beast. Such a day was not known to outsiders, only the people participating and the upper echelons of the other two powers knew about it.

Taking advantage of the darkness of the night, they stealthily left the Imperial City. If this was the past, perhaps such a team would not even have the power to fight the emperors before daring to enter the Demon Beast Forest, which was a great mystery to the world. Of course, right now, entering the Demon Beast Forest was not a problem at all, even going into the deepest parts of the forest wouldn't be a problem. Even the unique aura of a king on his body was not something that the low-ranked magic beasts could contend against ?

Therefore, when the group of several hundred people entered the depths of the forest, a strange scene occurred. Everywhere Teng Yan and his group passed, the magical beasts would silently lie on the ground, not daring to move. This was the majesty of a Saint Beast, an irresistible majesty.

One must know that a lot of people in this team had come to the Magic Beast Forest before, and at that time, they would definitely be harassed by the Magic Beasts on the way here. Sometimes, their teammates might even be sacrificed, but this time, surprisingly, these Magic Beasts did not have any reaction.

A man is the rock and a fish is the meat of a fish. Facing the dignity of a sacred beast, the magical beasts would not even have the slightest intention of resisting ?

They were all hoping that these people would leave as soon as possible. No, it should be this holy beast that left as soon as possible. The pressure was so great that they could not withstand it. The breathing of magical beasts below Class 5 was a problem ? However, Teng Yan's group did not let them down. They did not stay any longer and directly left.

In the depths of the Demon Beast Forest, the four Divine Beasts were Teng Yan's goal.

According to what Xiao Hei said, all the magical beasts above Divine Beasts have their own way of thinking, moreover, their intelligence was not any worse than a human's. If they were to linger in the depths of the forest for a period of time and recklessly tame other magical beasts, they would definitely be alarmed, and at that time, with their intelligence, they would definitely choose to escape. If a Divine Beast wanted to escape without being discovered, then even the existence of the Black Dragon would not be able to catch it.

At this time, the four Divine Beasts were completely unaware of the huge threat that was gradually approaching them. Wasn't it just leaving now? The Black Dragon, which posed an absolute threat to them, had returned once more. And this time, their target was the four Divine Beasts ?

In fact, the reason why Little Black did not attack the four God Beasts at first was because Little Black had not fully recovered and wanted to fight the four God Beasts all by himself, even he did not have absolute confidence in fighting them. Of course, the relationship between the four God Beasts was definitely not as harmonious as that between the four God Beasts, and there was also killing amongst them, a competition for power.

However, Xiao Hei believed that if he was able to raise his cultivation level from the ninth grade Demon Dragon to the head of the Holy Beast Black Dragon, he would definitely be able to raise his strength by one rank. However, even he himself was unsure of what that rank was, but he believed that that level of existence was definitely there, just like what the Great Clan Elder of the Heaven Battling Sect had said, that this world was not as simple as it appeared to be. Experts were everywhere in this world.

"Boss, this area is the territory of a magical beast of the ninth rank ?" The entire troop advanced for three days without rest. Little Black spoke to Teng Yan in an indifferent manner. This was a place that he had lived in for nearly a hundred years. He was extremely familiar with this place. Furthermore, even though it wasn't the deepest part of the Magical Beast Forest, there were many powerful Magical Beasts here ?

"This place isn't my goal. My goal is only the four Divine Beasts, so I don't need to care about the rest," Teng Yan said indifferently. He was absolutely unfamiliar with this place. However, with Little Black around, he had nothing to fear. Back then, when that weakling dared to enter this dangerous Magical Beast Forest, he had the chance to reunite with Little Black, much less now.

"Boss, you don't know this, but even though this is only the territory of a rank 9 magical beast, there are many rank 9 magical beasts here that are definitely not weaker than divine beasts. Moreover, many of them are the same as me from before, so their strength has long since reached the level of a divine beast, only, they haven't reached that level yet, or at least haven't encountered a suitable opportunity, which is why they have been stuck at rank 9 all this time. Furthermore, I feel that the magical beasts in the depths of the forest already have a restriction of their own, such as they don't feel anything when I'm in the depths of the forest."

The faint words instantly caused everyone to tremble. A magical beast of the ninth rank, after leaving the forest of magical beasts, would be able to enter the level of a divine beast?

What kind of concept was this?

Shock, absolute shock. Even Teng Yan was no exception.

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