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"Hey, hey old man, you still haven't told me how to get out of here." "The heck ?" Teng Yan cursed at the air in front of his eyes. His heart was filled with anger, Damn it! This damned old man left just like that and didn't even tell him how to leave this place. Was he going to stay here for the rest of his life? [What a joke. If I really am going to stay here for my whole life, how am I going to get my revenge? Teng Yan felt a sense of helplessness. He originally wanted to learn something from this old man, but now it was better. That damned old man just left like that without even giving him a chance to ask a question.

"Damn you, you damned old geezer!" "Damn!" Teng Yan continued to curse at the sky.

"Brat, no matter what, I am still your ancestor. Can you be a bit more courteous when you speak?" At this moment, a helpless voice rang in Teng Yan's ears.

"En..." "You still haven't left?" Teng Yan said in embarrassment.

"Nonsense, I want to leave, can I? If I just leave like this, wouldn't I be scolded to death by you, brat? " At the same time, it was because of helplessness towards Teng Yan. In this world, there was probably no one other than Teng Yan in the world who could treat the Old Ancestor like this.

"Hehe, how could that be ?" Teng Yan said in a daze. In his heart, he was thinking, "Damn, this was all known by you."

"Damn brat, there's only one entrance and one exit ?"

"Where's the exit?" Although he was not in a hurry to leave this place yet, he would at least leave this place one day. He knew that he would not have to go through so much effort to find the exit.

"It's just an exit. Kid, don't you think about it? If I knew it was an exit, would I have stayed here for the rest of my life? "If you know about the exit, do you think that our Teng Jia Village has such a treasure trove and we won't use it?" The old man said lightly.

"What do you mean?" Teng Yan trembled in fear as an ominous premonition arose in his heart.

"I say, why are you so stupid? If I knew the exit, wouldn't I have left earlier? "Who's willing to stay in this damned place forever? Even when this old man died, no one knew ?"

"I... You mean you don't know where the exit is? "Your sister, then why did you tell me there's one at the entrance and another at the exit ?" At this moment, Teng Yan really had the impulse to drag this old man out and give him a good beating. Unfortunately, he could only hear the old man's voice and not see his men.

"That's right, there's one. You can continue climbing up that bottomless chasm from that time ?" The old man said leisurely.

"Climb up that bottomless abyss?" The corner of Teng Yan's mouth twitched. You actually had the nerve to say it out loud. Teng Yan looked at the abyss for two whole days and couldn't see the end of it. Can you climb it? If one were to accidentally fall down, there would be no remains left of him.

"Your sister, why aren't you going to die ?" Teng Yan cursed once again.

"I'm sorry, but I seem to have died a thousand years ago ?" The old man said indifferently.

"..." Teng Yan was speechless. Talk to the dead? Isn't that nonsense?

"Alright, boy, you should take care of yourself. This old man will be leaving first ?" No matter how much Teng Yan scolded at him, he was unable to get any response from the old man. Two hours, four hours ? ? After a day, Teng Yan finally gave up and ignored the old man who had already disappeared. It wasn't that Teng Yan didn't want to continue, but that after this day, he had cursed himself until his mouth was parched.

Other than the Teng Clan's Teng Yan, who could scold the Old Ancestor for a day and a night, the Teng Clan was truly unfortunate for their clan ? ?

The next day, Teng Yan brought Little Green to the place where he fell. Staring at the bottomless abyss, Teng Qingshan sighed in his heart as he thought to himself, "Damn, will I still be able to leave this place alive?" Look at this precipitous cliff, it doesn't even have a bit of strength left. Climb? How to crawl? Unless he knew of the Traceless Snowsteps technique from his previous life, and there might still be a chance ?

"Sigh ?" A helpless sigh echoed in the valley.

From that day onwards, at this time every day, Teng Yan would arrive at the bottom of this deep abyss. He raised his head and looked up to see if he could find a way to leave this place ?. The Heavens did not disappoint those who followed their wishes. Teng Yan cracked his brain and finally thought of a way to leave this bottomless abyss. Moreover, it was very simple. Crawl, crawl with all his might ? ? It was so simple that Teng Yan almost vomited blood.

"Your sister's ? I don't believe that this is evil. I don't believe that a mere Abyssal Blade Master like you can't even reach Everest. "Hmph ?" Well, I can't do anything to you now. "Just be honest and go back ? Just help me with my pills. When the time comes, I'll use my pills to smash you ?" Teng Yan roared out heroically at the bottomless abyss before him and immediately went back into the pitch-black tunnel ? ?

After refining the pills according to the old man's method, Teng Yan sorted out all the spiritual herbs and started refining them one by one. Sure enough, the first time he managed to refine a pill was when ? Teng Yan had actually managed to refine the most trashy of inferior medicinal pills with a Divine level spiritual herb ?. What a pity. However, Teng Yan still believed in Teng Qingshan. Even after experiencing countless failures, he was still able to persevere on, needless to say, succeed now ?

He had succeeded in concocting pills. Failed...

Substandard medicinal pills, once again substandard. I don't believe that it's always the inferior stuff... Wahaha, Tier 1, I've finally refined a Tier 1 pill ? The grade of a medicinal pill was determined by its color. Although Teng Yan didn't know what the effects of the medicinal pill would be, he could still tell its grade ?

From then on, the valley was no longer peaceful. Every day, a crazy person would frantically refine pills. This person was none other than Teng Yan. In the morning, Teng Yan continued refining pills, and in the afternoon, he practiced the Divine Flame Technique ?

Just like this, Teng Yan continued refining pills, cultivation, and alchemy. Day after day, year after year ? Time unceasingly flowed on, passing by mercilessly. Teng Yan was also constantly improving. He was even improving at an astonishing speed ?

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