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"It's him ?" The silhouette said faintly, "His appearance has already attracted the attention of the elders."

"Then why don't we try to help him with such a good opportunity? Young Master Yan is someone who repays kindness with kindness. If we were to owe him favors, then even if something were to happen in the future, he would definitely do his best to stand by our side ? " Zi Shengtian said in surprise.

"Do you think that a few punks from Battling Heavens brotherhood can deal with him?" The silhouette disdainfully said, "Moreover, you saw what happened just now. Who is that brat?" "With enmity comes the lord, brotherhood is more important than anything else. Battling Heavens brotherhood can only infuriate him, and what we need to do now is not to reduce the pressure on him, but to make him grow stronger. All we need to do is to protect him when the time is right ?"

"Moreover, do you think that the elders are not doing anything at all? The Night Heaven's diplomatic mission had already merged with the heaven defying nature, becoming a part of it!

"What? When did the envoys come?" "How come I don't know anything at all?" Zi Shengtian said with a trembling voice.

"Hehe, Master, there are a lot of things that you don't know. Do you know why the elders told you to come to the Empire of Zi Ye? Besides, the Empire of Ziye was the central city of the Tian Meng Continent, yet the big sects didn't fight for it with all their might. The Empire of Ziye was not as simple as it appeared to be, especially that mysterious deep forest, the Four Divine Beasts? That's just the lowest level of existence ? "

BOOM * The faint words shocked Zi Shengtian. He stared at the figure with astonishment. Of course, he knew that the deep forest the shadow was referring to, the deep forest of the demonic beasts that was classified as terrifying by the Nine Nether Alliance. Back then, when the Nine Nether Alliance first came to the Empire of Ziye, their first target was the deep forest of demonic beasts, but unfortunately, the experts that went to the deep forest of demonic beasts never returned. It was only then that the Nine Nether Alliance officially set foot in the Empire of Ziye and he took his seat on the throne. But all these years, the underworld alliance had never set foot in the depths of the magical beast forest. They just watched silently from the shadows.

The other six alliances didn't know that Battling Heavens Sect was just a coincidence. The members of Battling Heavens brotherhood didn't even know how terrifying the depths of the forest was, and their goal in coming here was to gain more control over a country and gain more benefits.

"Based on the information we have so far, there should be at least ten profound beasts there, and there might even be a possibility of Heavenly Beasts existing there ?" He could not understand, and the Elders of the Nine Nether Alliance could not understand as well. Why did those high and mighty people have no intentions whatsoever towards Teng Yan, and let him take away the four Divine Beasts so easily ? Breaking the silence of the forest...

"What?" You mean, there are Heavenly Beasts there? " Zi Sheng Tian was even more shocked.

"Yes, Master, there are many things that you are not clear about, but I am very clear about them, but these are not the most important things. Right now, to our Nine Nether Alliance, the most important thing is to rope in this youth, maybe he is just the young master of the Teng family, but maybe he has an even more mysterious existence. Three years ago, he disappeared, and three years later, he returned. For him to be able to enter and exit the Magical Beast Forest so easily with Saint Beasts accompanying him, and even rarely seen Spirit Beasts appearing, it's not hard to make people cherish him with the mysterious and terrifying Magical Beast Forest ? "

"That's why the group of elders said that for him, only deep friendship can be forged, not become enemies?" Now that he thought about it, Zi Shengtian finally understood why the Elders Guild made such a decision. Indeed, if there was such a powerful existence behind Teng Yan, then he would definitely be the number one person the Alliance wanted to recruit. His appearance would also break the restriction that the seven great alliances had placed on each other.

The destruction was only a matter of time ?

Teng Yan didn't know, nor did the Battling Heavens brotherhood know. At this time, the men of the Battle Alliance had already left the Imperial City with the unconscious Night, rushing towards the small town called Kara Tu. At this time, a team appeared in their line of sight, blocking their path ?

"Who are you people? Get out of the way ?" A War Emperor disdainfully said.

"Big brother, look ?" Leng Gu Han said indifferently to Teng Yan. His gaze, however, was fixated on the night which the middle-aged man was holding in his hand. It was unknown whether he was dead or alive.

Teng Yan, of course, had already seen it. Night was the first person to follow him. It was brotherly love, the will of a friend, and Ye He Feng had placed their lives in Teng Qingshan's hands. Anger and killing intent instantly blossomed, igniting the warlike bloodline within Teng Yan's body ?

"The person who wants your life ?" A cold voice rang out. You are members of the Battling Heavens brotherhood? "

His indifferent voice shocked everyone in the Battling Heavens brotherhood. Other than the people from the seven alliances, no one else knew of the existence of the seven alliances, but the youth in front of them was ? The strength of a War Emperor actually dared to be so arrogant to such a degree? It was really a bit hard for him to believe ?

"So you're the ones who destroyed the Battle Sky Sect?" However, the commotion soon calmed down, and Teng Yan was sized up.

"The hatred of destroying the family, the hatred of destroying the family, how can I not avenge them ?" Since the Heaven Battling Sect is gone, then the Heaven Battling Alliance must repay all that they owe us ? " Since he was already destined to be an enemy, there was no need for him to be polite.

"That will depend on if you have the ability. I'll return it to you, this trash is useless to me, I hope he can still be saved. However, even if he is saved, he will still die ?" The middle-aged man disdainfully said as he tossed the Night in his hand to Teng Yan ?

"Little Green!" After catching the light of night, Teng Yan didn't hesitate and immediately ordered Little Green to save her.

After transforming into the original body, the spirit beast Kirin had instantly appeared in the eyes of the people from Battling Heavens brotherhood. They couldn't help but be shocked. "Spirit beast?" Astonished voices rang out, "Hahaha, I didn't expect to reap such benefits from this trip to the Empire of Zi Ye. This trip was worthwhile ?"

An arrogant voice filled the entire sky.

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