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After being baptized by the darkness of the night, the sky returned to normal once again. The stars and the moon were still shining as they sprinkled onto Teng Yan's cold corpse. Teng Qian Zhan and Die'er silently stared at Teng Yan as tears rolled down their faces uncontrollably.

"Don't, don't hit me, I won't dare to steal anything from now on ?" At this moment, a cry of surprise broke the silence of the night. In the darkness, there was an endless eerie feeling that made one's hair stand on end. The corpse in front of him suddenly sat up in an instant, and at the same time, continuously cried out in surprise.

"Frighten ?" Teng Qian Zhan and Die'er were startled by the scene before them. Their eyes trembled as they stared at Teng Yan. Was it disbelief, or was it panic?

Teng Yan stood up quietly and rubbed the back of his head with both hands. With a surprised expression, he looked around and asked, "Where is this place?" Suddenly, his gaze locked onto Teng Qingshan and Die'er. He couldn't help but ask in astonishment. The clothes these two were wearing were too weird. "This was something that Teng Yan had never heard or seen before." Who are you? "Where is this place?" Infinite confusion and defense.

"Yan'er, you're not dead?" Teng Qian Zhan stared at Teng Yan in disbelief as he asked tentatively.

"Yan'er?" Teng Yan stared at Teng Qian Zhan in astonishment. "Ah/?" At this moment, Teng Yan felt an intense pain in his mind. The heart-wrenching feeling caused Teng Yan to hold his head tightly with both of his hands. He also fell to the ground, struggling continuously.

"Yan'er, Yan'er, are you alright?" Teng Qian Zhan asked with concern. At this moment, Teng Yan had fainted completely ?

Teng Qian Zhan and Die'er couldn't help but look at each other. In the end, they didn't hesitate and carried the unconscious Teng Yan back to his room.

Darkness, endless darkness. Teng Yan was unconscious, but his consciousness returned to what had happened. He remembered clearly that not long ago, he was chased and beaten up for stealing someone's wallet. When he was running away, he was hit by a car and then lost consciousness ? ?

This memory flashed in his mind like a fragment, and was then replaced by another image. These memories did not belong to him, but for some reason, they appeared in his mind. Teng Yan felt that everything in these memories was foreign to him, and everything in these memories was obviously different from the world he lived in. Why was this so? Teng Yan asked himself numerous questions in his heart, but in the end, he couldn't get an answer.

However, during this period of time, Teng Yan had personally witnessed everything that happened between the time he was born and the time he was struck by lightning. Two completely different emotions rose up in his heart, both envy and disdain, but what he admired was that the protagonist of that scene had such a blissful family, and what he despised was the fact that he did not know how to cherish such a blissful family.

Compared to him, the other party was simply too lucky. Living in his own era, with the vicissitudes of life, the heavenly dao and the cold of life, as an orphan who had lived for more than ten years, how much he envied the person in that scene.

Time passed day by day, but Teng Yan himself didn't know how long it had been. He only knew that he had always been in an endless darkness, but in the outside world, the Teng Clan didn't give up on him because Teng Yan was still alive.

"Finally, the video has finished playing." Teng Yan struggled to open his eyes. "Ah ?" However, the moment Teng Yan opened his eyes, he couldn't help but scream. This was because the moment Teng Yan woke up, he realized that several people were looking at him, which made him used to being beaten up by others in such a cold manner. However, Teng Yan suddenly felt a shiver in his mind and his gaze shifted to these people once again.

Finally, Teng Yan remembered that these people had appeared in the previous scenes.

"Yan'er, you've finally woken up. This is great, this is really great ?" A young woman instantly embraced Teng Yan's thin body tightly and sobbed nonstop. Teng Yan's heart violently twitched. This feeling was something he had longed for in the past. However, he had not expected that today, he would be found on his own body.

"Big brother woke up. That's great, that's great ?" The excited cheers of a young girl once again broke Teng Yan's train of thought. Wasn't this the young man's sister from the earlier scene? Why did she call him big brother? There was also the young woman in front of him, as well as those familiar figures.

BOOM * Facing the concerned faces in front of him, a fact rose up in his heart that he dared not imagine. It was that his soul had transmigrated from the moment he was hit by the car, and that his soul had left his body at the same time. At the same time, it had been born into the body of the teenager from before. To Teng Yan, who hadn't even read the wrong novels, transmigration was simply too inconceivable. This was because in his mind, there was no such concept. Everything happened too suddenly ? ?

In that world, he had no family, no friends, and every day, he would scam and cheat in order to survive. Aside from the endless pain, there was nothing that was worth him being nostalgic for, but here, he possessed something that he had never possessed before, something that he had always longed for. That was kinship, a heaven, a hell. Teng Yan was no exception, so he chose heaven. He chose to accept this unbelievable fact, and he chose to accept this teenager's identity. In the future, he would be Teng Yan, and Teng Yan would be him ?

"Mom, I'm fine?" The word 'mother' was so unfamiliar to Teng Yan that he dared not hope for it to come out of his mouth. But today ? ? He finally had such an opportunity. Thus, he wouldn't resist or give up. Happiness should be firmly grasped in his grasp ?

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