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"So he's a beggar." The person who came to visit could not help but say after seeing Teng Yan's appearance.

A beggar? Teng Yan was stunned. Looking at his clothes, wasn't he a real beggar? He had been wearing a set of clothes for three years. At least he could let go of the guards in front of him. After all, Teng Yan couldn't guarantee whether these people were his enemies or not, not to mention that the entire Teng family had been annihilated and these people were now in the Teng family.

"Brat, how did you get in? "Quickly tell me ?" After that, the leader of the soldiers shouted at Teng Yan. Three years ago, after the Teng family was exterminated, there were already Imperial soldiers stationed here. Now, if it wasn't for the commotion earlier, they wouldn't even know that someone had ran to the backyard.

"Tell me more and I'll tell you less and I'll tell you more." Teng Yan reminded himself that the most important thing for him to do now was to leave this place and this place. " Ah ? "Ah ?" Teng Yan muttered to himself depressingly while gesturing to the soldiers in front of him.

Holy shit, so he's a mute." The soldier angrily said, "You stinking brat, this is a bit of money. Take it and leave this place as soon as possible. Don't come back here again. This is not a place you can come to ?" "The leader handed over a few silver coins to Teng Yan." "What is this place?" He asked in a low voice.

If it was his previous life, he might have felt grateful, but in this life, after the annihilation of his family, Teng Yan's heart also became proud and aloof for a moment. Perhaps the soldiers had good intentions, but in his eyes, this was basically charity... " "I'm sorry, but I cannot accept it." Teng Yan replied in an indifferent manner. The voice was so cold, so cold. As soon as he finished speaking, he was ready to leave. It was as if the people in front of him did not exist. Indeed, the strongest among them was only at the middle stage of the warlord level. "Stop, kid. If you can speak, why don't you put on a mute act." "The soldier was shocked and hundreds of soldiers surrounded Teng Yan..." Speak, who the hell are you? Why are you here? What is your purpose? " The soldier scolded him with caution.

"Who are you people, and why are you here?" The voice was so cold, so lifeless. Accompanied by Teng Yan's words, a threatening chill instantly rose up, enveloping everyone present. All of them trembled, and stared straight at the teenager in front of them with trembling eyes ? Those eyes filled with death, without a hint of human emotion, those eyes that were like a wild beast were so empty, so determined ? The soldiers in front of him all felt their surroundings turn dark and dark. They felt a chill down their spines. They didn't know what had happened to this young man to turn him into this cold, heartless and decisive ? "There is such a heaven and earth difference from the him from before ?" I ? "We are the Imperial City Guard Army ?" The leader trembled as he said.

Imperial City Guard Army? Teng Yan was stunned. Why would the royal family appear in his home? He was curious, but now that he had been exposed, no matter what the other party's intentions were. He had to leave immediately. At the same time, Teng Yan realized that he still had a long way to go before he could control his emotions.

"What happened?" At this moment, a loud voice came from outside, and at the same time, a wave of hurried yet orderly footsteps could be heard ? "Not good, Teng Yan thought. Without any hesitation, he focused all of his energy on his feet and released it all at once ?" "Boom..." A crisp sound rang out. Before the soldiers could see clearly, Teng Yan had already disappeared into a blur.

Swish... Teng Qianhao, who was running in, felt a breeze pass by him. He turned his head and saw nothing special, so he hurriedly ran towards the backyard ? He had only taken a few steps when he ran into the hundred over guards who were chasing after him.

"General ?" Seeing Teng Qianhao, everyone greeted him respectfully. Three years ago, Teng Qianhao was only the commander of a small army, but three years later, he was now the general of the Kingdom of Zi Ye. "This can also be considered as the Emperor's attachment to the Teng Clan ?" What happened? " Teng Qian Hao asked.

"General, someone just charged into the backyard!" The guard said in a faint voice, and now that they thought about it, they all felt a lingering fear. Thinking back to Teng Yan's ice-cold eyes, those pupils that were filled with death, and the strength that he displayed when he escaped, all these guards felt a deep shock in their hearts. "What?" Teng Qianhao exclaimed. He hastily ran towards the backyard, but other than a few empty houses, there was nothing else. Why was the other party here?

"You, tell me what happened." Teng Qian Hao said to the person beside him.

"Yes ?"

"You're saying that none of you know when the other party came in?" Teng Qian Hao looked at the person in front of him in astonishment.

"Yes, General, he was already in the backyard when we found him ?"

"What is he doing?"

"This ? When we came in, he was looking at the ground as if he was thinking about something ?"

Thinking about things? Teng Qianhao couldn't figure out the purpose of this person's visit, and even more so, he couldn't imagine that this person was his nephew Teng Yan, whom he had been bitterly searching for the past three years ?

"How old is he?"

"Around seventeen or eighteen ?"

Seventeen or eighteen years old? A seventeen to eighteen year old youth and over a hundred warlord level soldiers were unable to make the other party stay? "Is that possible?" "Ah, if Yan is still alive now, perhaps he should be this big," Teng Qian Hao muttered to himself. It has been three years, and during these three years, he had searched arduously, but there were no clues. It seems that since that night three years ago, Teng Yan and Teng Xiang had disappeared from this world ? Since this matter didn't end with any results, the Teng Clan didn't suffer any losses and just left it at that. However, Teng Qianhao didn't expect that just like this, he would miss the opportunity to talk to Teng Yan for the first time ?

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