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Yes, one who goes along with the flow will die. In this world of slaughter, Teng Yan was not a merciful person. Killing was what he pursued.

At this moment, no one dared to take a step forward because they clearly understood that this was a world where the strong preyed on the weak. As long as you had sufficient strength, you could control everything and ignore the rules of the secular world ?

The young man in front of him was arrogant and unbridled, but at the same time, he exuded a sense of mystery. They didn't dare to make a move, didn't dare to easily challenge the youth in front of them, because they weren't confident in their abilities either.

"Hello, I am Weak Water from John's War Sky Gang. What is your name, friend?" The tense atmosphere, a heavenly voice rang out, and a beautiful young girl appeared in Teng Yan's line of sight. Yes, very beautiful, beautiful to the point that it could make any male animal moved. She was also the gang leader of one of the 14 gangs in John Town, Zhan Tian Gang's leader, Weak Shui. She was the only female gang leader in John Town ?

She definitely had the appearance of a heaven's messenger in the dreams of all the gang leaders, but at the same time, her strength couldn't be underestimated. A battle queen stage powerhouse could already be considered one of the top masters here.

"The Heaven Battling Gang?" Teng Yan's ice-cold voice rang out and his eyes that were filled with killing intent instantly locked onto the young girl in front of him.

"Are you from the Battling Heavens brotherhood?"

Teng Yan's gloomy voice rang out. The girl was stunned by instinct as she looked at the young man in front of her in surprise, "You know about our Battling Heavens brotherhood?" His trembling eyes also looked towards Teng Yan.

"You really are a member of the Battling Heavens brotherhood. Your alliance is truly omnipresent ?" A slightly disdainful voice rang out. Battling Heavens brotherhood, that was Teng Yan's lifelong enemy. There was an irreconcilable hatred between them. If they didn't kill each other, then it would be either ?

"Since you are a member of the Battling Heavens brotherhood, then I apologize." /? " The cold words rang out, and at the same time that everyone trembled in fear, a scarlet liquid floated in the air. Before anyone could react, Ruoshui, as the leader of the Battling Heavens Gang, an expert at the Battle-Emperor level, and one of the top existences in John Town, was killed in an instant without a sound.

They were all frightened, astonished, and terrified. Everyone had complicated expressions on their faces.

Ruthless to the flowers?

Why is this young man able to so casually kill all the women in this dream like water?" Of course, they did not know about the relationship between Teng Yan and the Battling Heavens brotherhood, nor did they know about the relationship between the War Heaven Gang and the Battling Heavens brotherhood.

In the face of the Battling Heavens brotherhood, no matter what kind of environment they were in, as long as there was an opportunity, Teng Yan would mercilessly suppress them and not show them any mercy ?

However, at this moment, everyone present was frightened by the strength displayed by Teng Yan. All of them knew clearly in their hearts that a powerhouse of the Battle-Queen level was actually killed in an instant? It was hard for them to imagine just how strong the youth in front of them had become. Battle Emperor? Or perhaps he was a wargod?

However, at the very least, they were clear that this young man in front of them was not someone they could contend against. He is arrogant, he is arrogant. However, from the looks of it, he does have the ability to be arrogant and conceited ?

"Damn it, kill him and avenge our boss..." When the members of the Heaven Battling Gang saw that their boss had been killed, they couldn't help but feel angry. A voice rang out, and in an instant, hundreds of men surrounded Teng Yan. Each of their angry eyes locked onto Teng Yan, filled with endless killing intent. /?

"You all deserve to die..." Ten seconds. Within ten seconds, the hundreds of people from the Battling Sky Gang had all turned into corpses, and no one knew how Teng Yan had done it, but one thing was certain, the young man in front of them was terrifyingly strong. If he wanted to, even if he were to attack together, he would be able to kill all of them in an instant ?

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