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Teng Yan was in a warm atmosphere, but at this moment, a weird atmosphere filled the great hall of the Teng Jia Village. Just a moment ago, Teng Wen and the others thought that Teng Yan had gone back after he died, but the butler suddenly reported that a group of murderous warriors had arrived outside. Unable to block the attack, the group of people immediately rushed out to welcome him.

No one had dared to provoke the Teng family for hundreds of years.

"Who are you people?" Teng Wen roared furiously as he glared at the people in front of him. The ones who came were not kind, and the ones who were kind would not come.

"Heaven Battling Sect." The leader of the dozens of men said with an icy cold tone. The person in front of him was none other than Zhan Tian, one of the four protectors of the Heaven, Earth, Profound, and Yellow realms of the Heaven and Earth sects. He was an expert who was about to enter the warlord level, the late stage of the War Emperor level.

The Heaven Battling Sect was one of the three great sects of the Empire of Ziye, and it was also the strongest sect. However, the Teng Clan and the Heaven Battling Sect didn't seem to have any conflicts of interest. Moreover, the weakest of them was a middle stage Battle-King.

"Then, why did you come to our Teng Jia Village today?" Teng Wen said with a calm expression. "The experts of the Heaven Battling Sect?" Perhaps he was afraid of others, but Teng Wen was not afraid. Not to mention a Battle Sky Sect, even if the three great sects of the Kingdom of Zi Ye joined forces, they still wouldn't be able to fight against the imperial guards.

"Haha, actually, it's nothing. Our Old Sovereign only invited us here today to borrow something from Old Teng," Zhan Tian said with a disdainful expression.

"What is it?" Teng Wen asked in astonishment.

"Two pellets, the fragmentary star and the broken moon." Zhan Tian's tone remained as calm as ever, but Teng Wen trembled as he stared at Zhan Tian, the fragmentary star, and the broken moon in front of him. The existence of these two pellets was only known to his own Teng family. Not only Teng Wen, but the brothers of the Teng Clan were also shocked.

Broken Stars, Broken Moon, just what kind of existence was that? Teng Qingshan and the others were very clear about this. The same pill, the broken star, and the broken moon might not be of much use in the eyes of ordinary cultivators, but to a powerful warrior who had cultivated to the late stage of the War God Stage, they were more than enough to go against the will of the heavens. One must know that even cultivating from the War Emperor to the War God would take decades or hundreds of years, and some people would never be able to reach that level in their entire lives, let alone cultivate from the War God to the Battle Sovereign. However, as long as an expert at the late stage of the War God Realm took any one of the two Moon Breaking Pellets, he would be able to directly break through the shackles of the War God and enter into the level of a Warlord.

It was also because the heaven-defying effects of the pills were too attractive. Therefore, this secret had always been known to only the Teng Clan members and no one else. If these two pills were to appear in the eyes of the people, it would definitely cause a bloodbath. Wipe out all life... Of course, all these years, the Teng Clan had been trying to cultivate a Martial Immortal expert. However, for thousands of years, even with the nurturing of countless medicines and medicines, the Teng Clan was still unable to cultivate a Martial Immortal expert ?.

Therefore, these two pills had always been kept by the previous family heads. But why did the people from the Battle Sky Sect know about these two pills?

Endless confusion surrounded Teng Wen ?.

"What 'Broken Stars Breaking the Moon'? This old man doesn't know what you're talking about!" Teng Wen calmly said. He looked calm and had no flaws.

"Old Man Teng, to be frank, since we can say the names of these two pills, do you think we will believe your words? "Humph, even if you are going to hand it over today, you have to hand it over at least ?" Zhan Tian's icy tone instantly changed drastically, his words revealing his endless threat.

"Hmph, don't get me wrong. This is the Teng Clan, not your Battle Sky Sect. You can't do whatever you want here. Our Teng Clan still has the final say here." "This is not a place where you can behave atrociously as you please." Not wanting to be outdone, Teng Wen roared at Zhan Tian. "Today's matter with Teng Yan already caused him to be in deep grief, and he just happened to be unable to vent the anger in his heart." "Where are the Teng Clan guards?" And then, a furious roar.

The Teng Clan's thousands of years of inheritances were not something that a sect could easily deal with ?

In the blink of an eye, several hundred high-level experts had surrounded the members of the Heaven Battling Sect. They were all emitting a solemn and murderous aura. What surprised the people of the Heaven Battling Sect was that none of them were weaker than the Battle-King. Hundreds of Battle-King experts? There were even Battle-Emperors and Battle-Emperors? This was a terrifying force. Only an existence like the Teng Clan could casually order around so many experts.

"Hahaha, as expected of the number one medical family in the Empire of Ziye. But, since the Old Master dares to come, do you think we're unprepared?" Zhan Tian coldly said as he faced the Teng Clan's experts, causing the surrounding people to feel a chill down their spines. A haze flashed across the sky, giving the endless night a layer of dark killing intent.

"Brother Ye Huo, Brother Tianming, shouldn't you wait for the show?" The cold voice carried a trace of ridicule, breaking the silence of the night.

Nightfire, daybreak? When Zhan Tian called out these two names, the Teng family members couldn't help but be shocked. Perhaps, Ye Huo and Tianming weren't much, but the two of them were the same as Zhan Tian. They were not only one person, but also represented a force and a sect.

The Mysterious Sect's Night Fire, Poison Sect's Day.

Amidst the astonishment of the Teng family, two figures walked out from the darkness and arrived beside Zhan Tian. "Brother Zhan Tian, this time, our three sects are joining hands with one of the Teng family. Why are you in such a hurry? I was just thinking of meeting those beautiful ladies of the Teng family." I was called out by you. " The vulgar voice was filled with a great evil aura. The person in front of him was none other than Ye Huo from the Xuan sect.

"It's exactly what's important. Once everything's settled, those women will be what you want. Where are your people? Have they all been brought here yet ?"

"They've been here for a long time. They're all waiting outside ?"

"Fine, we'll end this quickly. If the imperial guards are alerted, there'll be plenty of trouble ?" It was just as Teng Qingshan had said; after all, this was not his own territory. If something unexpected happened, it wouldn't be worth it. Right now, nothing was more important than obtaining two pills, Broken Star and Broken Moon.

The Mysterious Sect and Poison Sect had hundreds of experts pouring in from the outside, and their strengths were all above the Battle-King level ?

"Kill..." Without any hesitation, Zhan Tian's ice-cold word instantly ignited the flames of war ?

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