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He could obtain a Grade Four Spirit Dan just by beating Ham? One had to know that a grade-4 pill was priceless. Even if one had the money, it was impossible to buy it. Furthermore, even if one had it, it was something one could not afford. For example, a Grade Six Alchemist like Ham could only concoct Grade Three Medicinal Pills, and there were very few Grade Four Alchemists. This was something that these alchemists, who had followed Ham for many years, knew the most.

The huge temptation immediately ignited the flames of desire in everyone's heart. Tier 4 pills, ah, there was a possibility that their strength would increase by a level because of this, even if they couldn't. Even if he sold it to someone else, he would still be able to reap a huge profit. From then on, he would be free of any worries, so for what reason did he live in this little town of Kara Tu? Wasn't it the ability to risk one's life to slaughter a few Magic Beasts at the edge of the Magical Beast Forest in order to obtain survival? Now...

Looking at the scene in front of him, looking at these warriors who were ready to make a move, Ham panicked. For the first time, he felt afraid. Everyone, don't believe him. Look at how old he is, how could he possibly be a Grade Nine Alchemist? "Everyone, don't be fooled ?" Ham shouted in panic.

Right ? He was still so young, how could he be a Grade Nine Alchemist? It was only after Ham's reminder that everyone came back to their senses. Now that he carefully sized up Teng Yan, what Ham said wasn't unreasonable. The noisy scene once again calmed down.

"Hmph ?" Teng Yan looked at Ham and sneered. That smile seemed to be able to see through his thoughts, making Ham's heart beat even faster. He didn't dare to confirm Teng Yan's eyes ?

"Big brother Bes ?" He had fed all the thousands of pills he had accumulated over the past three years to the Black Dragon, leaving not a single pill on his body. Fortunately, he had given four pills to Bes, otherwise, he would not be able to produce any effective evidence.

Although they had only known each other for less than two days, he immediately understood Teng Yan's intentions and immediately passed the four Grade 4 pills that Teng Yan had given him into Teng Yan's hands. Adding Jack's four pills, there was a total of one pill. Pills are divided into nine grades. Each grade is different in color: white, black, red, orange, yellow, green, green, blue and purple. God Tier pills like the Star Fragment Pill in Teng Yan's hand are gold ? "

Eight Grade Four Medicinal Pills? Everyone looked at the young man in front of them with trembling eyes. If he wasn't a Grade Nine Alchemist, how could he take out eight Grade Four Medicinal Pills in one go? Even if it wasn't, he must know a high-level pharmacist ?

"I'll say it one last time, I don't like him ?" What should you do? " Holding the pill, Teng Yan repeated himself.

"Flatten him ?"

"Boom..." This time, it was a complete mess. The people in front of him didn't want to think too much ? All eyes were on the pill ? Grade four medicinal pills, that was a dream come true. As long as the grade six alchemist in front of them could obtain a grade four medicinal pill, he would be able to buy and sell it without losing anything ?

"What are you guys doing?" Hamm roared in fright.

"Fuck you!" F * ck ? "Trash pharmacist!"

"Ah ?" Ah... "Ah ?"

What for? What do you think? Ham screamed again and again ? That mournful scream did not gain the sympathy of anyone present.

"F * ck, this bastard has been wanting to beat him up for a long time. We finally have a chance today ?"

"Fuck, I've endured him for a long time. Today, I can finally let out my breath ?"

F * ck, what are you all blabbering about?" Hahaha ? "Satisfying, satisfying ?" The excited voices rendered Teng Yan speechless. It seemed that Ham's daily actions had long made the mercenaries unhappy. This time, he was acting on behalf of the heavens ?.

Suddenly, the smile on Teng Yan's face disappeared as he realized that among those present, two of the warriors behind Ham had not moved. As they watched silently, Teng Yan felt a sense of curiosity ?.

"Why didn't the two of you make a move?" He asked the two as he approached them. The two of them weren't that strong, they were only at the late stage of the warlord level. Compared to Teng Yan, they were still one level lower ?

"It's simple. A fourth rank pill is a huge temptation, but it can't make us brothers put down the word 'loyalty'." We're here with Ham, and there's no reason why we should strike him for a pill and hurt him. We can't do that, and we won't do it. It's our bottom line now. This is a small lesson to his daily actions ? " One of the thirty-something warriors said indifferently to Teng Yan.

Oh... Teng Yan stared at the warrior before him in shock. Although his words were simple, Teng Yan didn't look at it this way. In this world, there weren't many people who could not be tempted by benefits and still uphold their principles, right? For the two of them to not betray Ham in such a situation meant that if they were friends, they would be able to rely on their lives ?

"Are you willing to follow me and fight for the world?" Teng Yan said quietly to the two of them. Teng Yan needed such a person to build his own power.

"I can't ?"


"As long as Ham is alive, we won't abandon him ?"

"And if he dies?"

"This ?" The two hesitated.

"Like I said, whoever dares to provoke me will have my family wiped out, and my family wiped out. "So, Ham must die today ?" There was no hesitation in his cold words. The two of them stared at Teng Yan in shock. From the start till now, they had a feeling that if it was only a simple alchemist, it would be impossible for him to have such an imposing manner. However ?

"You're also a fighter?" Although they did not believe it, they still voiced the doubts in their hearts.

"Battle King Initial Stage." The two brothers standing in front of him were deeply shocked by these four words. They were at the early stage of the Battle-King. For the first time, they noticed that the youth before them was actually so terrifying. In the entire history of the Heavenly Dream Continent, there had never been a person who was both a medicinal master and a martial artist. Moreover, how old was this youth in front of him? He was already an early stage Battle-King, how far could he go in the future? It was simply unimaginable...

Ignoring the two brothers, Teng Yan signaled the mercenaries to stop. Unfortunately, Teng Yan did not expect that the mercenaries would be so passionate and passionate. Teng Yan shouted for a long time before they stopped. Staring at Ham who was rolling on the ground and at his bloodied body, Teng Yan revealed a contemptuous smile and then quietly squatted down in front of him.

"How is it? Are you comfortable? "

"Hmph, I definitely won't let you go ?" After receiving such a huge blow, Ham continued to roar at Teng Yan, not knowing what kind of situation he was in right now ?.

"You won't have a chance. I've said it before, anyone who dares to provoke me or my friends will not be let off. Home will be destroyed, home will be annihilated ?." "Therefore, you must die today ?" "But you're very lucky, you're the first person I've killed since coming to this world. In the future, there will be more people accompanying you, and on the road to hell, you won't be lonely ?"

In Ham's eyes, Teng Yan's smile was like that of a devil's ?

"You ? "What do you want to do ?"

"Since killing is not a crime, then I will definitely enjoy the feeling of killing. "You will be the beginning of my slaughter ?" A cold voice rang out. Without the slightest hesitation, Teng Yan's one strike had completely annihilated all the rights that Han Musheng had in this world ?.

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