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This was an unavoidable night. Bess was unable to sleep for a long time because of Teng Yan's words, and because Teng Yan was calculating his next step, he also did not sleep. Not only this, the two early stage Battle-King mercenaries, Feng and Ye Brothers, were also unable to sleep. Teng Yan's moody mood and his cold angelic smile made it so that they couldn't fall asleep.

Dawn broke the silence of the night, awakening all things in the world.

"You guys ?" Early in the morning, the two of them appeared in front of Bes' house.

"Find someone ?" These simple words expressed their intentions for coming here. Bes was no fool, of course he understood who they were looking for, but at the same time, he felt admiration for Teng Yan. At the same time, he felt helpless about the strong temptation of being an alchemist.

Yesterday, Teng Yan's invitation had already told him that he wanted to establish his own power. The arrival of the two experts before him was like a tiger's wings, and at the same time, he felt endless admiration for Teng Yan.

"Little Flame, Ye He Feng has come to find you ?" Bass shouted from outside Teng Yan's door.

? ?

However, the reply he got was a moment of silence.

"Little Flame ?" Just like this, Bes shouted outside of Teng Yan's door for a long time, but there was no response. Finally, he was a little curious and a little worried. He pushed open the door ?. "Zizi ?" The door was easily pushed open. Teng Yan didn't even close the door. When the brothers Bes and Feng Yu walked into Teng Yan's room, they realized that there was no one inside. They didn't even see a shadow.

"Where did that fellow, Little Flame, run off to so early in the morning?" Bes asked suspiciously. He had given the two brothers Feng and Yu Ming the night before. Since the door was clearly shut when they were opening the door, how did Teng Yan get out? Didn't go out? But this man?

"Little Flame ?" Bes shouted in curiosity.

"Why are you making such a ruckus? Are you even letting me sleep?" At this moment, a grumbling voice came from the room next door to Teng Yan's. It was actually Bess' sister, Dong'er's room? The corner of his mouth twitched non-stop. Could it be that Teng Yan really was that awesome? Did he really run to his sister's room last night?

Bes quickly ran out of the room and arrived at the door to his sister's room. He pushed open the door and entered ?

"This ?" Teng Yan was actually sleeping on his sister's bed. The two of them were covered by the same blanket, revealing only two heads with closed eyes. Furthermore, his sister's exposed arms were tightly wrapped around Teng Yan's neck?

There was a look of disbelief in their eyes. It wasn't because they found the scene of the two of them in the same bed hard to believe, but because the girl in the bed was Bes' sister, Kara Tu's number one beauty. The Little Demoness, Dong'er, whom countless male animals liked to love but could only keep away from, was now sleeping in the same bed with a man? It makes one wonder, no. This was already an untrue fact. A man and a woman alone in the same bed. If nothing happened after such a long night, would it be possible? Would anyone believe it?

"Bes, I'm not seeing things am I? Is that your sister?" Feng looked at the scene in front of him and asked in surprise.

"This... "I'm not too sure either ?" Yesterday, he had told Teng Yan that if he had the ability, he wouldn't say anything even if he slept in his sister's room. He knew that his sister definitely wouldn't let this kind of thing happen. That was why he had only said those random words. However, he didn't expect that Teng Yan would actually be sleeping in his sister's bed. He really couldn't understand what was going on. Could it be that Teng Yan's charm was too great? He only had one night to finish off his little sister, who seemed to have a nightmare for countless men? How was this possible?

Impossible, absolutely impossible ? Bes kept reminding himself.

At this moment, Teng Yan and Dong'er didn't notice that their sleeping positions were completely exposed to the three. They were still lost in their beautiful dreams, maintaining their ambiguous postures.

The entire room was enveloped in a wave of confusion. The three of them couldn't understand whether this was just a dream or a reality ?

"Little Flame, you scoundrel ?" At this time, Dong'er closed her beautiful eyes and said coquettishly.

Eh, Feng He Ye couldn't help but swallow his saliva. The Dong'er in front of them was the number one beauty in Kara Tu Town, and even in the entire Empire of Ziye, she was one of the top beauties, as well as the target of countless male horny fantasies. At this moment, her pure face, her ambiguous manner, and words could really captivate people ? This... It was like he was taking a life... The two of them stared blankly at the scene in front of them without turning their heads ?

Bes was thoroughly flabbergasted. What could he say if his sister said something so ambiguous even when she was asleep? The raw rice had already been cooked into a ripe rice dish... He helplessly shook his head. However, he truly admired Teng Yan's lightning-fast style from the bottom of his heart. At the same time, he expressed his endless sympathy to Teng Yan. His nightmare was about to begin...

"Hey, the two of you are still looking ?" "Hurry up and leave ?" Looking at the lustful gazes and intoxicated expressions of Feng and Ye, Bes felt indignant and immediately pushed the two out of the room. He walked out as well and closed the door behind him ?

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