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"Ah ?" The moment Bes and the other two left the room, there was the sound of stifled screaming from inside. The sharp voice made them shiver. Bes turned around in surprise. He was extremely familiar with this voice. Wasn't it his sister's voice? Thinking back to the ambiguous scene on the bed, Bes couldn't help but to have an idea that made him terrified. That was, could it be that Teng Yan did something unforgivable while it was still in the dead of the night? Forcefully taking possession of his own sister?

Shaking his head, Bes stopped thinking about such things. Since the raw rice had already been cooked, what could he say and what could he change? Let everything be as it should be. Moreover, Teng Yan was already a Grade Nine Alchemist at such a young age. With this status, even his own sister would be able to contend with him.

"Bes, aren't you going in to see what's going on?" The Ye He brothers looked at Bes in astonishment. Was that clearly the shriek of Dong'er, who was like a fairy ??

What are you looking at? What's there to look at? It's just a little thing. Girls are always used to it when they're younger ?" He didn't pay any more attention to the two as he walked outside. Ye He and Ye Feng exchanged a glance and followed him out. Since they wouldn't be seeing Teng Yan for a while, there was no point in staying here. However, they really couldn't understand. Dong'er was a beast trainer, which was well-known throughout the town. Teng Yan was just a pharmacist, so how could he force himself on a beast trainer with his frail body?

"You ? You... Why are you in my bed? " Within Dong'er's room, she was sitting on the bed with her blanket tightly covering her body. She was looking at the youth that had been lying beside her with a cautious gaze.

"Aiya, you're not letting me sleep ?" Teng Yan complained. He didn't pay any attention to Dong'er as he continued dreaming.


Dong'er was speechless. This man had actually appeared in her bed, and they had shared a bed together for the entire night? And now he was still lying in his bed? What had he done to himself? Dong'er kept asking herself in her heart. She kept thinking back to last night, but no matter how hard she racked her brain, she couldn't remember it at all ? Helpless, she lifted up the blanket that was tightly wrapped around her. It was good that she did not look at him, but at a glance ?

"Bastard, what did you do to me?" "Roar!" "Bang..." Immediately after that, Teng Yan fell to the ground and let out a crisp sound.

"Ouch ?" This sudden turn of events caused Teng Yan to scream miserably. He had also completely woken up from his sleep. His eyes were dazed as he stared at the pure and innocent Dong'er on the bed. "What are you doing?" A trace of anger was emitted from Teng Yan's mouth.

"I... What do I do? This should be my question to you, why are you in my bed and why. "Why..." Dong'er hesitated.

"Why what?" Teng Yan was speechless. He didn't know what to say.

"Why am I not wearing any clothes ?" Resisting the embarrassment in her heart, Dong'er roared at Teng Yan.

"How would I know you're not wearing any clothes?" Teng Yan said weakly. He acted like he didn't want to die.

"You ?" Dong'er helplessly looked at the young man in front of her. Not only had he shamelessly taken possession of her, but now he had actually beaten her to death and refused to recognize her. "Wuwuwu ?" The faint sound of sobbing made Teng Yan tremble. An intense feeling of unease arose in his heart, and the suffocating feeling of death tightly enveloped him.

Roar... The Class 5 Scarlet Flame Tiger heard its master's summons and broke into the house ?

"Little Tiger, bite him ?" Dong'er pointed at Teng Yan and ordered the Scarlet Flame Tiger.

What? Teng Yan was stunned. Before he could react, the Scarlet Flame Tiger had already pounced towards Teng Yan. That huge, bloody mouth ? He closed his eyes in despair. He did not expect that his' glorious life 'would be able to accomplish something, but he did not expect that he would die so early in the morning, at the hands of an animal. Teng Yan was unwilling to accept this ?. What did I do wrong? Teng Yan kept asking himself in his heart.

Eh ? Time passed by, minute by minute, second by second. However, the painful feeling and the feeling of death did not appear. Teng Yan opened his eyes in astonishment. Dong'er had already put on her clothes and was quietly sitting in front of him. Beside her was the gigantic blood-red tiger. The pair of icy cold eyes stared at him, as if Teng Yan owed him a lot of money. Was this the so-called 'gay reprimand'?

"Tell me, what exactly did you do to me yesterday? "If you dare lie in the slightest, hmph, I will make Little Tiger swallow you alive ?" Dong'er said angrily to Teng Yan with a serious expression. Teng Yan couldn't resist at all.

"I... "Big sister, what can I do to you ?" Teng Yan said helplessly.

"Nothing? Then why are you in my bed? Why am I not wearing a single piece of clothing? " Dong'er asked in embarrassment and anger.

"..." Teng Yan was speechless. "Big sister, do you know that you dragged me along with you yesterday, preventing me from leaving? How can you blame me for that?"

"Bullshit, how could I let you sleep on my bed? Even if that's the case, why did you strip me naked, are you ? Have you done something you shouldn't have done to me? "

"Big Sis, what can I do to you? Besides, you're beautiful, but you're not my dish. And you see, you're not wearing clothes, but I'm wearing clothes. If I really do anything to you, would I still be wearing clothes? "I'm not saying that only you can take off your clothes when you do that. I'm going to take off my clothes as well, aren't I ?" Teng Yan said helplessly.

"?" Dong'er went silent for a moment, as if what Teng Yan said made sense? "I am quietly pondering." Then why am I in my room? You're sleeping on my bed again? " Finally, Dong'er realized the biggest problem. Whether or not Teng Yan wore clothes, whether or not he did anything to her, it was not true that he was sleeping on her bed. Furthermore, at that time, she was still naked without a single piece of clothing ?

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