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He even had the heart to die. He wanted you to be a good person, he wanted you to be a good person, and now he wanted you to be a good person, and now he wanted you to be a good person. Even if you jumped into the Yellow River, you wouldn't be able to wash away his anger.

"Big sister, I really didn't do anything to you. Think about it carefully, yesterday you were the one who pulled me into your room. What do you mean you want me to look after you after you recovered from your injuries?" "Then I fell asleep. I really don't know what happened next, unless you did something to me, nothing really happened between us," Teng Yan said helplessly. Originally, he had been out walking because he couldn't sleep last night, but who knew that the moment he left the room, he would run into Dong'er and was pulled into his own room. [I swear to god. I really didn't do anything. If I did, then it would be fine. But I didn't do anything. You just gave me a death sentence. That would be unfair ?] No matter what, if you really want to sentence this young master to death, you should at least make up for it, right? At the very least, let me die because of you ?

"Really?" Dong'er looked at Teng Yan suspiciously.

"Big sister, are you not sure about the truth? "Aren't you just going to think about it ?" Teng Yan said helplessly.

"Okay, even if it's true, you carried him for an entire night without him wearing anything. Are you responsible for him?" Dong'er changed again and looked at Teng Yan shyly.

Boom... To be honest, Dong'er was really beautiful, pretty enough to make any man crazy over her. Moreover, she was already nineteen years old, and at this age where blood and energy were flowing in her body, she was actually still a part of the clan ? ? However, Teng Yan had always known that a woman as outstanding as Dong'er was definitely not someone he could afford. This was also why Teng Yan said that Dong'er was no longer his food. In this world, which male animal didn't have feelings for beautiful women? Now, Dong'er actually made him take responsibility for her. Although he hadn't done anything, but since he had to take responsibility, then wouldn't he be able to avoid doing so in the future? Isn't this temptation too great?

Teng Yan trembled as he looked at Dong'er ?.

"Disgusting. "Don't look at me like that ?" Looking at Teng Yan's ambiguous eyes, Dong'er felt embarrassed. However, this kind of behavior had a different flavor to it, and it deeply tempted Teng Yan.

"Eh?" Teng Yan couldn't help but swallow his saliva as he closely observed Dong'er's alluring body. This angelic appearance and devilish figure were the targets for many male animals to vent their anger on in their dreams. Teng Yan couldn't believe that this was true. But soon, Teng Yan shook his head vigorously, constantly reminding himself that he definitely could not accept Dong'er. Right now, the most important thing for him was to take revenge and not let himself be worried about. No, absolutely not ?

"Sorry, I can't agree to that ?" In an instant, the cowardice and confusion that Teng Yan had previously displayed had disappeared without a trace. In its place was a trace of coldness and a trace of decisiveness ? ?

The sudden change in Teng Yan's appearance caused Dong'er to be stunned. She didn't know why the teenager in front of her changed so quickly. A few seconds ago, he was still that little boy, but now? And now? She could clearly feel the threatening chill coming from Teng Yan, and the coldness that kept people away from him ? What in the world would allow a youth to have such a side to him? Dong'er fell into deep thought. By the time she came back to her senses, Teng Yan had already disappeared. Only the Scarlet Flame Tiger was by her side, silently accompanying her ?

"Little Tiger, tell me, what kind of person is he?" Dong'er murmured softly.

"There must be some unknown secret on his body. Why would he have such a frightening look in his eyes? How could he be so cold and heartless? Just what drove him to be like this? " Dong'er kept asking herself. It was a pity that she could not get an answer at the moment ?

"Hmph, I will definitely know why ?"

After a while of immersing herself, Dong'er, who had been called the Witch in Kara Tu Town, regained her senses. "Xiao Hu, wasn't it boring when big sister was injured? Let's go, big sister will take you for a walk now ?" As he spoke with a smile, he brought the gigantic Class 5 Scarlet Flame Tiger out of the room. He no longer cared about what had happened ?

He was in a hurry to develop his power so he needed Bes's help with some of the things in this little town. Unfortunately, when he arrived at Bes' room, Bes was already long gone, so he walked out of the house helplessly. However, when he reached the entrance, he saw two familiar faces ?

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