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"Why do you think this old man is so troublesome?" Tianming complained before walking over to Teng Xiang. "Tsk tsk, this girl looks pretty good. How about staying with me tonight?" Daylight was flirting with her as he caressed Teng Xiang's smooth and silky face. A look of enjoyment appeared on his face.

"You hoodlum!" Teng Xiang shouted angrily and opened Daylight's hand. At this moment, Teng Qingshan and his wife also protected Teng Xiang behind them.

"If you continue to mess around, you will never get what you want!" Teng Qingshan threatened.

"You ?" Daylight gnashed his teeth as he stared at Teng Qingshan.

"Daylight, don't forget what we're here for!" Zhan Tian hurriedly stopped him.

"Alright, you old thing. Wait until we get what we want, then let's see how laozi will take care of you. Little lady, hehe ?" He then turned to Teng Qingshan and teased him.

Inside the house, Teng Yan was brought into the house by Old Master Teng. His face was filled with astonishment as he started to look around the room in front of him. According to the memories of Teng Yan's body, aside from Old Master Teng himself, no one else could enter this room. The small room in front of him was filled with all kinds of different bottles and jars. Needless to say, these were all pills.

"Yan'er." Teng Wen's sudden voice interrupted Teng Yan's thoughts.

"Ah ?" Teng Yan cried out in shock.

"Haha, Yan'er, it's too good that you did not die ?" "Take this." Immediately, Teng Wenjiang took out a small green bottle from his clothes and handed it to Teng Yan.

"Grandfather, this is?" Teng Yan stared at Teng Wen in astonishment as he held the green bottle in his hand.

He looked at Teng Yan in astonishment. For no other reason than that he had called Teng Yan his grandfather. In the past, his beloved grandson had called him an old man, and this sudden turn of events was something Teng Wen couldn't accept. However, he soon felt gratified. Teng Qingshan did not expect to hear his precious grandson call him grandpa at the end of his life. It was enough, everything was enough. Teng Wen felt a sense of satisfaction. These were the two pills that they wanted. "Right now, you should immediately escape through that window ?"

"No, Grandfather, they will kill you then." Before Teng Wen could finish his sentence, Teng Yan had already refused and immediately passed the pill in his hand to Teng Wen.

"Hehe, my foolish child, do you think that since Grandfather handed the thing over to them, we wouldn't have to die? You are too naive, but you are also sensible. Grandfather will not have any regrets if he sees you like this. In the future, you will have to assume the responsibility of reviving our Teng Clan. "You must remember that the two pills in your hands must be carefully preserved. In a while, you must properly hide them. No matter what happens, you must never come out. Remember, you must never come out ?" Teng Wen instructed Teng Yan with a serious expression.

"No ?" "Grandfather, I don't want to ?" In his heart, he was constantly asking the heavens why ? Why did he give himself a chance to be reborn, why did he give himself a happy family? Yet before he could experience it all, he had to ruthlessly take it away. Why, why?

"Child, remember this. After they leave, you must go to the Evil Sect and find your aunt. Hand this over to her and tell her everything that happened in the Teng family today." He will protect you, and he will help you. Remember, from now on, you will be on your own, and you will no longer be willful or reckless. As long as we are alive, there is still hope. Our Teng family still has hope.

"No, grandfather, I'm not leaving ?"

"If you don't leave, I'll die right now in front of you ?" Teng Wen immediately grabbed a dagger from the side, placed it on his own neck, and threatened Teng Yan.

"Grandpa ?"

"Hurry up and leave..."

"Bang..." Teng Yan knelt in front of Teng Wen. A man doesn't shed tears easily, it's just that he hasn't reached the depths of love yet. In his previous life, Teng Yan was alone and had been bullied and humiliated countless times, but he had never shed a single tear because he knew that tears couldn't change anything. Now, however, the young one was deeply shocked and moved, as well as sad. Even though he had no relationship with the old man in front of him, since he had inherited this body, the person in front of him was his grandfather.

Previously, Teng Qingshan's parents had been concerned about him, but now, his grandfather had entrusted everything to him like this. This was something Teng Yan had never experienced before in his previous life. Now, Teng Yan clearly understood what his departure would mean. None of the loved ones in his family would survive, disappear from this world forever, and leave him forever.

In his mind, he kept seeing the cold corpses lying on the ground, the countless pieces of their bodies, and the endless blood. It echoed in his mind for a long time. Happiness goes with pain. He had been alone and helpless in his previous life, but would this life become like this? Why did the happiness that was so easy to come by have to leave me ?

After wasting so much time, there's no need for me to pursue fate relentlessly. Since the Heavenly Dao is unfair, what use is there for me to have the heavens? I want my fate in my own hands! I want the sky to never cover my eyes, I want this land to never bury my heart...

"Grandfather, please accept Yan Er's three kowtows." Teng Yan's ice-cold voice had no chance of survival. A strange gust of cold wind blew through the narrow room.

"Bang, bang, bang ?" Teng Yan heavily kowtowed. He felt that his grandson had changed, and had even become a little unrecognizable to him. In the past, he might have been playful and disrespectful, but he was also naive and naive, but the current Teng Yan, with that ice-cold tone, actually didn't have a sliver of life? It was as if he had no desire to stay in this world, only endless despair and darkness. Endless resentment...

"You old bastard, why did you take so long to get something?" Outside, Zhan Tian was starting to get a bit impatient from waiting.

"Grandfather, I'm leaving. "One day, I will step on their corpses and use their souls to pay my respects to your souls in heaven." The same cold tone, Teng Yan didn't hesitate at all. He immediately turned around and climbed out through the window behind him ? ?

Teng Wen stared blankly at this grandson of his who seemed to have instantly undergone a world-shaking change. His heart was filled with endless astonishment. He didn't know whether it was joy or worry ?.

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