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"Bang..." With a crisp sound, Zhan Tian saw that Teng Wen still hadn't come out and couldn't help but kick his feet into the room. "You old fogey, what are you playing at?" He then roared at Teng Wen. However, other than Teng Wen, there was no one else in the house. "Speak, where are the pills?" What about that little brat? " Zhan Tian grabbed Teng Wen's collar and roared furiously.

"..." Now that Teng Yan had left and the two main medicinal pills of the Teng Clan had been taken away by him, he had no regrets even if he had to take his old life. Even if they were to die, it would also be right for the Teng Clan's masters and ancestors to die ?

"Old bastard, are you mute? Speak, where did that kid go? " Zhan Tian looked at Teng Wen's silent appearance with endless regret in his heart. He stared at the half-opened window. Without mentioning the fact that the kid who came in with Teng Wen just now ran away, what about the medicinal pills? He didn't believe that Teng Wen would be so stupid as to not let the other party take him away.

"Big brother, what happened?" At this moment, Daylight and Night Fire also walked in.

"That brat took the medicinal pill and fled from this window. All of you should chase after him right now. You must chase him back ?" "Bang!" With another kick, Zhan Tian fiercely kicked Teng Wen away. Teng Wen was just a pharmacist, although he had already reached the high-level level, he was still a pharmacist. How could he withstand Zhan Tian's full strength kick? He immediately spat out a mouthful of blood and fainted. Daylight and Night Fire didn't hesitate at all as they ran out of the window in pursuit ?

"Kill all the members of the Teng Clan ?" Before they could react, they had already left this world forever. However, before they died, they didn't have any fear, only endless relief, because they had heard Zhan Tian's words just now. With Teng Yan gone, they took the two pills with them, and as long as there were still people alive, the Teng family still had some hope. Everything here today would not be buried by the river of history, and the truth would come to light one day.

"Wait, leave that girl ?" Zhan Tian suddenly added. The little girl he was talking about was no other than Teng Yan's sister, who was also from the same father and mother group.

Fresh blood spilled all over the world, and one after another, the cold corpses, at this moment, appeared to be in an endless decline. The number one medical family in the Empire of Ziye had turned into ashes overnight, and not far away, their hearts were twitching uncontrollably. After escaping through the back window, Teng Yan did not leave, but took a detour to a bush at the side. Looking at what happened before his eyes, he did not feel sorry for them, nor did he feel any sympathy for them.

What a pity ?.

At this moment, hatred had caused him to lose his innocence. It was destined that in the future, his life would be filled with endless pain. Revenge would be the only motivation for him to continue living.

"Grandfather, Father, Mother, just you wait. There will be a day when Yan Er will avenge you. There will be a day when I will use the same method to massacre their family. The Heaven Battling Sect, Mysterious Black Sect, and Poison Poison Sect, one day, I will definitely let all of you know how I am feeling right now. "I will let you experience the pain of losing your loved ones. I, Teng Yan, swear that I will not rest until I die ?" The cold voice didn't have any life force. Teng Yan gazed at the corpses on the ground and muttered to himself. She was stubborn and cold. All the negative emotions of humans could be found on Teng Yan's body.

In the future, I will be like an unsheathed sharp sword, constantly sharpening myself, using hatred as the grinding point, and hatred as the stone. Sharpen the sword. One day, I will make an enemy out of my own hands. "I will slaughter all of you under my sword. Grandpa, please leave. Dad, mom, and all of my relatives, please leave ?

The firm determination was deeply engraved in Teng Yan's heart. The lonely figure glanced once more at those relatives and loved ones who should have been her beautiful life in the future. But now, they had already become ice-cold corpses ? The past is a thing of the past, and the tragedy has created an opportunity for no change...

The hatred had completely lost Teng Yan's heart. He was about to turn around and leave.

"Crack ?" Completely silent in his hatred, Teng Yan accidentally stepped on a dead branch on the ground. It was a crisp sound that completely broke the silence of the night.

"Who is it?" "Come out ?" Zhan Tian furiously roared ?

Teng Yan thought to himself, "This is bad. How could I listen to Zhan Tian's words? I should just turn around and run." Right now, Teng Yan only had one injustice in his heart, and that was to escape from this place as soon as possible. Just as his grandfather had said, as long as he survived, there would still be hope. There was only one desire in his heart, to run ? Run... I must survive, I must ?

"Hahaha, stinky brat, there is a path to heaven that you chose not to take. You actually dared to barge through the gates of hell itself, thinking that you had long ago run away with your pills. "Old Master Teng, you are a wise man. I didn't expect that everything you've done would be in vain. Hahaha ?" The sounds of Zhan Tian's ridiculing continued to reach Teng Yan's ears. It seemed to be a kind of ridicule, but also seemed to be a kind of motivation ?.

I want to live, I want to live ?

Teng Yan was just an ordinary person, an extremely ordinary person. Even if he were to run at full speed, his speed would definitely not be able to compare to Zhan Tian's ? Teng Yan continued to run and run. Teng Yan was unfamiliar with this forbidden area. He couldn't tell north, south, east, and west from here. However, with an endless desire to live, Teng Yan continued to flee ? ?

There is hope when you are alive, but there is hope when you are alive ?

BOOM * Suddenly, Teng Yan heard a clear cry in his mind as he stared blankly at the deep abyss before him. He stopped with a start. It was better to do things as planned. Teng Yan would never have thought that the back of the mountain would be surrounded by this bottomless abyss. A helpless smile appeared on his face.

"Run, brat, why aren't you running anymore? "Hahaha ?" Zhan Tian stared at the bottomless abyss before him as he smiled mockingly at Teng Yan. Even if he were to fall into the abyss before him, he would definitely die without a doubt. What's more, this child without any cultivation base ?

"Quickly hand the pill over, and I'll spare your life..."

"To become a Buddha with a single thought, to become a devil with a single thought. If I were to die in my next life, I would be willing to use my life as the price to fall into the path of demon and kill all of you ?" The mournful voice didn't carry any sound. Teng Yan muttered to himself. He didn't place Zhan Tian in his eyes at all. How could he change his mind when his grandfather and the others used their lives to protect him?

In his eyes, there was no reluctance, no reluctance, only faint regret. With a strange smile, he looked at Zhan Tian, who was standing in front of him. That smile, that beautiful angelic smile, caused even an expert like Zhan Tian to tremble. He stared blankly at Teng Yan.

In the endless silence of the night, with only the whistling of the wind, Teng Yan leaped into the deep abyss ? ?

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