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The night was very quiet, very deep ?

This was the safest and most peaceful night that Teng Yan had slept in since he left the Teng Jia Village ?

The first rays of dawn awaken the sleeping creatures. Teng Yan slept until the afternoon. He was too tired. Not only was he physically tired, he was also very tired ? ? During this period of time, he could be said to be tired and tired for the sake of revenge and building up a heaven defying organization ? It was going to be a new beginning soon. Teng Yan must take advantage of this last night to replenish his physical strength and wait for the new challenge ?.

No one could predict the road ahead. Perhaps, everything had already been decided in the dark.

Blood and slaughter were the most realistic images of this world. It was also the most basic form of dance music for survival.

If you want to survive, you need to learn how to kill. If you want to become famous, you need to learn how to kill. If you want to live for generations, you need to learn how to kill ?

Slaughter, death, only blood can blossom this world's most glorious page, can cast the immortal legend ?

On a new day, when Teng Yan opened his eyes, he had already started to plan his way forward. However, even after thinking for a long time, Teng Yan still didn't know where to start ?. That kind of thing did not work in the imperial city at all. The imperial city was the capital of the Empire of Ziye. Not only did it possess royal guards, it even had countless of great clans stationed there ? All of these things were irresistible to the current Teng Yan ?. Facing them, he could only use an egg to hit a rock ?

While Teng Yan was still thinking, a loud noise came from outside the door.

"Old master, old master, not good ?" An anxious voice interrupted Teng Yan's thoughts. Teng Yan was surprised. When he opened the door, he saw that there was no one outside. Teng Yan followed the direction of the sound and walked step by step towards the hall of the Dongfang family.

"What's the matter?" What's the matter? Dongfang Mubai's familiar voice sounded beside Teng Yan's ears.

"Master, something bad happened ?" The Mu Rong family's treasure hunt team was back. This time, they brought back many precious magical beast cores, fur, teeth and other things ? "All of our good customers ran over to their side ?" The person who spoke was called Zhang San, and he was the butler that Black Wind had kicked flying last night.

"What?" Dongfang Mubai immediately stood up and exclaimed. He couldn't sit still any longer. One of the biggest projects in the Dongfang family was the Magic Beast Core. If they could not even keep this business, would the Dongfang family be able to establish a foothold in the Empire of Zi Ye?

Then, he slumped back into his chair. He knew that since the day he spent so much money on the Mu Rong family to recruit mercenaries, he had already thought of such a result ? It wasn't that the Dongfang family hadn't thought about it, but there was nothing they could do about it. The Mu Rong family had basically fought against their own Dongfang family. How could he give himself such a chance? There was a direct descendant of the Mu Rong family in the Mercenary Union ? They had already spoken. No mercenaries were allowed to enter the Dongfang family. This was why the Dongfang family did not even have a single martial artist ?

"Forget it, forget it ?" Dongfang Mubai sighed weakly. He seemed to have aged several times in an instant ?

"Ah San, how much stock do we have left?"

"This, old master, we don't have any stock left ?" Recently, all the mercenaries had sold their cores to the Mu Rong family ? "We ?" Zhang San also said helplessly ?

"Dongfang family head ?" Teng Yan listened for a while from outside. After he understood the Dongfang family's current situation, he could no longer hold himself back. Since he had already made an agreement with Dongfang Mubai yesterday, and since the other party had met with trouble, Teng Yan naturally could not sit idly by ? ? He still didn't know how to start, so he decided to start the business for Dongfang Mubai first ?

"It's Young Master Yan ?" When he saw Teng Yan approaching, Dongfang Mubai instantly restrained the helplessness on his face and said with a smile.

"It's you ?" Seeing Teng Yan appear, Zhang San immediately shouted angrily. What could he do? Did the black wind beat him up last night? Coincidentally, Teng Yan was with Black Wind again ?

"Ah San, don't be rude. Young Master Yan is a guest of our Dongfang family. You can leave first ?" Dongfang Mubai said angrily.

"Yes, old master..." Zhang San replied and left. However, his eyes were still filled with endless complaints and anger when he looked at Teng Yan ?

"Has the Dongfang Family Head met with some trouble? "Why don't you tell this one about it? Maybe I can help, but not necessarily ?" Teng Yan sat down and said indifferently.

"Sigh ?" Young Master Yan, you can't help with this matter at all ? " Dongfang Mubai said helplessly. If it was something that could not be solved with force, then he believed that Teng Yan and the others might be able to help. However, he was currently faced with a problem regarding origin ? Without the source of the goods, the tens of shops in the Imperial City would not be able to function properly. This was not something that Teng Yan and the others could help with ?

"Master Dongfang, if you didn't say it, how would you know that I wouldn't be able to help? "Right now, we are like grasshoppers on the same line, we can prosper together and suffer losses at the same time ?" Teng Yan teased.

"Ai ?" Young Master Yan, to be honest, our Dongfang family is facing a big problem right now. The Mu Rong family now monopolized the entire magical beast market ? Regardless of whether it was the inner core, skin, or teeth, they had all monopolized the Imperial City. Not only that, it was the same for the entire empire. Without the source of the goods, all the shops in the Dongfang family could not continue to operate at all ? "In the end, I can only close my doors ?" Dongfang Mubai said helplessly ?

"Magic beast core?" Teng Yan stared at Dongfang Mubai in astonishment. Tsk... "I thought you said something about it. Isn't it just this shitty thing ?" As Teng Yan spoke, he took out a Class 8 Magical Beast Core and started playing with it ?.

This..." Dongfang Mubai was stunned. The core of a magical beast at the eighth rank? He had sold off more than ten million beast cores, but he had never seen a core of a magical beast of the eighth rank. "It's not that he couldn't buy it, but that the core of a Class 8 Magical Beast is too scarce. Killing a Class 8 Magical Beast isn't an easy task at all ?

"Ai ?" "Unfortunately, there is only one ?" Following that, Dongfang Mubai sighed helplessly.

"Who told you there was only one?" Teng Yan said in disdain ? Hua ? With a gentle wave of his hand, a large amount of items suddenly appeared in the hall ?

"This... This... "This..." Dongfang Mubai was completely dumbfounded ? Hesitantly, he couldn't speak ?

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