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Rank 7, rank 8, beast cores ? Beast skins, animal skin, and even countless animal teeth ? Dongfang Mubai was stunned. He was completely dumbfounded. He looked at the scene before him with disbelief. "Young Master Yan ?" Here I... Are you dreaming? " He asked hesitantly.

"Of course it's not a dream. How is it? "If it's not enough, then I still have to ?" The spatial rings that the Black Dragon had given him back then contained nothing, but there were a lot of these things ?

"Enough... Enough... "It's enough ?" He stared at Teng Yan in disbelief. The boy in front of him was making him feel more and more mysterious, more and more unable to see through him. There were so many high-ranked magic beast items. Even the great sects of the Empire of Ziye would not be able to produce so many in one go.

"Hehe, is that really enough?" Now, he wanted to help the Dongfang family from the bottom of his heart, because Teng Yan knew that whether it was in his previous life or this life, if he wanted to establish a great power, he had to have a strong economic system ?. Teng Yan believed that he did not have much time, energy, and brains to build a business system like this from now on ?

"Enough, it's really enough ?" Dongfang Mubai excitedly replied.

"But I feel that it's not enough ?" Teng Yan's indifferent voice carried a trace of coldness.

Dongfang Mubai was stunned as he looked at Teng Yan in surprise.

"I've said it before, I will make your Dongfang family the top business family in the empire. Since I've already prepared to do this, then no matter if it's the Mu Rong family or the Zi family, the two families must disappear from the empire ? Therefore, they have long been our enemies. Facing our enemies, I only have one goal, and that is to beat them to death. "We definitely will not give the other party any chances to catch his breath ?" Teng Yan said these sharp words in a cold voice.

"Young Master Yan, what do you think ?"

"Hehe, I'm going to kick the Mu Rong family out of the Imperial City ?" Words were not enough to scare people to death, but it was enough to stir up heaven shaking waves.

"They chased the Mu Rong family out of the Royal City?" Dongfang Mubai trembled as he looked at Teng Yan with a hint of disbelief. No matter what, the Mu Rong family was one of the three largest families in the empire. They were deeply rooted in the Imperial City like him. It was not as if he would just kick them out just like that ? It wasn't wrong to be young and arrogant, but it wasn't good to be too arrogant and conceited ? This was Dongfang Mubai's current opinion of Teng Yan ?

"Young Master Yan, I am very grateful that you are willing to help our Dongfang family. However, it is best for us to consider this matter over a long period of time. You may not know this, but not only did the Mu Rong family have the Mercenary Union as their backing, they were also the suppliers to the Royal Guards. If they were to make a move on them, it would definitely arouse the Imperial Family's displeasure ? Could it be that in this world, the King's Land, the Earth Weapon, could it be that the Emperor's Minister ?? The imperial family is not someone to be trifled with, not to mention within the imperial city! Dongfang Mubai reminded with a stern tone.

"Hehe ?" "I wonder if the Dongfang family head has heard of this saying?"


"In this world, there are no eternal friends, no eternal enemies, only eternal benefits. This saying is very popular in our hometown ? Perhaps the Mu Rong family's influence was deeply rooted in the Royal Capital, but wasn't this built on benefits? Whether it was those small powers or the royal family ? "If there was a fool who gave them more benefits, do you think they would still stand up for the Mu Rong family?" Teng Yan said indifferently. However, he had actually managed to come up with the truest and truest portrayal of it ?

Yes, other than some direct descendants who were related by blood, all the other powers could be said to be connected by benefits. Furthermore, for such a large family, even if it was a direct relative, the friendly relationship between them would be forged by benefits ?

"This..." Dongfang Mubai stared at Teng Yan in surprise. In front of him was only a twenty year old boy, but he couldn't understand how the other party could have such a unique vision and clear indirection. Yes, the relationship between the two forces was based on benefits ?

"Even so, but... Let's just talk about the royal family. Young Master Yan, do you know how much resources the Mu Rong family provides to the royal family every year? And that's not something we can afford... "Furthermore, the royal family and the Mu Rong family have been working together for so long. If there are no benefits, I believe they won't give up on the Mu Rong family ?"

"What did he offer the royal family?"

"They supply the royal family with about 1 million troops a year. "There is still a certain amount of pills ?" Dongfang Mubai said faintly.

Pills? A faint smile instantly appeared on the corner of Teng Yan's mouth. However, it was this faint smile that gave Dongfang Mubai the creeps. The heavenly envoy's smile was filled with a devilish aura. It was extremely frightening ?

"I can't give you the equipment for a million troops right now. "However, every year, I'll give back a million high level pellets ?" These words were like a thunderbolt that struck deep into the heart of Dongfang Mubai. One million high tier medicinal pills? Even though the Mu Rong family was a big business family and had their own medicine masters, they could only provide the royal family with tens of thousands of pills every year, and they were all low level pills ? What's the most important thing for an army? They couldn't afford to lose too much equipment, but the most important thing was still strength ? Dongfang Mubai did not know what was the high tier medicinal pill that Teng Yan was referring to ?

"Young Master Yan. "Excuse me, but may I ask, what is the pill you are referring to?" Dongfang Mubai asked timidly. Teng Yan had already given him too many surprises today. He really couldn't take it anymore ?

"At least fifth-grade ?" Teng Yan said indifferently.

BOOM * Dongfang Mubai's mind instantly went blank. One million Tier 5 and above pills a year? This... This was too crazy ?

"Five ?" Five ? Fifth Rank ? Pills? " "This ?." Dongfang Mubai stared at Teng Yan with trembling eyes ?. "I..." He fainted in an instant ? The power that Teng Yan had shown had completely surpassed the limit of what a shrewd merchant like him could bear ?.

Teng Yan stared at this scene in a daze. He was completely speechless. If I were to say that I am willing, even providing them with several million pills a year would not be a problem, would you be so scared that you would die? " Facing the unconscious Dongfang Mubai on the ground, Teng Yan said helplessly.

"Daddy... "Who are you, why did you hurt my father ?" Suddenly, a melodious voice rang in Teng Yan's ears ?

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