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Looking at Teng Yan jumping into the deep abyss in front of him, Zhan Tian felt helpless. Today, he was destined to make a wasted trip. He didn't expect that he would lose to a little brat in the end. Teng Yan's actions completely exceeded Zhan Tian's expectations. He did not want to see a fifteen to sixteen year old child not afraid of death. The Teng Clan ? ? What a clan! Zhan Tian sighed in his heart. Unfortunately, he didn't know this. Even the members of the Teng Clan didn't know this. The current Teng Yan was no longer the arrogant and stubborn Second Master. Right now, Teng Yan was a completely different person. It was just that he was still the same person. After a life and death departure, Teng Yan underwent a huge transformation.

One will become a demon, one will become a Buddha. Love or hate was only an instant. In the silence of the night, endless slaughter spilt fresh blood across the entire world. Zhan Tian and the others could never have imagined that their actions today would create a 'demon' that could shock the world and make the gods cry. Lost eyes, forced the soul, stubbornly with the price of his own heart. The callousness was still ruthless. Life was just like an insignificant ant. Only a heaven-defying strength was everything. This was what Teng Yan felt in his heart the moment he jumped off the cliff.

Zhan Tian quickly left the restricted area at the back of the mountain. He left the Teng family, which was filled with endless death, leaving behind only corpses. The blood that filled the world looked desolate and sorrowful in the endless night. No pity, no sympathy...

The dawn broke the silence of the night, and the citizens of the Empire of Ziye were ready to start their busy day again. However, when everyone passed the gate of the Teng Jia Village, they could clearly smell the strong smell of blood in the air. The once prosperous Teng family, the number one medical family in the Empire of Ziye, had its doors shut tightly today. A faint trace of blood could be seen at the entrance.

Curiosity was something that people were born with. No matter which world, any dynasty would be an exception ?

The number of onlookers at the Teng Jia Village's gate increased in number, but from the beginning to the end, no one dared to step foot into the Teng Jia Village to answer the questions in their hearts. As the number one medical family in the Empire of Ziye, the Teng family had done a lot of things. In the eyes of everyone, there was a special kind of affection and an indescribable sense of familiarity towards the Teng family.

"Get out of the way, get out of the way! Why are you all gathered here?" Just at this moment, a loud and clear voice sounded out, followed by a troop of Imperial City Guard Army soldiers.

"General Teng, General Teng, you have come at the right time. There seems to be something wrong with your house today." When they saw the newcomer, the commoners did not panic. Instead, they spoke passionately to him. This person was none other than Teng Qingshan's adopted orphan, Teng Qianhao. Because Teng Qianhao had loved to train since he was young, Teng Qingshan did not ask for him to become a pharmacist like he did with the other members of the Teng Clan. Not only that, Teng Wen had also taught the Teng Clan's warriors everything.

"What?" Hearing the words of the other party, Teng Qianhao was startled. Actually, he had already felt the faint smell of blood in the air of the imperial city, which was why he brought the imperial guards to investigate.

Without any hesitation, Teng Qian Hao strode forward and pushed open the tightly shut door.

"Ugh..." A strong stench of blood assaulted his nostrils and he almost vomited. Blood, corpses, broken limbs, and familiar facial features made his heart throb ? Swiftly, he dashed towards the backyard of the Teng Clan ?

The onlookers were also shocked when they saw this scene. The pain was accompanied by anger. The Teng Clan usually did a lot of good things, and they also helped ordinary people. But now ? Everyone followed Teng Qianhao and ran towards the backyard.

Along the way, blood was everywhere. Broken limbs and limbs were scattered all over the ground, deeply reflected in everyone's heart. It was a memory that they would never be able to erase.

"Trembling eyes, withered heart." "Bang..." Teng Qian Hao knelt down on the ground and looked at the corpses in front of him. "Second Brother, Third Brother, Fourth Brother ?" The sound of sobbing could be heard quietly. The bloody world had completely lost its vision.

Since the day he was adopted by Teng Wenwen, Teng Qianhao hadn't shed a single tear. But now, at this moment, he couldn't bear the pain in his heart any longer as his tears continuously poured out. His heart felt as though it was being twisted by a knife. If not for the Teng family, then he would not be where he is right now. If not for the Teng family, then perhaps he wouldn't be in this world thirty years ago. Although he wasn't Teng Wen's biological son, he had long treated the Teng family as his own home and the people here as his own relatives ? ?

However, looking at the ice-cold corpses in front of him, Teng Qian Hao didn't know how to describe his current state of mind.

"Who, who ?" His furious voice resounded throughout the skies of the imperial city. Although an early stage Battle-Emperor wasn't a peerless expert, he still wasn't someone that an ordinary person could contend against. The imposing aura the sorrowful and angry Teng Qianhao was releasing was definitely not something these people could contend against. Everyone was trembling as they stared at Teng Qianhao. Actually, everyone present had the same feeling as Teng Qianhao.

"Bang, bang, bang ?" The more than one hundred imperial guards that Teng Qianhao brought with him knelt on the ground as they faced the corpses in front of them. Their eyes were filled with sadness as they thought, "Although the Teng Clan is just a medical family, the reason why they have their current status is mostly because of the Teng Clan's existence ?" Seeing the Teng Clan acting like this, they felt heartfelt grief, grief, and anger ?

Those who gain the hearts of the people gain the world, those who lose the hearts of the people lose the world ? As a medical family, the Teng Clan was able to stand tall despite thousands of years of pride. Not only did they have powerful medicinal pills as support, but they also treated everyone with sincerity and friendliness. No matter if it was a cultivator or an ordinary person, there would be no exceptions ? ? Seeing the Teng Clan acting in such a manner, everyone present felt heartbroken. Although they were not members of the Teng Clan, they had long since treated the Teng Clan as their second home ?

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