"Mr. Leng, the tumor on your stomach is... "It's malignant. If we start chemotherapy now, maybe my body ?"

Leng Ting Chen raised his hand to cut the doctor off, impatience evident on his cold face. "Get to the point!" How long more can you live? "

Doctor Li wiped off a thin layer of sweat from the tip of his nose, "If you're optimistic, maybe..." There's still one more year of lifespan left! "

One year.

There was still no emotion on the man's ice-cold face, but a bloodthirsty aura instantly enveloped the entire ward.

Dr. Li quickly lowered his head in fear.

After a long while, the man's thin lips raised into a cold arc. "Secret."

"Yes sir!"

Leng Ting Chen stood up, a storm of coldness brewing in his unfathomable eyes.

Very good!

It's time to find a funeral!


"Ah ?"

The pain from the lacerations on her body caused Song Mengsheng to wake up.

Her eyes were covered by strips of cloth, making her unable to see anything clearly. However, she was extremely familiar with the aura and temperature behind her!

It was Leng Ting Chen!

"Leng Ting Chen, you bastard, let me go!" Song Yuesheng twisted her body, violently resisting.

As he struggled, the cloth strip slipped and all the familiar faces in the room entered his sight.

She had once again returned to this extremely familiar room in the Maple Garden!

"You beast!" She turned her head and glared at the man rampaging inside her body. "You actually kidnapped me!?" We are no longer related, if you mess around, I'll sue you! "

"Accused me?"

As if he had heard the most ironic joke in the world, Leng Ting Chen gritted his teeth as he continued to make rough movements, sneering at the same time. "Relying on you?"

The man's voice wasn't loud, but it was clear from his calm tone that he was determined to kill.

Song Yuesheng's mind 'buzzed'. She was extremely embarrassed and angry as she said, "Leng Ting Chen, there's nothing for me to not dare do!"

"I've underestimated you, you bitch. You even dared to betray me! What else do you not dare to do? "

The man's words, one word at a time, pierced her heart like a poison arrow.

They had known each other for 12 years!

Why, he would rather believe those videos than believe her!

She didn't even know why a video of her sleeping with another man had been released... She didn't know the man at all and had never done anything like that!

But the woman in the video looked exactly like her, and she couldn't argue.

Song Yuesheng felt bitter in her heart, but there was no flaw in her smile. "We already agreed that we will return to the bridge and return to the road. What about it? The great CEO Leng can't even find a woman in his rut, yet you want to kidnap a traitor like me? "

She admitted betraying him?

Leng Ting Chen felt his heart churning, his eyes turning red with anger.

He wished he could kill the woman beneath him!

"After doing all those dirty things, you should have thought that today would come!" With these words, the movement beneath his body became even more violent.

Song Yuesheng was quickly exhausted from the impact. She closed her eyes and allowed him to wreak havoc.

After a long while, the satisfied man finally stood up.

Before she could relax, Leng Ting Chen threw a stack of documents onto her body, "Sign it!"

The pain he felt made Song Yuesheng instinctively resist. She rejected him without even looking at him, "What are you doing?"

"Ha ha!" Leng Ting Chen laughed sinisterly, causing people to shudder, "Give me a child! Never marry! "

Song Yuesheng was stunned as she looked at him in astonishment. "What do you mean?"

Leng Ting Chen raised his hand and pinched her lower jaw, his lips curled into a bloodthirsty sneer, "I will take away your child, so that you will never meet again in your life! Only in this way can I torture you for the rest of your life! "

Song Yuesheng's eyes were filled with shock as she waved her hand at the man, "You're crazy! You freak! "I won't sign!"

"Not sign?" Leng Ting Chen grabbed her wrist, bending down to touch her earlobe, his cold voice filled with violence, "If you don't hand it over, I will make your whole family pay!"

The woman's face instantly turned ashen as she stopped struggling. Only despair remained in her eyes.

He actually hated her so much!

"Good!" "I'll sign!"

Song Yuesheng wiped her tears as she signed the contract with trembling hands.

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