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Leng Ting Chen laid on the bed. His face was pale from the chemotherapy, and he looked exhausted. He no longer looked as handsome and handsome as he did in the past.

The constant feeling of disgust in his stomach forced him to stand up and walk downstairs aimlessly.

"Old man, why did you leave? I will walk in front of you! "You've agreed ?"

An old woman's heart-wrenching cries came from the corridor.

Leng Ting Chen looked over and saw an old lady with a head full of silver hair leaning on the cart, crying her heart out.

The person on the cart was covered by a white cloth, it was obvious that he was already dead.

The old lady seemed familiar, and when Leng Tinchen took a few steps forward, he realized that it was the wife of an old couple he had met in the park two days earlier.

"Old man, you sure are vicious to leave me alone. You are the one who should leave first, don't you know how much suffering I will have to endure every day in the future!"

The old lady pulled at her husband under the white cloth, as if she could wake him up this way, "If you leave me alone, I won't be of any use. How many people will want to bully me!? "I have no children, no girls. Your nephews are like wolves and tigers. They've been eyeing our house for a long time. I'm afraid they don't even have a place to stay anymore ?"

"Grandmother, please take care of your grief! "Grandfather is leaving, we have to send him to the morgue ?" A few nurses advised the old lady as they pushed the cart further and further away.

However, the despairing cries continued to echo in the corridor.

Leng Ting Chen's breathing quickened as he paced back and forth in the hospital's walkway, his heart fluttering up and down, unable to reach the actual place.

The old lady's heart-wrenching words echoed in his ears, and he felt as if he was standing in front of a weeping Song Yuesheng.

If he was dead, Song had their children, widows and orphans, and probably not much better off than the old lady.

He made a will and gave the property to the children, but would the family abide by it?

When he was there, they had tried to abort her.

If he left, then not to mention his parents, his cousins would definitely not let her off.

Even if the child was his, he would probably be framed as someone else's ? Whether he could grow up safely was something he could not be sure of.

At that point, the will would not take effect at all. She and the child might not even survive.

"If you do this, I will become the target of public criticism!" Song Yuesheng's words rang in his ears once again.

Leng Ting Chen leaned against the wall, his pale handsome face filled with pain.

The large hand with distinct joints slowly lifted up, covering the position of the heart ?

Why did it hurt?

He shouldn't have!

He regretted it?

He regretted tying Song Jisheng to his side and allowing her to become pregnant.

Was he worried about her?

No, he definitely did not do it because he pitied Song Yuesheng!

The woman that betrayed him was not worth his pity!

Puff ? -

Leng Ting Chen spat out a mouthful of blood, the red corner of his mouth a stark contrast to his pale face, making him look extremely terrifying.

The man frowned and with trembling hands, he took out his phone, "Immediately take Song Yuesheng to the hospital to induce labor."

On the other side of the phone, Zhang Yang was obviously startled and took a long time before he replied, "Yes!"

Leng Ting Chen hung up the phone, his hand covered in sweat. He raised his hand to cover his chest, which was in so much pain that he was on the verge of suffocating.

Song Jasmine... In this life, I'll let you go.

In the next life, if you dare betray me again, I'll definitely drag you down with me!

The man's bottomless eyes finally showed a hint of warmth.

In the operating room of the hospital.

"What are you guys doing? Let go of me!"

Song Yuesheng was suddenly dragged to the hospital by two strong men. When she saw the words' operating room ', she shouted in panic.

"Madam, Director Leng has instructed us to bring you here for an abortion!"

"What did you say?" Song Yuesheng's eyes widened in disbelief.

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