After signing the agreement, Song has been locked up in Leng's villa.

Every day, doctors came to monitor her ovulation.

In a week's time, she tried countless times to escape, but was brought back here by her bodyguards.

Just as Song Yuesheng was pondering, the door opened with a creak.

She sat up with a jerk and gripped the bedsheet tightly. A strong sense of oppression spread throughout the room as the man appeared.

"Why?" Leng Ting Chen raised his wrist slowly, the first shirt button under his sexy Adam's apple retracting between his slender fingers. Then there was a second button, and a third ?

Song Yuesheng subconsciously moved backwards.

Today, the doctor examined her and said that she was in the ovulation period and was afraid that she would not be able to escape the calamity.

She stretched out her long and powerful arm, and her waist was instantly tightened. She was already sticking close to the man's chest.

"Still want to flee?"

Leng Ting Chen gritted his teeth as he roared, tearing apart her clothes and directly tearing her apart!

"Ah ?" Pain swept through her entire body as she cried out in pain.

"I can't take it anymore, what about the courage to run?" Leng Ting Chen laughed mockingly and sinisterly, his movements becoming even more forceful, like a beast.

"Leng Ting Chen, you don't love me at all. Why would you want me to give birth to your child? "Let's let each other go ?" Song Yuesheng trembled in pain as she gritted her teeth and asked.

She had thought countless times about giving him children ? But he had never thought that it would be a form of redemption.


The woman's tears made Leng Ting Chen burst into a fit of rage, "Because I hate you. The result of betraying me is going to hell, never to reincarnate! Song Yuesheng, you should have this realization! "

Song Yuesheng resisted the tearing pain in her heart and asked in a trembling voice, "Then what about after I have given birth? "Can we never see each other again ?"

"Hehe!" "Finished giving birth?" Leng Ting Chen sniggered, his lips curling into a sinister sneer, "Since you like wild men so much, of course I'm giving you to all kinds of men to enjoy!"

The man pushed away Song Yuesheng and picked up the clothes on the ground like he was throwing away a rag. He then elegantly put them on.

Song Yuesheng's chest heaved up and down violently. She had thought that she had trained to the point where her bones were made of steel. However, Leng Ting Chen's words had still shattered all of her armor, turning it all into liquid metal that burned her.

She laughed at herself. "Good! It seems like you are very happy to let your son's mother become a despicable woman that everyone despises and call all kinds of men your fathers! "

Just as Leng Ting Chen was about to leave, his steps faltered as his eyes narrowed.

Song Yuesheng gave a pitiful smile and continued, "Rather than being humiliated like this, why don't I give my life to you right now!"

Determination flashed through her eyes. She crawled up and crashed into the wall!

A pair of iron arms wrapped tightly around her waist. The man picked her up and threw her onto the bed.

"Song Yuesheng, you are unworthy of death!"

"If you dare to die before giving birth, I will make your entire family die with you!"

Song Yuesheng's face paled as she lowered her eyes to cover the hatred that was bubbling up in her eyes.

He raised his eyes to the cold man as tears rolled down his cheeks. "Ting Chen, I ?"

The child would also be bleeding. She did not believe that he could be so cruel to his own child!

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