"Song Yuesheng, you slut!"

Song Yuesheng woke up from her sleep and opened her eyes. Her half-sister, Song Xiaoxiao, pulled away the thin blanket on her body in a fiendish manner.

Song Yuesheng lay there without restraint as she laughed wantonly, "What's wrong with that slut? Your fianc? would rather go to bed with a bitch like me than touch you! He wants me to give him a son so he can inherit all the Leng family's property! "Haha ?"

She knew that Song Xiaoxiao would soon find out that she was here.

Although she had no proof, she had no idea what was going on with the woman who looked exactly like her in the video.

However, she had a strong premonition that it was Song Xiaoxiao who instigated the relationship between her and Leng Ting Chen.

Otherwise, Leng Ting Chen wouldn't have agreed to marry Song Xiaoxiao after canceling the engagement with her.

Song Yuesheng's azure and violet body was exposed to the chilly air, causing Song Xiaoxiao's eyes to turn red.

"You! It's all because of you luring Ting Chen! " Song Xiaoxiao was so angry that she was trembling. She rushed onto the bed and raised her hand to greet Song Yuesheng.

Song Yuesheng crawled up, grabbed Song Xiaoxiao's arm and ruthlessly pushed her away.

"My good little sister, you don't have the ability to catch a man yourself. How can you say that I'm trying to seduce you!"

She stood up and casually grabbed a shirt that was placed on top of the bed by Leng Ting Chen and draped it over her shoulders.

Picking up her pajamas that had been torn by Leng Ting Chen, Song Yuesheng smiled bashfully, "Aiya, Ting Chen is too rude. Look, he even crippled one of my favorite pajamas."

Song Xiaoxiao's fingertips nearly dug into her palm. The hatred in her eyes could no longer be concealed.

"Bitch, if you didn't seduce Ting Chen, how could you have entered the Maple Garden? Don't forget, you were forbidden from ever appearing here!"

"About this!" Song Yuesheng raised her hand to wipe her hair. "You have to ask your fianc?. He was the one who kidnapped me here after all. Why is that so? He didn't even tell you, so how could he tell me? "

Without waiting for Song Xiaoxiao to respond, Song Yuesheng's gaze swept over the crowd with a hint of flirtatiousness. "Could it be that your skills in bed are lacking and Leng Ting Chen really can't hold any interest in you?"

Song Xiaoxiao gnashed her teeth, "You shameless bitch. Even after sleeping for so many years, you still have the face to speak up."

When she thought of the so called secret romance video, Song Yuesheng's gaze turned cold. She suddenly covered her mouth and laughed, "What should I do? Men like women like women like me!" Leng Ting Chen said that a fake Holy Maiden like you would be unable to satisfy his appetite just by looking at you from the bed! "

"Bang ~ ~ ~"

The door was pushed open, and Leng Ting Chen walked in with an ashen face.

Song Xiaoxiao hurriedly grabbed his arm and cried, "Ting Chen, we are both going to get married. Why did you let Song Yuesheng appear here? Do you really plan on letting her give you a son?" "Hurry up and chase her out. Have you forgotten how she betrayed us ?"

"When did it become your turn to be in charge of my affairs?" Leng Ting Chen glanced over with a cold gaze as he pushed away Song Xiaoxiao.

Song Xiaoxiao's face was slapped. Her pair of venomous eyes were about to spew fire as she glared hatefully at Song Yuesheng, "Bitch, it's all your fault. Get lost! Get out of Maple Garden, this is not a place for you to stay! "

"Great!" "I'm leaving!" Song Yuesheng nodded obediently and gestured to leave.

This was the only result of her provocation.

"Enough!" Leng Ting Chen gripped onto Song Jia Sheng's wrist, who was about to leave, and tossed him onto the ground.

Having said that, she turned around and coldly looked at Song Xiaoxiao, "Go back and wait to be your wife! There's no need for you to work so hard to give birth to a child! "

Mrs. Leng?

So, Ting Chen still wanted to marry her?

The reason he gave birth to Song Jasmine was because he was afraid that she would work hard?

Song Xiaoxiao's eyes were filled with surprise and joy. She glared furiously at Song Yuesheng and left the room.

"So that's how it is ?" The provocative expression on Song Yuesheng, who was lying on the ground, completely disappeared.

The one he wanted to marry was Song Xiaoxiao. He wanted her to give birth to a child, but he couldn't bear to see Song Xiaoxiao suffer ?


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