"Bam!" Song Yuesheng was thrown onto the bed like a parabola.

"What are you doing?" Song Yuesheng endured the pain coming from her coccyx as she looked at Leng Ting Chen in annoyance.

"Fuck you!" "Are you the one who said that I should give birth to a child and inherit the family property?"

"I, um ?"

Before she could retort, her lips had already been smacked by the man ?

Leng Ting Chen turned the woman's body, his large hands with a thin cocoon around his waist, and attacked her.

"Bitch, children can be born for money! Say, how much do those men pay you? "Hrm?"

His words were like needles stabbing into the left side of the chest. The pain became more distinct, spreading to every inch of the body.

"Right, I'm so cheap, anyone can pay me with my legs open!" Song Yuesheng's eyes were filled with sparkling liquid. She held it back and could only use her rage to hide her heartbreak.

Leng Ting Chen's eyes instantly turned blood-red, and he suppressed the sweet taste in his throat as he brutally charged forward.

When had he ever been betrayed by a woman?

He actually dared to boast so shamelessly!

He should go to hell!

The woman could no longer take it and directly fainted ?

"Ouch ~ ~ ~"

Leng Ting Chen spat out a mouthful of fresh blood on the floor, looking extremely fearful.

He wiped away the trace of blood at the corner of his mouth and left the room with gritted teeth.

For three whole months, Song Yuesheng did not take a single step out of Maple Forest Garden.

In addition to her period, the doctor checked her ovulation every day on time.

Once the optimal time to conceive had been determined, Leng Ting Chen would appear, charging through her body like a wild beast.

"Mr. Leng, Miss Song has been pregnant for 6 weeks! The baby is healthy. " The doctor smiled and reported to Leng Tinchen.

Leng Ting Chen ordered with a cold voice as he waved to the doctor. He then indifferently looked at the assistant, "Announce to the public that the marriage between Song Xiaoxiao and I will be annulled and married to Song Jia Sheng!"

"Yes sir!"

"Open the door, Song Yuesheng!" There was a sharp knock on the door.

It was the voices of his father, Song Qiushan, and his stepmother, Li Xiulan.

Song Jisheng opened the door and two exasperated faces appeared in front of her.


Song Qiushan raised his hand and viciously slapped Song Yuesheng in the face!

Unable to hold on any longer, Song Yuesheng stumbled and fell against the door, her ears ringing.

Song Qiushan pointed at her and cursed, "You bitch! What kind of trick did you pull to get pregnant with a child of Lundin's? Did you know that Xiaoxiao committed suicide because her marriage was annulled!? "

Leng Ting Chen was going to marry her?

How is this possible!?

Without waiting for her response, Li Xiulan grabbed her hair, gritted her teeth, and yelled, "Give my daughter back! "If anything happens to Xiaoxiao, even if I have to risk my life, I won't let you off!"

Song Yuesheng was in so much pain that cold sweat broke out all over her body. She thought of the child in her womb and pushed her away, "Let go of me! It has nothing to do with me whether Song Xiaoxiao is dead or alive! "If you have the ability, go find Leng Ting Chen!"

Song Qiushan held his wife Li Xiulan and stared angrily at Song Yuesheng, "How does your heart grow? Is this how you curse your sister? From today onwards, I, Song Qiushan, will sever my father-daughter relationship with you! Just pretend that you never had a daughter! "

Song Yuesheng suddenly looked up at him. The cold ruthlessness in her father's eyes had hurt her eyes.

Was this the relative she had left in the cage?

Song Yuesheng smiled miserably, the blood at the corner of her mouth making her look even more pitiful.

As long as Song Xiaoxiao was around, her father had never trusted her.

Family... Haha, from now on, only the child in her womb remains ?

"Bang ~ ~ ~"

The door was kicked open.

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