"Leng Ting Chen, you're back!" Song Qiushan said in surprise.

The three of them looked at the handsome man at the door.

"Ting Chen, do you know that Xiaoxiao committed suicide just for you ?" How can you break your engagement with her? Do you know how much she loves you ? "

Li Xiulan rushed over and grabbed Leng Ting Chen by the collar.

Leng Ting Chen pulled Li Xiu Lan's hand away, his cold and dark eyes filled with disgust. He flicked his collar as though there was some kind of bug attached to it.

"Then I'll have to ask your obedient daughter!" "It was all because of Song Yuesheng that she seduced me. She was jealous that Xiaoxiao wanted to marry me, so she climbed into my bed and forced her son to marry me. "My child can never become an illegitimate child, so I have no choice but to get married!"

Seeing the disdain in the man's eyes, Song Yuesheng felt a sweet taste in her heart.

Leng Ting Chen, was she really going to let her fall to the point of being deserted by her loved ones ?

The Song couple's anger instantly flared up when they heard Leng Ting Chen throw the pot at Song Mengsheng.

Li Xiulan rushed to Song Yuesheng's side and slapped her twice. "You slut, you're as ruthless as your slut mother. We raised you, and that's how you harmed your sister!"

Song Qiushan punched and kicked at Song Yuesheng, "Xiaoxiao, did you let me down? "You want to take revenge on her? You're an elder sister, and you've never let her go, but now you're so bad that you actually want to snatch a man from her. Do you even have the slightest bit of shame?!"

Song Yuesheng had no strength to fight back. She curled up on the ground and protected her stomach with her hands.

Even though her eyebrows were tightly knitted in pain, her smile was still sad and cold. "Raise me up? Didn't you beat me up? "I didn't give in to Song Xiaoxiao because Song Xiaoxiao didn't need me to do so. She didn't even let me touch anything good, so how could I ?"

"You still dare to talk back!" Song Qiushan raised his hand and was about to hit her again.

Leng Ting Chen, who was watching on the side coldly like an outsider, saw Song Jia Sheng, who was hugging his stomach, from the corner of his eyes. His eyes suddenly became cold as he took two steps forward and blocked Song Qiu Shan's fist.

He did not care that she was beaten, but he cared about the child.

Feeling bitter in her heart, she smiled arrogantly, "Fight!" It would be best if you could beat that bastard Leng Clan into the pit of my stomach and beat him to death! "Hahaha ?"

Song Yuesheng intentionally puffed out her stomach and brought it in front of Song Qiushan and Li Xiuran's eyes.

"Then I'll kill you both!" Song Qiushan's eyes turned red as he hatefully said, "If both of you were to die, Xiaoxiao would be able to marry Ting Chen!"

As he spoke, he stretched out his hand.

"Scram!" Leng Ting Chen snorted, lifting Song Qiu Shan's shoulder and flinging him away.

Song Qiushan sat on the ground, grimacing in pain. Although he feared Leng Ting Chen's ferocity, he did not dare to make a sound.

"Song Yuesheng, don't play any tricks on me. If you dare to cause my child to miscarry, I'll continue to fuck you until you give birth!" Leng Tinchen grabbed Song Yusheng's jaw and almost spat out the words through his teeth.

A chilling aura emanated from his body! Extremely terrifying!

Song Yuesheng looked at him provocatively with red eyes, "Now, are you satisfied? Seeing that I was beaten up by my biological father, are you feeling better? "

She suddenly raised her hand and pointed at Song Qiushan who was on the ground, shouting in a heart-wrenching voice, "Let me tell you, I don't feel anything! Because I've already gotten used to their abuse! You will never understand that feeling! That person is the one who gave birth to me, but he doesn't love me. If he wants to beat me up, he'll beat me up, if he wants to curse, he'll scold me. Even helping! That feeling, you will never be able to experience it! "

Song Qiushan yelled guiltily, "What nonsense are you spouting!?" That's because you've been disobedient since you were young! "

"I wanted him to help me once, but he never did. I once thought that you would help me forever, because you were the only person who was kind to me. But it turns out that you were also my delusions, and I no longer wanted to be. I calmly accepted everything. Are you happy? "

Facing the woman's clear eyes that were filled with despair, a hint of hesitation appeared in Leng Ting Chen's cold eyes.

Suddenly, scarlet blood snaked out from between her legs ?

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