The blood on the ground entered his eyes, and his eyes turned red!

A cold light flashed in Leng Ting Chen's eyes. He hurriedly crouched down and grabbed Song Jia Sheng by the waist.

His hand tightened, and the woman in his arms was as light as a feather that could fly away at any moment.

But it was also so heavy that all the muscles in his body trembled!

"Ting Chen, since your child is gone, Xiaoxiao can give birth to it for you. Didn't you hate Jayden the most? Since the child is gone, you don't need to marry her anymore! " Li Xiu Lan gathered up her courage and stopped Leng Ting Chen.

Leng Ting Chen turned his head to look at Li Xiu Lan, his bloodthirsty face had a terrifying Rakshasi aura on it, "Scram!" I don't have time to deal with you right now, what if something happens to my son? I will ask you guys to come back with interest! "

Li Xiulan was so scared that she quickly let go of him.

Leng Ting Chen rushed into the car with Song Jia Sheng in his arms, and the car tumbled out.


Song Yuesheng was placed on the bed and the medical staff were pushing the bed as they ran in the direction of the emergency room. Leng Ting Chen looked at her ashen face and felt an inexplicable sense of frustration.

"Song Yuesheng, wake up. Without my permission, you are not allowed to die. Even if you die, you have to give birth to your child!" Leng Tinchen gritted his teeth and whispered an order into her ear.

Song Yuesheng slowly opened her eyes. The cold hatred in Leng Ting Chen's eyes made her heart turn cold.

With a smirk, she closed her eyes in despair and was sent to the operating room.

However, there were more and more tears in his eyes. The tears flowed like a flood that had released the brakes, pouring out. The five visceras in his chest were in pain, as if they had been ripped apart.

The only reason he was so nervous about sending her to the hospital was only because of his child ?

Outside the operating room, Leng Ting Chen was extremely agitated.

He clearly wished for nothing more than for Song Yuesheng to die!

But why was he so annoyed when he saw her in this state?

Did he really care about that child?

The door to the operating room finally opened.

"Mr. Leng, the child has been saved, but the pregnant woman has lost too much blood, so she needs some time to rest." The doctor reported to him.

Leng Tinchen's tightly clenched fist finally loosened ?

One month later.

In the wedding dressing room.

Song Yuesheng sat upright in front of the mirror, looking at herself in her wedding dress with a dazed expression.

"Miss Song, you're so beautiful. No wonder Mr. Leng loves you so much. I can't wait to marry you home!" The makeup artist looked at Song Yuesheng in the mirror, her eyes filled with amazement.

"Hur hur." Song Yuesheng gave a self-deprecating laugh.

How could Leng Ting Chen possibly love her? The reason why he married her was only because of the child in his womb.

In order to use her child, he had tortured her for a lifetime!

"Of course I love you. Look, today's wedding is so grand, all the famous and famous stars in the city have come. The details of the wedding are flawless. This is the most grand wedding I've seen in my many years as a makeup artist."

Song Yuesheng's heart was filled with grief.

Leng Tinchen wanted to make her the enemy of all the people in the world... He did it.

In the auditorium, "The Wedding of Dreams" was warm and romantic. Everyone looked at her with envy.

The man on the other side of the red carpet was dressed in a white formal attire. His usual gloomy aura had dissipated quite a bit, and he seemed to have a few traces of gentleness in him.

He walked slowly toward her, as she had imagined him so many times before.

In a trance, Song Jisheng seemed to feel that Leng Ting Chen might still love him.

Her eyes were like clear pools of flowing water, slowly condensing into mist. Under the illumination of the lamplight, it was gentle, beautiful and tranquil.

Leng Tinchen finally walked up to her and bent down to kiss her.

Just as she closed her eyes and prepared to hypnotize herself into believing, the man's cold and mocking voice rang in her ears. "Really?"

"That's right!" "No matter what, I will marry you. For the sake of my children, I will try to become a good wife, a good mother."

For the sake of her children, even if Leng Ting Chen was only forced to marry her, she still wanted to give up everything and live a good life.

Leng Ting Chen's eyes turned cold, as though a tornado was raging within them.

The Song Yuesheng in front of him overlapped with the stubborn and resolute girl in his memories. It was as if everything was still the same as before.

His heart thumped wildly, and a mouthful of blood gushed down his throat. He swallowed it down forcefully, pushed away Song Yuesheng, and quickly walked towards the male lounge.

Puff ? -

As soon as he entered the door, scarlet blood gushed out.

Leng Ting Chen stared at the pool of blood in a daze for a long time.

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