After changing into their drinking clothes, Leng Ting Chen and Song Jia Sheng appeared on the stage together.

Under the bright light, the man was dressed in a black suit, looking very heroic.

Song Yuesheng wore a wine red dress that revealed her back. Her curves were increasingly exquisite, and her skin was white and greasy.

In the audience's admiring or breathtaking gazes, there was a pair of sinister eyes that emitted a strange light under the illumination of the lamp.

"Song Yuesheng, watch carefully. I will give you an unforgettable wedding present!"

"Ah ?" Great, it felt so good ? "A bit faster ?" An ambiguous moan echoed in the hall.

Everyone's eyes shifted from the couple to the screen where the photo of the bride and groom should have been shown.

He saw a woman lying on the bed with blurry eyes. She was being pressed down by a man whose face could not be seen clearly ?

Song Yuesheng clenched the wine cup tightly as shock filled her eyes. "No ?"

The woman in the video looked exactly like her. Even the color of her hair and the length of her hair were exactly the same.

Not only that, but even the little red mole on the chain bone was the same!

"My God, isn't this a bride?"

"It's the bride. That man doesn't look like a groom! The brightest man in River City, Leng Ting Chen, has actually been cuckolded! "

"This woman is crazy!"

"I've heard that the reason why Leng Ting Chen married her is because she was betrothed to a child. From the looks of it, Leng Ting Chen is probably going to be happy to be her father!"

The guests who had come to attend the wedding exploded into an uproar as all sorts of speculations were thrown into the air.

The contemptuous and contemptuous gazes that were directed at her were directed at Song Yuesheng as if they were physical objects. It hurt so much that her heart violently contracted.

Her breathing and fingers were shaking, and her head was getting heavier and heavier, almost to the point of falling.

It was the same scene that Song Xiaoxiao had shown to Leng Tinchen a few months ago.

That day, her world sank into endless darkness. The man she had loved for twelve years hated her to the bone.

Could it be that all of this was going to happen again today?

Song Yuesheng was stunned as a pair of iron arms embraced her, who was on the verge of collapse. It was as warm as ever.

She looked to the side, just in time to meet a pair of warm eyes.

"Everyone, quiet!"

Leng Ting Chen's voice was low and hoarse, not loud, but filled with an oppressive aura.

Everyone shivered and looked at the man with the most brilliance.

"The man in the video is me!" Leng Ting Chen's gaze swept across the crowd, his gaze strange and unfathomable. "Let me know who is the one that released our private video. Don't blame me for being impolite!"

The crowd instantly quieted down.

No matter how unlike the man in the video was, he would be the only one who spoke.

In the lounge.

"Slut!" Leng Ting Chen ruthlessly pushed Song Jia Sheng against the wall, his eyes were filled with burning red hatred, "Who is it this time? How many men did you f * cking sleep with?!"

Song Yuesheng trembled from the impact, and her heart rapidly turned cold.

He had thought that the words he said on stage were true belief in her ? She was overthinking it.

Song Yuesheng was in so much pain that fine beads of sweat appeared on her forehead. With a smile, she said, "Leng Ting Chen, is there any meaning in asking these questions? You only want children, why should you care how many men I sleep with? "

Was this tacit acknowledgement?

Gritting his teeth, the man put a hand on the woman's neck and pulled her up against the wall.

"The time displayed on the video is just over two months ago. When did you sneak out? Do you want me to be your father? "Hrm?"

Song Yuesheng's toes were about to leave the ground. She instinctively grabbed Leng Tinchen's hand. "Then ?" Wait for Children... It's good to be born, if... It wasn't yours, even if you killed him with your own hands, I would still ? "I don't want it anymore!"

Song Yuesheng seemed to use all the strength in her body when she said those words.

With that, she lowered her hand and stopped struggling.

It was only a pair of eyes, and the decidedly bleak glow of the cold and hot, unwittingly loosened his grip.

He was vexed over his soft-heartedness. Without another glance at Song Yuesheng, he slammed the door and left.

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