Leng Ting Chen walked out of Song Yuesheng's room and headed straight for the gastroenterology department.

A mouthful of blood was about to gush out of his throat. He forcefully swallowed it down, causing him to clench his hands in pain. His joints were completely white.

The doctor held the examination form, and his frown deepened. "Mr. Leng, your condition is getting worse. You see, you are ?"

Leng Ting Chen raised his hand to interrupt the doctor's words, his voice flat. "Make the arrangements for the chemotherapy!"

Before the doctor could say anything else, Leng Ting Chen had already stood up and walked out.

Leng Group, Office of the CEO.

"Arrange for a lawyer to come to the office and write a will!" Leng Tinchen stood in front of the large french window and lightly instructed his assistant to publicize the event.

Zhang Yang looked at Leng Ting Chen with a strange expression, he hesitated for a moment before nodding his head with a frown, "Yes!"

He turned around and left. The instant he closed the door, he could not help but cast his gaze at Leng Ting Chen once more.

Normally, the cold and proud back of his teacher was somewhat lonely.

Maple Garden.

Song Yuesheng slowly woke up and stared blankly out the window at the dense night sky. She then turned on the lights.

When she saw that the needle on the wall pointed to twelve o'clock, she got up barefoot and opened the door.

In the living room, fireworks were going off everywhere. She was shocked as she slowly walked down the stairs.

It was Leng Ting Chen!

It had been a month since they'd returned from the hospital.

She was sent back to Maple Grove, where several nurses took care of her and the child in her womb.

The light blue smoke obscured half of the man's face. She couldn't see the expression on his face, but she felt as if his jaw had lost a lot of weight, and the stubble on his chin.

She even felt the melancholy in him.

Song Yuesheng's heart abruptly shrunk as her steps were a little unsteady.

It was as if something had drilled into her heart, stinging.

When did the warm youth in the dream become so gloomy?

She turned on the light and slowed her breathing. In a rare moment of gentleness, she said, "Ting Chen, you're back."

The man glanced at the woman and saw the concern in her eyes. He nodded.

Song Yuesheng was stunned. How long had it been since he had spoken to her in such an amiable manner?

Song Yuesheng's pair of watery eyes swept across the cigarette butts in the ashtray on the tea table. A pained feeling welled up within her once again.

"You haven't eaten yet, right? I'll go and get you some soup. "

Before the man could reply, Song Yuesheng had already entered the kitchen.

Leng Ting Chen looked coldly at Song Jia Sheng as she shuttled back and forth in the kitchen, slightly closing his eyes.

Very soon, the rich fragrance of chicken soup wafted over, and a rare trace of warmth filled his eyes.

"Ting Chen, the soup is ready. Come here and drink it!" Song Yuesheng wore an apron as she carried the soup and smiled at the man in the living room.

Leng Ting Chen walked towards the restaurant as though it was a strange occurrence. The memory of the girl in his mind seemed to overlap with the memory of the girl in front of him.

He sat down, picked up his chopsticks, and looked at the rich soup in the bowl. His eyes turned cold.

"Elder sister, aren't you afraid of being discovered by Brother Ting Chen as you're among so many men?"

"Aiya, my good sister, you are too naive. Men are easily deceived. "Let me teach you a move. He usually acts a little more obediently, occasionally cooking with soup, and he seems to be moved by something ?"

In his mind, the conversation between Song Yuesheng and Song Xiaoxiao flashed through his mind.


Leng Tinchen put down his chopsticks heavily.

"Ting Chen, what happened to you?" Song Yuesheng was shocked.

"What's wrong?" Leng Ting Chen didn't answer, but instead asked a question with a cold chill on his face, "How many men have you cooked soup for?"

Song Yuesheng's heart tightened as she took a deep breath and covered her stomach with her hands.

She sat down in the chair beside Leng Tinchen. "Tinchen, I've only cooked soup for you. I don't know what those videos are about, but please believe me."

"Can we let all our misunderstandings pass? Since we're married and have children, can we live well in the future?"

Seeing that he did not say anything, she took his hand and said, "Tinchen, I thought I no longer loved you, but seeing your haggard face today, I know that I have not let you go. All this time, I can see that you still have me in your heart, don't you?"

He's acting again!

Leng Ting Chen mercilessly flung off Song Yuesheng's hand and roared in contempt, "You are so lowly! I will never let you off. This is the result of you betraying me!"

Looking at the man who had decisively left, Song Yuesheng felt as if a hole had been cut open in her heart.

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