Is It You/C1 Epilogue
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Is It You/C1 Epilogue
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C1 Epilogue

Six Months Later

I looked at the time as the clock struck 2PM. On schedule.

“Aerden!” I shouted.

He came running around the side of the house in wolf form, a chain hanging from his jaws and gorgeous grey fur. What? He sat in front of the steps and his wolf, Amarok, gave me a quizzical look. Wasn’t I supposed to be the confused one? I hooked my handbag over my shoulder and made my way towards him.

“How are we getting to my parents if you’re still shifted?” I asked.

Amarok dropped the chain in his mouth and stood on all four. He gestured to his back.

“Get on my back, Luna” He mind-linked me.

Excuse me?

“Get on what?” I deadpanned. “I’ve never done that and don’t you see what I’m wearing!?”

Amarok seemed to laugh at me and stuck out his tongue. We didn’t have time for these shenanigans so I reluctantly jumped onto his back as he bent down low. Once I was snug, I grasped a handful of fur in both hands and leaned forward.

“You better not drop me,” I teased.

Amarok howled to the sky with his nose pointed high then took off through the woods. We made it past the pack villa in the blink of an eye and out through the gates. I leaned with Aerden as he jumped left and right, astounded by his speed. It should have been expected since he was top of his class and labelled wolf of the year out of all seven packs. I was really proud of him.

We sped past the school and continued on until we were coming up to Harbor Moon Pack. A few patrollers I recognized were half a mile from the gates and he slid past them in a gust of wind. I think the only other wolf that was faster was Malachi himself. We finally reached the gates in forty five minutes. Amarok bounded through the gates but came to a sharp stop as a young she wolf came walking into the way. My grip on his fur loosened and I flew off his back but luckily, I slipped into a side aerial and landed clear on my feet.

Thank you Declan for the lessons!

I brushed off my jeans and double checked that there was no fur on my chest. Clean. Aerden however, was still in wolf form. He had no clothes with him and if he shifted here, he’d be naked. I sighed.

“Lets go to my parents,” I advised, “They should have something to give you”

As I turned, I came face to face with my parents. They were actually standing in the villa when we entered with our little show. My mom was the first to break the silence while my dad’s jaw still hung loose.

“Adira, did you just...” She seemed lost for words.

I chuckled. “Hi mom”

I pulled her into a tight hug and gave her a kiss. It had been so long since I last saw them and I knew I must have looked funny returning now. We had had so many video calls in the last few months and they were expecting me today. I’d be staying for a few hours then make my way back with Malachi. He was currently at Silver Moon Pack getting an update on the last few wolves who took DXM.

“Adira, I still can’t believe you just—“

“Yes Mom, I just did an aerial on dirt from the back of a large wolf,” I remarked.

She looked at me with a blank expression but it slowly switched to one of a satisfied smirk. I knew she had always wanted the best for me. Today, we were supposed to spread Adair’s ashes on the new burial section. Alpha Hendrix had said it was to be a blessing for the new things taking place. My dad finally shook off his shock and we all huddled behind the pack house and down to the lake. The new burial yard was a little ways next to it. Amarok trekked a good way behind us as we all ventured down.

When we got there, Dad pulled a tiny urn from the inside of his jacket. It was blue with intricate water and earth designs all around the base. He uncapped it and raised it high.

“Thank you, Moon Goddess, for all your blessings and leadership. We also thank you for a loving daughter and sister that left the world too quick. We pray she has found her peace and so will we ours” He blessed the ashes.

He passed the urn to my mother and she skillfully dashed the ashes over the new section with one hand. Rest in peace, sister. Once we were done, I made my way back to our house with Aerden still in tow.

"Dad, do you have anything you could lend Aerden?" I asked.

He motioned to the wolf to follow him around the back of the house and the two disappeared out of sight. I left them to do their business and went inside the house with my mother. She sat on the living room couch with her legs crossed and big smile on her face.

"You look so different," She gave me a demure smile. "If I'd known that giving you a man would change everything I would have sent you off long ago"

I gave her a sarcastic laugh and sat next to her. "Real funny mom, thanks"

A knock came at the kitchen door and Aerden came stepping out in a pair of track pants and a long T-shirt that used to belong to my dad. They should have been ill-fitting but due to his wide muscular frame, it sat on his shoulders and chest.

"I'll admit, that was fun but we're not doing it again," I told him, referring to coming here on Amarok. "The Jeep is safe"

He teasingly rolled his eyes and answered, "Yes, Luna"

I shooed him away as Malachi entered the house with my father, deep in conversation and sharing a handshake. He was deliciously dressed formally today in black slacks, a white button up and a blue checkered blazer. His hair was combed away from his face for once and he was freshly trimmed. He gave me the once over too and I saw the brief flash of lust that crossed his face.

"You're late," I stated.

He looked at the clock and then back at me with a smirk. "No, I'm not. You are, my love"

He made his way over to me and sat down. I hadn't realized that my mother had moved away and disappeared somewhere. My father approached us with a smile and set his hands on his hips. They had invited me over for an important announcement.

"Alpha Malachi has invited us to be a part of his pack," My dad spit out.

I looked at him then Malachi then back at my dad.

"We submitted a transfer a few weeks ago, thinking we could be close in case you needed us. Alpha Hendrix agreed and Malachi said we were free to come."

I felt my mate squeezing my hand in his and he gave me a tender smile.

"I know how important family is to you. I've taken care of their housing and everything. Your family is mine Adira," He said.

I wrapped my arms around his neck and gave him a sudden hug. This man had really gone above and beyond for me, time and time again. I had wanted to ask but we were so busy with other things that I didn't get through to asking. Thankfully, all worked out. My journey with all of them was something I hadn't expected.

Losing Adair, leaving my home, becoming a Luna, saving a friend, gaining a mate. All these things were turning points in my life and I'm glad I got to experience them. If the Oracle had told me all of this, I probably wouldn't have believed her but now I had my own destiny to make.

We each have our destiny to make.

I kissed Malachi and leaned back to show the tears in my eyes. "Let's all go home then, shall we?"

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