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C1 No regrets

Maria: Ahhhhhhhh (cries of pleasure)

Christian: Ahhhhhhhh (cries of pleasure)

We both fell on the bed like big bags of potatoes. Devoid of all energy!

Christian: Are you okay?

Maria: Oh shit! What have I done?

Christian: What's wrong?

Maria: I just slept with a stranger! Ouch Lord, don't do that!

Christian: Come here

He pulled me towards him. He got up and stood on the edge of the bed. I was on my knees on the bed, facing him.

Christian: Are you sorry?

Maria: Unfortunately not. I don't regret

Christian: So what's the problem?

Maria: I never did that!

Christian: Done what?

Maria: This!

Christian: That what?

Maria: Sleeping with a stranger!

Christian: I have already done it but...

Maria: Pfft.

*Small presentation*

My name is Maria, I am 20 years old, I am 1m63 tall. I come from a family neither rich nor poor, we fight. I am originally from the coast of Cameroon. I am the youngest of two children. I am doing an internship at the BICEC of Biyem Assi. I met Christian when I was coming back from work, I was about to take a cab when suddenly, he parked his car in front of me. Christian is a young man of 25 years old, physically he is very handsome, 1m80, well built, he imposes respect and has a charisma out of the ordinary, he is originally from West Cameroon.

I don't know why I followed him. He offered to give me a ride and I accepted. On the way, he asked me if we could stop at his place first, I accepted! And it ended up being a lot of sex.

I got up to get dressed and go home, but only he pulled me towards him.

Christian: I'm sorry, that's not what I meant. I apologize because it's my fault

Maria: You are not guilty in any way. The fault is mine

Christian: I don't understand why you regret

Maria: How can I explain that I slept with a PERFECT UNKNOWN on the first night? That makes me an easy girl, almost a whore! -I said it with my head down, tears welling up in my eyes -

Christian: Hey... you're not an easy girl, let alone a whore. You wanted it, and I wanted it too, so we did it. And then it was obvious that you hadn't had sex in a long time

Maria: That's true but...

Christian: But nothing. Stop thinking...

He carried me, and we went to sit on the chair next to his bed. I was on top of him, we were looking into each other's eyes.

Maria: It's not right what I did. My conscience will judge me

Christian: Because you want, you think too much

Maria: Don't you think that's normal?

Christian: Yes, I think it's normal. But you don't regret it, why torture yourself for that? The fact is made. I don't regret anything. We could do it again

Maria: You're delirious my friend

Christian made a movement with his eyebrows, it was so cute and funny too

Maria: Stop it!

Christian: What?

Maria: Your movement with your eyebrows

Christian: Okay it's okay

We looked at each other, but my thoughts were far away. So, is it true that I slept with him? What will he think of me? I admit it, I like him a lot! Otherwise I wasn't even going to accept, and it's a good move too. He made me vibrate with pleasure. Arrhhhh what's happening to me? I don't recognize myself.

Christian: Are you listening to me?

Maria: Oh sorry you say?

Christian: You're cute.

Maria: ...

He leaned over to me, and he kissed me. I couldn't push him away, so I accepted. I felt his kiss deep inside me. To say I was in love with him was a little too soon. But to say I was attracted to him? YES! I plead guilty! I AM GUILTY! I am HUGE attracted to him.

We would kiss, then he would kiss my neck, he would caress me. I was shivering with pleasure. He whispered something in my ear that I didn't quite understand, because I was so far away on the plane to seventh heaven!

Christian: Are you listening to me?

Maria: Grrr you say what?

Christian: Can we do it without a condom? How far along are you in your cycle?

Maria: We can't do it without a condom.

Christian: Oh.

Maria: Unless you want to be a daddy

Christian: No no

I don't know why, his No made my heart ache. Well, what did I expect? Why do I put the heart? Oh, Mister my heart, don't start what you want to do there, then I'll cry sorry stop.

Maria: Okay

Christian: And you? Do you want to be a mother?

Maria: Why not?

Christian: Because it's me, or...?

Maria: I want to be a mother, that's all.

Christian: How will you take care of him? Are you able to?

Maria: Why are we talking about this?

Christian; I want you to understand that you want to become a mother for the wrong reasons

Maria: Let's drop the subject

Christian: As you wish

Maria: How are you?

Maria: I am fine, thank you, and you?

Christian: Like when you came? Or better than when you came?

Maria: I'm fine, that's all!

Christian: Haha okay

Maria: Stop smiling

Christian: Kiss

Maria: No

Christian: I fly?

Maria: Try to see

He blocked my face, looked into my eyes and kissed me, gently. Jesus! Why are you doing this to me? Is it always because I'm attracted to him? If that's it, please make it ugly now.

He carried me in and we got on the bed. We got dressed and went to bed. He put on Lukas Graham's music - Love Someone-.

He started to sing, looking at me.

Christian: When you love someone, you open your heart

When you love someone, you may grow

If you love someone, and you ain't afraid to lose her

You probably never love someone like I do

You probably never love someone like I do

Maria: Why are you looking at me?

Christian: Am I not allowed to look at you anymore?

Maria: Anyway, it's okay

Christian: Come here

He pulled me towards him and I lay down on his bare chest. He looked at me, I looked at him, we looked at each other. He smiled at me, gave me lots of kisses, on my forehead, eyes, nose, mouth, and again on my neck.

I was just smiling, and he was still looking at me with his beautiful charming smile.

Maria: Are you always like this?

Christian: Like this how?

Maria: Cute

Christian: Sometimes

Maria: Please stop being cute. It pisses me off

Christian: Haha okay understood

Maria: Stop looking at me smiling too, it's annoying me too

Christian: Haha okay

Maria: There you go

He just pulled me, so that I was on top of him. He gave me more kisses and a hug.

We stayed like that until, talking about everything and nothing.

Christian: Are you okay? Are you okay?

Maria: Yeah, why?

Christian: You're quiet. And since you're not talking anymore, I figured you were still thinking

Maria: Oh no. I'm fine. I'll stop thinking.

Christian: You have to. You have to live in the moment... leave the past in the past, don't think about tomorrow because it's uncertain, live in the moment and do what you want to do, without regrets

Maria: Because regretting will not help. You are right. I did, I did. I take responsibility for my actions. And it's not like you forced me... I wanted to too, so...

Christian: And you did it, just like me.

Maria: After that, everyone will go back to their own routine, you will continue with your things and we will forget everything

Christian: My routine? What do you know about my routine?

Maria: Tell me about your routine

Christian: And you? What is your routine going to be?

Maria: We weren't talking about me

Christian: Since you've already spoken for me, I want to know for you

Maria: Anyway, let's drop it. It's not like we're committed to each other, we don't owe each other anything

Christian: Exactly. But we can put it off

Maria: That's right, yeah!

Anyway, 9pm rolled around and we left his apartment. He walked me home to Etoug-Ebe.

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