It All Started Last Night/C3 Maybe she’s right
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It All Started Last Night/C3 Maybe she’s right
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C3 Maybe she’s right

It's the smell of food that wakes me up. Hmm... what a great smell. I look at the time on my phone, 8:30.

Before I get up, I say a little prayer. I went to the kitchen and Manu was making the spaghetti eggs with the French fries. Yum... she is the best I tell you.

Maria: Good morning sweetheart

Manu: Good morning, Madam. Did you sleep well?

Maria : Very well and you ?

Manu : Well, thank you.

Maria: Great. Well, I'm going to take a shower before coming to enjoy what you're preparing for us.

Manu: Okay, hurry up to eat hot

Maria: Okay mom

I went to take a bath, I wore jeans and a black dismemberment. Headed to the kitchen to eat. But first, I checked my phone, I have a Whatsapp message from Christian. I open the message


Christian (responding to my kissing couple status): It's been a long night apparently

Maria: Not very long

Christian: Hello, how are you?

Maria: Fine, thank you, and you?

Christian: I was a little worried about you, but if you're fine, that's great.

I read without answering. I went to the living room, Manu was already there, she was eating.

Maria: Where is my food please?

Manu: Kitchen

Maria : Thank you

I went to the kitchen, ate and cleaned everything up at the end.

I was in my room putting everything away, with the music on. It was already 2pm.

I was singing so loud, Manu came to my room and asked me to be quiet. Haha

Manu: Maria please shut up. Your voice is just horrible!

Maria: Fuck you!

Manu: Always wild

Maria : Yes my girl

Manu : We didn't finish our conversation yesterday

Maria: What are you talking about?

Manu: Where were you h...

She came closer to me, she pushed my head slightly to the side to see my neck, left side.

Manu: What's wrong with your neck?

Maria: What? What's on my neck?

Manu: Hmm. You think I'm stupid?

I ran to the bathroom to see what's on my neck. Damn. I have a HUGE BITE on my neck !!!! And on both sides too! Pfft. How do I get it off now?

Manu : Can you explain it to me ?

Maria : Pff.

I went to lie down in my room, she followed me.

Manu: I'm listening

Maria: Well... actually the story is that...

I told him everything, from the meeting to today.

Manu: Wait wait wait wait... which Christian?

Maria: The one who crucified Jesus -I said it while raising my eyes to heaven-.

Manu : Haha very funny

Maria: I made a serious mistake yesterday. Since I regret, I only want to cry

Manu: That's why you were weird yesterday

Maria: Yeah. Now I have two hickeys on my neck! Great

Manu: So it's obvious! He was only sucking the flesh from your neck? Haha

Maria: I'm sorry, I swear

Manu : You like it, you wanted it so it was easy

Maria : Pff

Manu : If you were satisfied that's fine. Not like I did with Yvan, not only did he not know, but he also heated my buttocks for nothing. I had made a waste of sin. Pff

Maria: Haha. I thought of you directly after that

Manu: It's okay, you'll get over it. It's an experience

Maria: So I was laughing for you like that, yet my part had to happen? I respect karma

Manu: Keep laughing at me. You will always get the blame

Maria: Damn. The guy is manly, a dream body mom! Sweet a kind there

Manu: You can't charm me. Never!

Maria : Haha. I have to take my distance... I might lose this game

Manu : He who drank will drink

Maria: I can't drink anymore. I have nausea

Manu: Wait until you get over it.

You and I both know that it's not dirty water so it can't give you typhoid.

Maria: You and your weird expressions.

I have to take my distance

Manu: We'll see

Maria: And he smelled good then! Damn

Manu: You gave him the agreement for a body to body you were not shy it's only sport...yes

Maria: Get out of my room. Instead of insulting me that what I did was wrong, you say I'll drink again how?

Manu: Idiot. Who sent you?

Maria : Very Brutal !

Manu : Haha

Maria: We do like that he is in couple. Manu: Hm. My life is beyond me

Manu: Your life is beautiful

Maria : What kind ?

Manu: And the guy is romantic...he already created something in you and you didn't hold you did.

Maria: Why do you remind me of that?

Manu; ah mom

Maria: He wrote to me, but I didn't answer anymore

Manu ; Let me see

I gave him my phone.

Maria: And the guy has a chain around his neck, it says "Jessie and Christian

Manu: That's his sister

Maria: Are you making fun of me?

Manu : Never.

Maria : Pff

Manu: He's worried. You are dry in your answers

Maria: I had to get wet?

Seriously, does that make me easy?

Manu: No, Maria. Not at all. You wanted it, he wanted it, so you did it! How long has it been sober? If he thinks he used you then he's lying. You were the one who used him, he helped you get the stress out of your libido. Forget it, eat your food drink your water sleep

Maria: Hahaha

Manu: Answer him

Maria: To say what?

Manu : Don't show that it affects you

Maria: What do you want me to say to his message?

Manu: I don't know, but start the conversation

Maria : Okay

Manu: I understand why you were smiling yesterday and you were weird until you didn't eat

Maria: My moods can't escape you? Am I your wife?

Manu: You are and remain my wife.

Maria : You are crazy

Manu: You're not even proud, you tell me how you cheated on me, I'm here to listen. With your head

Maria: Hahaha

Manu: You like it, I know. Even if you have already done it, you still have to study it

Maria: Okay, got it. So I answer his message


Maria: You thought I was going to kill myself? Mdr

Christian: And you leave me behind?

Maria: Let's kill ourselves then

Christian: If only I was sure I would be in heaven with you, I would kill myself with you.

Don't forget that you are the Angel

Maria: I will plead for you to God

He sent a sticker that shows someone committing suicide

Maria: Haha you are not normal.

Why did you give me hickeys?

Christian: I was trying to keep a piece of you but it didn't work! Pff

Maria: Yes it did, sir

Christian: Great

Maria: Was it on purpose?

Christian: Maybe.

Maria: What was the purpose? Or was it just like that?

Christian: The point was to rip off your skin to keep as a souvenir

Maria: That's cute, but now people will think I'm in a relationship when they see the hickeys

Christian: I didn't think of that. Sorry

Maria: It's okay.

Christian: Thanks

Manu after reading the conversation, told me:

Manu : is he a wizard ?

Maria :Haha I hope you don't expect an answer

Manu : Yes I do.

Maria: This guy is a mystery! Impossible to discern

Manu: Why do you want to discern him?

Maria : Ah... I know?

Manu : Hahaha

Maria: I forget what happened

Manu : Why?

Maria: What's the point of thinking about it anymore? Then I'll put my heart into it. Better I take it out now

Manu: That's the only worry' you have to be strong mentally, psychologically and spiritually

Maria: The heart has no bones. He himself has surely forgotten

Manu: Forgot what?

Maria: To forget

Manu : Who is talking?

Maria : Me

Manu : Are you in his head?

Maria : Hahaha

Manu : That's a good sexfriend

Maria : Your advice

Manu : Haha

Maria; Damn... I'm just thinking about this and I still want to.

Manu : Haha I knew

Maria: But I must not give in

But I want to feel his fingers on my body, his kisses... What should I do now?

Manu: Instant porn activated

Maria: Hahaha. Seriously, what do I do now?

Manu: Go do it.

Make yourself happy.

But I'm not going to tell you to hold back or do.

Everyone has to commit as much sin as they know their conscience can handle

Maria: Who does he think I am? No, it's okay.

Manu: I didn't say that you propose. Wait for the day it will happen again

Maria: I have to stop thinking about it. It's not good for me mentally

Manu: Can you?

Maria: Yes. I have to

Manu : I'm laughing at you

Maria: There is an English music that he made me listen to, I liked it. I will ask him the title

Manu : Okay


Maria: Sorry to bother you, but can I have the title of the English music there? Please!

Christian: First of all, why are you apologizing for writing to me?

Love Someone- Lukas Graham

Maria: Gracias amigo

I figured you're busy, so I didn't want to bother you anymore

Christian: I'm always busy, but that's not why you're going to apologize for writing me

Maria: Okay. I withdraw my apology then

Christian: -Responding to my "Gracias amigo" - I deserve this punishment

Maria: Punishment? Why do you say that?

Christian: Do what you think is best for you, I will always understand. Never forget that

I guess you're mad at me, and you're absolutely right. But please don't stay mad for long

Maria: Why should I be mad at you Chris?

He was no longer on the line. I turned to Manu and said:

Maria: This guy is playing with my emotions

Manu: He knows you liked it. It marked you.

And surely during the report you let the signs show that you were in need.

Maria: That doesn't mean he's going to play

Manu: He's just teasing you.

I understand that you are not in the mood to play

Maria: I do not want to play because knowing my heart and seeing what happened between us, that to play he will like. For after suffering, I do not want! I am not ready for a heartache

Manu: What do you want to do?

Maria: Brother, nothing

That day, we agreed that there is no commitment between us... so nobody owes anything to the other

Manu: And why do you complicate your life then?

Maria: ah..

Manu: He's sure you'll distance yourself. He's right to say that you're angry. I don't see why you want to make such a big deal out of it. It happened, it happened

Maria: I'm not mad at him.

It happened, it happened, we're moving on.

Just because I said "Thanks friend" he told me that

Manu: Don't think about it anymore

Maria: Let's give time to time

Manu : Maybe he thought that after this, you should be in couple

Maria: We go out with someone without proposing? Mdr

Manu: You didn't know?

Maria: It's possible

But we said yesterday that nobody owes anything to each other. So...

Manu: Okay. It happened, it's fine

Maria: I wanted to, so I did

Manu : Easy as pie

Maria : If I want again I will make

Manu : You are beginning to understand. You are growing up

Maria : Haha

Manu : Come to my arms

Maria : Go far away. It is gone for all the year, I do not make any more

Manu : Why?

Maria : I don't feel like it anymore

Manu : Chastity. It is a good thing

Maria: Do it then

Manu: Are we talking about me?

Maria : No, but since you say it's a good thing you can put it into practice

Manu: You love me too much to avoid committing sins?

Maria: Much too much

Manu : Thank you very much but manage your life

Maria : Haha

Manu : I hope you will be more quiet now

Maria: Yeah, thanks a lot

Manu: You're welcome. Well, I leave you. I have an appointment with Landry.

Landry is her boyfriend. He is a surgeon, 32 years old and father of a little girl.

Maria: Okay. Don't forget to take your key

Manu: Don't worry. I'll save something for you?

Maria: Strawberry ice cream and breaded chicken fries. Thanks baby

Manu: In any case.

She went to her room to change before leaving.

It was already 7pm. I finished my tidying up and I panicked on my bed, thanks Morpheus.

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