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C4 Again ?

It's Manu who wakes me up at 11pm, she had just returned with my order.

Maria: Thank you my valid girlfriend. I was starving.

Manu: Eat then

Maria: Did it go well?

Manu : Yes yes. We went to istanbul

Maria : the girl of the luxurious places

Manu : I am not your equal

Maria : Haha

Manu: Tomorrow is Sunday, what are you planning to do?

Maria: Staying at home, what else did you want me to do?

Manu : Go out for example

Maria: To go where?

Manu : To get the guy

Maria: Did I tell you I wanted the guy?

Manu : I say, so you need him

Maria : Sorry, let me in my celibacy

Manu : Never

Maria: Is it your celibacy?

Manu : You are me

Maria: So we have to break up with Landry

Manu : Die alone in your celibacy. Good night to you

Maria : Hahahaha

She went away leaving me in my room to eat.

I finished eating, I went to the kitchen to clean the dishes and there I went again for my good sleep.

It's around 9 o'clock that I came out of my room, Manu was in the living room with his boyfriend, kissing.

Maria: hum hum, I hope I am not disturbing you

Manu: you are bothering

Landry: sorry Maria, I hope you are well?

Maria: Yes, I'm fine, thank you, I see that you are also well

Landry: Yes, I'm fine, thank you, I'll leave you now

Maria: Don't bother, I'll get dressed and let you do your children

Manu: that's nice of you, hurry up and get out

Maria: shut up

Manu: I love you too

I went to change, wore black pants with a black dismemberment and went out for an unknown destination.

I was walking with my headphones on, music blasting, when I tripped. Someone approached me laughing. I looked up to see who it was, big surprise it was christian

Maria: what the hell are you doing here?

Christian: is this how you say thank you to your savior?

Maria: it's your fault that I fell, I'm sure

Christian: How is it my fault?

Maria: I'm sure you were looking at me and your eyes are bad luck

Christian: It's in those eyes that you get lost

Maria: pfff

I moved away from him and continued on my way. I was about to cross the road when Christian held me by the arm

Maria: what do you want now and what are you doing here?

Christian: You should have started there

Maria: Answer

Christian: I had nothing to do so I came to you

Maria: you saw me so you can go home

Christian: not without you

I must admit that his sentence warmed my heart, and I almost shed a tear

Christian: Why are you all sad?

Maria: I never thought I would see you again after our last meeting

Christian: But you are the one who pushes me away.

Maria: Shut your mouth, you make me too angry to explain

Christian: Come and explain it to me over breakfast at my place, if you have nothing better to do

Maria: Ok, anyway my day is already ruined because of you

Christian: Lol I'll take that as a Yes

We headed to his car and off to his apartment!

Arrived at his place, we are sitting on the table, ready to eat some ham sandwiches with juice squeezed from his hands at disposal, and me still in a bad mood.

Maria: Why do you always go to so much trouble for me Christian

Christian: I guess you are worth all the effort Maria

Maria: You're getting on my nerves

Christian: Let's hope that this meal will make you smile again

Maria: bon appétit Chris

Once the meal was over, I tried to help him with the dishes, which went well and then I went to lie down on the couch smiling while watching him finish the dishes.

Christian: Finally a little light in this room (looking at me)

Maria: What do you mean by that?

Christian: I mean your smile Einstein

Maria: Thank you (being embarrassed)

Christian came to meet me on the couch and put on a funny teen movie

Christian: Is it better otherwise?

Maria: Yes a little and sorry for earlier

Christian: Don't worry about it... come to my arms little red riding hood

Maria: No I don't want to, and I'm not the little red riding hood!

He didn't listen to me and pulled me towards him. What it annoys me!!!

Once snuggled in his arms filled with tenderness, a sudden feeling of freedom on the contrary invaded my being and left me speechless

Christian: you need a kiss?

Maria: No... Yes... Maybe... No

Christian: I will do it anyway

He holds my neck and gives me a charming and relaxing kiss at the same time, I just had this overwhelming urge to have him all to myself.

Maria: I hope I don't suffer because of you

Christian: It's seeing you keep your smile that matters most to me

A series of kisses between our two bodies completely naked on this couch, me holding him tightly against me and him reminding me how much he wants me... this feeling I wouldn't exchange for anything at this moment

Christian: Tell me you want me inside you as much as I want you...

Maria: I want you Chris

Christian: Your body, your heart haunt me.. you drive me crazy Maria.. he said it while giving me hickeys on my neck

Maria: Ahhnn ( moaning )

He carried me to gently slide into me, a feeling that left me speechless before moaning for the first time since we last met

Maria: ohhh yes (moans)

Christian: Ahhhh (moans)

He made love to me this time with more passion, I'll even say more love. It was magical. He scrutinized my body in every detail, as if he was discovering it for the first time. He was so sweet, I cried with pleasure.

Christian: Hey... why are you crying? Am I hurting you?

Maria: No..

Christian: What's the matter mi Maria?

Maria: I'm afraid of what's next

Christian stroked my face, kissed me, gave me a kidney stroke, before looking me in the eyes and saying:

Christian: I can't guarantee you a rosy life, all I can tell you is to live in the moment, enjoy the day, and say Advienne que pourra.

Maria: You are right

I kissed him, and took control.

Once the act was over, I had the strangest reaction... I picked up my things as fast as I could and went to get dressed in front of his door all confused before running away, shoes in hand and him all naked who doesn't understand anything

Christian: But... Maria waits for me (while getting dressed)

Maria: No, leave me alone (running)

Christian: But explain to me what's going on

I got out and took the first cab home, he couldn't catch me and I broke down in the cab and cried long enough to make the driver worried

Cab driver: My daughter is ok?

Maria: Yes Mr. Sorry (wiping my tears)

When I got home, Manu was alone and noticed my eyes all watery

Manu: What happened darling?

Maria: I was with Christian

Manu: Did he hit you? (All upset)

Maria: No, he treated me very well, it was a great moment

Manu: But why are you crying then, beautiful?

Maria: I think I love him and that's what breaks my heart

Manu: And why is that, it's supposed to be good news, I think

Maria: No he is in a relationship, I don't want to go into the darkness if I don't have a glimmer of hope to see the light at the end of the tunnel

Manu: The light exists, he even showed it to you by making you happy but you refuse to accept it because you think about his relationship, yet you can be this new couple

Maria: I don't know, I have a headache, I'm going to bed... see you later.

Manu: Okay, darling, be strong, kisses.

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