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C5 My Doctor

I was lying there, all pensive. I thought about that day, Christian, his kisses, his caresses.

Maria: Ahhhhhhhh (cries of despair)! Why am I thinking about this? Why am I just thinking about him? Is he really in a relationship? I say it without really knowing... what if he is not in a relationship? No... he can't be alone. But, if he is single, why doesn't he offer me to be his girlfriend? Or is he just interested in sex? Maybe he sees me as an easy girl? An empty-nester?

Pfffff Lord help me please!

I was thinking, asking myself a thousand questions at once.

If he is in a relationship, why is he sleeping with me? Why does he want to make me fall in love? Why does he act this way with me? Why does he act like that with me?

Unanswered questions... it was with this thought that I fell asleep. Tomorrow is Tuesday and I go back to work.

Manu: Maria... Maria

Maria: Humm

I was waking up, I see Manu in front of me with a worried look. Uh... did something happen? What did I miss?

Maria: What's wrong? What time is it? I have to get ready for work

Manu: Are you okay? It's 8 o'clock. You're not going to work today

Maria: What? Why not?

Manu: You are sick Maria

Maria: What? You're talking nonsense... I'm not my... "I touched my neck" oh shit! I'm burning!

Manu: Don't worry, I've already called your workplace, they gave you time off. You'll go back when you feel better.

Maria: Thanks Manu

Manu: Wait here, I'll be back with the thermometer and a towel

Maria: Okay.

Pfff. Great! Like I need to get sick right now. Pfff.

Manu came back, she put the wet towel on my forehead and took my temperature, I was 39.8 degrees.

Manu: Hmm... you have a fever. Come on, I'll take you to the hospital

Maria: No, that's not necessary. I'll just rest, that's all.

Manu: I don't agree. I'll be back

Maria: Where are you going?

Manu: Too late. She was already out. Well, she's worried about nothing. Tomorrow I'll be on my feet!

I take my phone and I manipulate it. I see calls in absence of Christian that I ignore royally!

I connect on Whatsapp, directly he writes me!


Christian: Maria, what's going on?

Maria: Hello also Christian

Christian: Please answer me

Maria: I am fine thank you and you?

Christian: Maria!

Maria: My night was short but I'm fine, thank you and on your side?

Christian: Stop with that. I don't want to play!

Maria: Me neither!

Christian: Tell me what's going on!

Maria: Nothing!

Christian: Why did you run away yesterday? Did I hurt you? Did I say something you didn't like?

Maria: I don't know why we are talking about this

Christian: Because I would like to understand your behavior. I thought that after that, everything would change between us.

Maria: Between us? There is no US

He read, than to answer me, he called me. I refused all the calls, but he was so insistent that I finally answered.


Christian: I thought we agreed to live in the moment and not think about the future?

Maria: For you, living in the moment is what? Sleeping together without commitment, the person who gets bored just leaves? Is that it?

Christian: No. That's not what I said. Why are you getting defensive?

Maria: I'm not being defensive.

Christian: Look, Maria. I know things went very fast between us, but I told you. I don't regret it, I know you do too. Why don't you just enjoy the moment?

Maria: Because...

Manu (entering the room with a packet of medicine in hand): Who are you talking to? You are sick, you need to rest. Here are the medicines

Christian: What? Are you sick?

Maria: No, it's...

Christian: I'm coming right away!

I didn't have time to talk before he hung up! Great !!!! And to think I never wanted to see him again, fate has a different opinion. Thank you so much fate, you are the best (sarcastically)

Maria: You couldn't keep your mouth shut? Pff

Manu: Who was it?

Maria : Christian

Manu : And?

Maria: He said he's coming. - I said it with a sigh -

Manu: And why are you making that face?

Maria: I don't want to see him anymore Manu! I want to forget him.

Manu: Distancing yourself doesn't help. You think about him even more.

Maria: But I'm going to forget about him in the end. Wanting to play this game is dangerous. I'll lose out.

Manu: That's what you tell yourself, but is that what will happen? You don't even give it a chance, you've already had your conclusion. What do you know?

Maria: Nothing, but I think that's what's going to happen.

We all know very well how it often ends. When he gets tired of me, he'll leave and I'll be left to suffer with my bruised heart

Manu: You don't know, so stop believing. You haven't tried anything but you already know the scenario how? Give him a chance Maria. You might regret it later

Maria: But I...

Ding Ding

The bell rang. We looked at each other and she said:

Manu: I'll be back. It is surely him

She left. I was very nervous to see him, especially in my room.

I quickly look around my room and breathe a sigh of relief. Fortunately I always keep my room clean and tidy. My neighbor was playing the music in his house, it was so loud that it echoed in my house. It can wake the dead.

I was in the process of getting up and yelling at the neighbor to turn down the volume of his music, when he walked in. At the same time, Ariana Grande's Every time started playing.

I get tired of your no-shows

You get tired of my control (Yuh)

They keep telling me to let go

But I don't really let go when I say so (Yuh, yuh)

I keep giving people blank stares (Yeah)

I'm so different when you're not there (Yuh)

It's like something out of Shakespeare

Because I'm really not here when you're not there

I've tried to fight our energy

But everytime I think I'm free (Yeah)

You get high and call on the regular

I get weak and fall like a teenager

Why, oh why does God keep bringing me

Back to you?

I get drunk, pretend that I'm over it

Self-destruct, show up like an idiot

Why, oh why does God keep bringing me

Back to you?

I go back to you, back to you, back to you

Back to you, back to you, back to you

I go back to you, back to you, back to you every time

I don't know if it was fate or not, but this music spoke to me, to us. Why was God doing everything to bring us together? To bring me back to him?

I was deep in thought when I felt two hands on my shoulders. Christian

Christian: I don't know where you want to go in your condition. Lie down

Maria: Just arrived and you already piss me off

Manu: Maria!

Maria: What? I'm just telling the truth.

Christian: If caring about you makes you mad, then hate me.

He said it while looking me in the eye. He sat on the edge of the bed, and picked up a briefcase. It was at that moment that I even noticed that.

Maria: What's with the briefcase?

Christian: Why don't you stay quiet, instead of asking questions?

Maria: Pff

I remained calm. Manu looked at me with a smile. I flipped her off which made her laugh. She finished laughing and said:

Manu: Well...I'll leave you to it. I have to go to class. You let me know if you need me

Maria: But you're not going to leave me alone with him?

Christian: We've been alone in a room before, you know?

Maria: Shut up, I didn't talk to you

Manu: He won't eat you

Christian : I will eat her

He said it while looking into my eyes and biting his lower lip. I got chills at that moment, and he felt it. He smiled, a mocking smile, which pissed me off!

Maria: You stop smiling (addressing Christian). Don't go, please (addressing Manu)

Manu: I'm sorry baby but I have class. I'll be back soon, I promise. Christian, it was a pleasure to meet you, despite the circumstances. Take care of yourself and my friend. See you later

Christian: Don't worry. See you later

Maria: Pff thank you very much!

Manu is gone. The room was very quiet. Christian was looking at me, and I was looking at the door. I didn't want to talk.

He didn't say anything and brought out his accessories. That's when I knew he was a doctor. But stupid as I am, I asked the question.

Maria: Are you a doctor?

Christian: No, I'm a merchant. I sell I lose, come and cheat me!

Maria: Mdrr stupid question I know

Christian: Ah that... you said it. Haha

Anyway, he consulted me and everything. He prescribed me some medication and asked me to rest, really rest for a week and I'll be fine. He was fixing his things.

Maria: Since I'm sick I can't take you home. Thank you, please come in and close the door behind you.

Christian: Who said I was leaving already?

Maria: What? Aren't you going home?

Christian: No

Maria: Why?

Christian: We need to talk.

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