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Yun Lan slowly opened her eyes. Her eyes, which were like bright moons, were filled with sadness. A teardrop fell onto the red bridal dress. The smile that was pulled out from the corner of her mouth contained bitterness and sadness.

Unexpectedly, he still hardened his heart and pulled the trigger. A mocking smile appeared in Yun Lan's eyes as she foolishly thought that love triumphed over everything, but she didn't know that everything that happened over her was just an illusion. In the end, she was still foolish enough to believe in this damned thing called love, falling into a situation of betrayal and death.

Even though she knew that the bloodthirsty devil wasn't worthy of pure love, she still coveted this feeling.

At first, she thought she would hate him, but when the bullet passed through her chest, she felt warmth seeping through the blood in her body.

An unprecedented relief. The instant she fell to the ground, she saw the tears in his eyes. Perhaps he had also loved her.

Returning to reality, Yun Lan's gaze fell on the copper mirror. In the mirror, there was a beautiful girl dressed in wedding clothes. Her skin was like that of an apricot, and her cheeks were like the crescent moon.

In the copper mirror, the woman in red's mouth still had traces of blood. She raised her slender index finger to wipe away the blood at the corner of her mouth, and the remnants of memories in her mind told Yun Lan that the mistress of this body committed suicide by taking poison.

The bride took poison on her wedding night, and she, on her wedding night, was shot by her beloved man. How ironic was that? A faint smile appeared at the corner of Yun Lan's mouth as sadness filled her eyes.

At this moment, the door was suddenly pushed open, and a bright red dress entered Yun Lan's sight. A bridegroom dressed in a red wedding dress stood in front of her.

The huge shadow blocked the light of the Night Pearls, raising her head to look at the oily fat man in front of her, who weighed no less than 300 kilograms. It was not like she had never seen anyone with a huge body, but the man in front of her was like a piece of pork wrapped in silk, which made her feel disgusted and disgusted.

The fat man chuckled, and his originally small eyes immediately disappeared. The man took a step forward, and the surrounding air seemed to sink in, and his voice was so oily that it made people feel nauseous; "Little girl, don't think about escaping, since your sister handed you over to me, big sir will love you well today, and today is our good day. If this little lady can make big sir serve you well, then you can have the gold and silver mountain in the future."

After the fat man finished speaking, he suddenly rushed towards Yun Lan, wanting to hug the beauty on the bed in his arms. However, he missed. With great difficulty, he turned his body over, and the gorgeous bed creaked as he moved. Staring at the nearby Yun Lan, a trace of anger appeared in the man's eyes. "Come here!"

Yun Lan ignored the man's anger and sat back on the rattan chair. "What dynasty is this? Where is this?" Ignoring the anger in the fat man's eyes, Yun Lan used one hand to support her lower jaw as she asked. Looking at the man lying on the bed, she felt an oily disgust surging in her stomach.

Under the illumination of the Night Pearl, the current Misty Cloud was extremely beautiful. The man swallowed a mouthful of saliva as he saw her beautiful figure and beautiful appearance. The man's hoarse voice was filled with lust, "Darling, come over here quickly. If you make this lord serve you well, let alone Siyang City, even if all of China is in your hands, I will still obtain you.

Yun Lan began to ponder about what had happened. Siyang City, Hua Guang, two names that had never appeared in the history books. Could it be that she had really crossed over to another world?

Yun Lan narrowed her eyes. Her fingers drummed on the table repeatedly as she asked with a tone filled with helplessness, "Who is the current Emperor?"

"Humph, that old fox Di Huantian didn't use our Jia family's wealth to ascend to the throne, but now he doesn't know anyone. One day, I will let him know that our Jia family can push him to the throne, so naturally we can drag him down with us." When he mentioned the Emperor of China, the man hated him from the bottom of his heart. However, when he saw the beauty, he immediately smiled, "Come, come. Beauty, a spring snack is worth a thousand gold. Let's all eat the Joyous Union Powder. It will definitely be great when it is done later." The lust in the man's eyes was repulsive.

Yun Lan stood up from the rattan chair and walked step by step towards the beautiful bed. Her body slightly leaned forward, bringing with it a fragrant scent, and without a doubt, her chest emitted a spring light. A sweet and extremely strange smile appeared on her face, and just as the man was focusing on the spring light in front of Yun Lan's chest, Yun Lan quickly inserted a silver chopstick into the man's third vertebra. With a dull thud, the man's fat body fell onto the bed.

Yun Lan smiled as she looked at the paralyzed man on the bed. The anger and bloodlust in her eyes made her excited. It seemed that even though she had reincarnated, the bloodlust in her bones had not changed. Covering the man's face with a thick layer of red joy, Yun Lan's words were as cold and captivating as the words of a death god. "Have a safe journey."

Yun Lan jumped down from the bed and tidied up her messy clothes. As she listened to the stifled cries of the man who had been pressed down into the quilt, she felt as if she was in love with him.

In less than the time it took to make a cup of tea, the man on the bed had stopped talking. Yun Lan looked at the servants outside the window, she had already thought of a plan to escape in her heart.

The corner of Yun Lan's mouth lifted into a smile. She tore off her bridal dress and removed the silver ornaments on her head. Her hair was casually scattered, revealing her soft breasts and thighs which gave off a feeling of being abused.

Suddenly opening the door, the servant who was eavesdropping at the door was shocked. Yun Lan's eyes were bloodshot, her fingernails tightly clamped on the door frame. After looking at the servants, she cried out loud and ran out of the yard.

All the servants looked at the red figure that had disappeared from their sight and could not help but feel envious of their master. "The new mistress must have had a good taste, or else the master would not be so loud. He must be asleep from exhaustion."

"That's right, when will we brothers have a taste of the freshness?"

"Wait for the old master to get tired of playing, then we brothers will have our share."

A naked lust was revealed in the eyes of the servants. They did not know that the old master they were talking about had become a corpse and the murderer was the new wife who had been thrown out.

The path was smooth and unobstructed. The servant girl from Jia Residence looked at the newly dressed lady with a trace of sympathy in her eyes and let her vent her emotions. It was only when Yun Lan ran out of the Jia Residence and arrived in front of a forest on the outskirts of the city.

At this moment, two figures flew out from behind Yun Lan and blocked her path. The two attendants of the Jia family extended their hands to stop the new Madam from running forward. "Madam Eighteen, the forest is ahead. We will head back with our subordinates." Although they were guards, the contempt in their eyes was akin to looking at ants, and their words were filled with unyielding contempt.

Under the moonlight, Yun Lan's delicate face became even more beautiful as faint tears flowed down her face. She felt her eyes go black as the world turned upside down in her mind before she fainted.

The two guards standing in front of Yun Lan looked at each other. Finally, they decided to let the yellow-clothed guard carry the new wife back to the mansion. Realizing that he was unlucky, the yellow-clothed guard squatted down and carried Yun Lan away. His tone was filled with resentment as he said, "You knew that you had been steamed for an entire night yet you still ran for your life. How f * cking unlucky."

Yun Lan, who had been carried on the shoulder by the yellow-clothed guard, looked like a dead person. She smiled coldly and stabbed the golden hairpin in her sleeve into the yellow-clothed guard's spine.

The other guard frowned as he approached the yellow-clothed guard. Under the moonlight, the yellow light that passed by made his entire body shiver. However, when the guard realized the danger, Yun Lan's golden hairpin had already pierced into his heart.

Yun Lan stood up and pulled out the golden hairpin while the blood sprayed all over her body. She indifferently glanced at the two corpses on the ground, took off the yellow clothed guard's gown and left the area.

Entering the dense forest was the safest choice for Yun Lan. Since the old master of the Jia family was killed by her, the entire Siyang City must be covered in bounty signs to capture her. Even if one searched through the dense forest, it would be hard to find any trace of her.

What Yun Lan did not know was that it was not because of the complicated terrain that prevented outsiders from entering the forest, but because this area was divided into Royal Hunting Grounds. Normal people were not allowed to enter, otherwise, they would be killed without question.

Under the moonlight, the mirror-like lake reflected the soft moonlight, and within the haze, there was a trace of spirit energy. Yun Lan took off her damaged wedding dress, and slowly walked towards the lake, every time after she killed someone, she had to take a bath to remove the evil in her heart.

At this moment, Yun Lan, who was immersed in the lake, felt her body heat up. A vague desire appeared in her eyes.

The water current slowly stimulated every part of Yun Lan's skin. Even though her willpower was strong, she was unable to resist the desire in her heart. She still remembered that the man had said that the two of them had taken the pill. Could it be because their master was already dead and the blood flow was slow that the pill's power wasn't strong enough to spread throughout their bodies?

When her soul entered the body, coupled with the intense movements just now, it must have spread all over her body.

As an assassin in her previous life, Yun Lan was well aware of this medicinal effect. At this moment, she could only immerse her body in the water as much as possible to use the coolness of the lake water to relieve the medicinal effect within her body.

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