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Zhong Yue knelt down on one knee and looked behind him. He felt the threat of the calamity and secretly smiled. Since he had already told the calamity that he was going to deal with it, the calamity must have told its owner.

"In reply to my lord, a spy has appeared within the Stupid Wine House. However, we've already found out that there are only some problems in the account book. It's not a big deal."

"How about this, Lan'er will handle the matter of the accounts together with Major Tribulation. I'll let you, Zhong Yue, change your appearance to Lan'er's, and return to the palace with me." With a simple sentence, he threw Yun Lan into the pavilion. The purple-clothed Feng Hen stood up and led Yun Lan by his side, hugging her, "Lan'er, it's getting late, I'll be going back first." The warm breath on Yun Lan's face suddenly! Windscar Yan Ye bent down and attacked from behind, kissing Yun Lan's lips.

Yun Lan, who had been successfully ambushed by Feng Hen, endured the anger in her heart. Her eyes were filled with a thick smile as she turned around to look at Feng Hen Yan Ye with an enchanting expression. "I'm not willing to part with this." With that, Yun Lan quickly kicked out. Thankfully, Windmark Yan Ye knew Yun Lan's intentions and dodged it the moment Yun Lan made her move. However, the purple sandalwood chair behind Feng Hen Yan Ye wasn't so lucky. In an instant, the expensive purple sandalwood chair became firewood.

"Lan is still so naughty." With the tip of his tongue, he licked his lips, indicating how sweet Yun Lan's smell was. His handsome and charming face had a complacent look of success from stealing; "Lan'er, I'll be going back. If you get along well with those tribulations, I'll miss you."

With these words, Feng Hen and Zhong Yue disappeared from the great hall, leaving Yun Lan and the twelve pavilion masters alone in the great hall.

At this moment, the atmosphere was so quiet that it was a little strange. A red clothed Yun Lan stood in front of the people from the Heavy Pavilion and they examined her.

"Have you seen enough?"

They did not like this little girl from the very first moment. The pavilion was not something that just anyone could enter, but from their point of view, this little girl had just relied on her master's favor to enter the pavilion. Wanting them to work together with this little girl was a huge joke.

Yun Lan understood in her heart that these people that thought highly of themselves did not want to be associated with her. However, she wanted to be in this state in order to arouse her desire to conquer everything. A faint smile hung at the corner of his mouth. He hadn't felt this excited for a long time.

Yun Lan walked step by step until she was standing in front of the tenth person. She bent down and looked at the man before her with eyes as bright as the moon. She smiled and said, "Heavy Tribulation, the crown prince said that he would handle the accounts with you." After straightening her body, Yun Lan walked out of the main hall. She knew that the man called Heavy Tribulation would definitely follow her.

The tribulation in the hall raised his eyebrows slightly. It was likely that his identity had been exposed just now with that glance of Chenyue. This girl's observation skills were really powerful.

Indeed, just as what Yun Lan predicted, not long later, the great calamity leisurely walked out from the great hall and ran to Yun Lan's side.

Accounts Office

The Heavily Thirteen Chamber of Commerce was divided into industry and commerce, while the accounting office was an important system for managing the financial output of the Thirteen Chamber of Commerce. At this moment, Yun Lan was sitting at her desk, flipping through a thick account book.

A pair of phoenix eyes rose and fell as Yun Lan flipped through the account book. She picked up a cup of tea and took a sip, then continued to sit quietly as she observed the girl at the table.

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