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Under the moonlight, the peerlessly beautiful girl was in the middle of the lake. She was like Chang'e descending from the nine heavens. Facing the gentle moonlight, she firmly caught Feng Hen Yanye's attention.

The leaves rustled, and Yun Lan, who was in the lake, raised her head vigilantly as she looked at the man who appeared under the moonlight. Her blurry eyes carried a trace of killing intent. "Who is it?"

A man in a black robe appeared in front of Yun Lan while facing the moonlight. His sword-like eyebrows were imposing and unstoppable, and his cunning eyes were fixed on Yun Lan's face, like a fox. The smile under his handsome nose was extremely charming to men, and the blush on his face and the emotions in his eyes indicated that Feng Hen Yanxue was suffering while looking at the girl in the lake. He took off his boots and coat, and walked step by step towards the woman in the middle of the lake, his upper body bare.

Yun Lan understood the condition of her body. She had been immersed in the lake for a long time, but the medicinal strength within her body had yet to dissipate. She believed that the Joyous Union Powder must be an extremely violent medicine and unless there was an antidote, she had to find a man to cure her.

Seeing the unfamiliar man approaching her, Yun Lan gripped her hands tightly, trying to clear her mind. However, as the stranger got closer, Yun Lan could feel the medicinal strength in her body becoming more intense.

The scorching heat that was difficult to calm flowed through her entire body. Just as Yun Lan was about to leave the lake while relying on her last trace of consciousness, Feng Hen leaned over and hugged Yun Lan tightly in his embrace.

"It's just as I guessed, you've been drugged." Feng Hen and Yan Ye's lips rubbed against Yun Lan, and the warmth that was exhaled from their mouths brushed against Yun Lan. The skin that stuck to the mark of the wind grew hotter and hotter. The clarity in Yun Lan's eyes gradually disappeared, and was replaced with haziness.

Feng Hen, Yan Ye was a normal man. Looking at the misty desire in the eyes of the peerless beauty in his arms, he couldn't help but to ask how he could sit there and not panic. As he smelled the fragrance on Yun Lan's body, his sword-like eyebrows slightly creased, "Joyous Dispersion?" He had known that the woman in his arms was tricked, but he didn't expect that it was actually the Joyous Union Powder.

Just as Feng Hen Yan gently kissed Yun Lan, Yun Lan, whose eyes did not have a trace of clarity, hugged Feng Hen Yan's well-built body with the back of her hand and suddenly kissed that icy cold face.

"You little demoness." A hint of a smile appeared in WindWithoutTrace Yeye's eyes. Since a beauty had thrown herself into his arms, she was useless if she did not eat him. He kissed the woman in his arms as he walked towards the shore, following Yun Lan's body.

Under the moonlight, the gentle moonlight carried a strong sense of lust. Streams of warm wind blew past the bodies of the two people on the shore.

The full moon gradually disappeared, leaving behind a trace of white in the sky that cut through the black night sky. The gold hairpin in the hand of the beautiful naked girl by the lake was suffused with a sinister light.

The sharp edge of the golden hairpin was pressed against Feng Hen Yanye's heart. The eyes of Yun Lan as she stood atop him were filled with killing intent. As she looked at the man beneath her, her cold voice contained hidden anger.

"You're courting death!" Yun Lan's voice was hoarse. Last night, the two of them had been tangled for an entire night, the traces of it clearly visible. Looking at the smiling man below her, Yun Lan raised her hand and pierced the golden hairpin with a killing intent.

"Wait." There was no trace of panic in Feng Hen Yan Ye's eyes, on the contrary, it was more playful. Just as Yun Lan was about to stimulate his heart with her golden hairpin, Feng Hen Yan Ye suddenly flipped over and pressed Yun Lan under him.

Pressing the Misty Cloud beneath her and smelling her fragrance, Feng Hen Yan Ye's body changed once again, "You really do smell good." His voice was hoarse, and at this moment, Feng Hen and Yan Ye were doing their best to restrain themselves. The woman also seemed to have sensed his danger and laid on the ground motionlessly, and as she thought back to last night, a hint of lust once again filled her eyes, "What's your name?"

Feng Hen and Yan Ye grabbed the golden hairpin from Yun Lan's hands and threw it into the distance. They held the woman's hands with one hand and played with her hair with the other. Perhaps this treasure they picked up was a good pet.

Yun Lan's body was no longer as strong as it was in the past. She could only lay there without moving as she felt the change in the man's body. She was wary of arousing his desire again.

Seeing that the woman beneath him did not speak, Feng Hen Yanye licked his dry lips. His magnetic voice was charming as he bent down to kiss the unforgettable fragrance, "I broke your virginity. From now on, you are my woman."

He removed the sapphire earring from his right ear, then placed it into his mouth. Once again, he bent down to bite at Yun Lan's earlobe.

A drop of blood flowed down from Yun Lan's earlobes. Feng Hen, Yan Ye, could only lick it lightly and swallow it into his stomach. "From now on, you are my life, and death is my ghost." He looked at the gemstone earring on the girl's earlobe with satisfaction. He then gave Yun Lan's swollen lips a kiss.

If not for the fact that Huan Huan had been tormenting him for an entire night, she would have allowed this man to live to this day. Anger flashed in her eyes, and Yun Lan's hoarse voice was filled with bloodthirsty killing intent, "I will kill you, definitely."

"Pfft ~ ~" As if Yun Lan had said something ridiculous, Feng Hen Yan lightly laughed. His black hair fluttered in the wind as it brushed past Yun Lan's cheeks. "You know about my pet — but if I die, you will die as well. I left my mark on your body, and I also swallowed your blood, so right now, we are connected."

"How laughable." It was impossible for Yun Lan to believe Feng Hen's words. No matter how useful an earring was, it didn't seem like a venom as it tried to scare her. As an assassin, which time didn't work at the tip of the blade?

Seeing the mockery in the eyes of the girl below him, WindWithoutTrace Yan Ye knew that she was questioning him. Yan Ye stretched out his hand, afraid of hitting his chest. He saw that Yun Lan, who was questioning and ridiculing him, was stunned.

"Believe me, only in this way can you live for a long time." His finger gently caressed every inch of Yun Lan's skin. At this moment, Feng Hen Ye admired the astonishment in Yun Lan's eyes. "What do we do? It smells so good. I want to eat you again."

Just as Windscar bent down to the ground, rustling sounds came from between the leaves, causing the two people lying by the lake to suddenly become alert.

Feng Hen Yan got down from Yun Lan's body. His eyes flashed with anger and killing intent as he threw the gown on the ground to her. "No matter what happens later, you're not allowed to come out from the side."

At this moment, Windscar Yan Ye seemed to have changed his person. He looked around cautiously at the forest, not expecting that they could assassinate him so brazenly. "Come out."

Just as the words of Feng Hen Yan's voice came out, seven men dressed in black flew out from the forest at an extremely fast speed. Their bodies jumped up and arrived beside Feng Hen Yan Ye, surrounding him in the middle.

"The Crown Prince is in a good mood." The man in the lead spoke with a charming tone. He turned around and looked at the young woman, who was wearing only a long robe that revealed her thighs and chest, and said with a smile, "What a pity, this woman is going to die with you."

The leading man in black waved his broadsword, and the remaining six masked men raised their broadswords and attacked Windscar Yan Ye.

Just as a black-clothed man attacked, WindWithoutTrace Yan Ye used all his strength to hold the black-clothed man back. He exerted force with his right hand, and with a kacha sound, the black-clothed man's arm completely fractured, the broadsword in his hand fell to the ground.

WindWithoutTrace Yan Ye picked up his large blade and welcomed the remaining black-clothed men who were attacking.

Humph! Useless thing, the leader of the men in black did not plan on wasting his time with WindWithoutTrace Yanye. Looking at his two subordinates, the man in black charged towards the back of WindWithoutTrace Yanye with a cold glint on his blade.

As he was engaged in a fierce battle with the remaining man in black, WindWithoutTrace Yan Ye felt a sense of danger behind him. He quickly turned around, but was unable to avoid the man's attack. A bloody wound ran through his back.

With a leap, WindWithoutTrace retreated dozens of steps back. The pain from his back spread across his entire body, and blood flowed down from the wound on his back.

"Hehe!" My dear Crown Prince, Master has orders to send you to see the King of Hell. "


The naked Yun Lan quietly came behind the black clothed man. She raised her hand and gently patted the black clothed man's shoulder. The instant the black clothed man turned around, the golden hairpin in Yun Lan's hand stabbed straight into his heart.

The blood was like a blooming flower, the man in black's eyes were filled with shock and difference. With the last bit of strength he had, he raised the broadsword in his hand and slashed it towards Yun Lan. But how could Yun Lan give him such an opportunity? Squatting down, Yun Lan dodged the black-clothed man's attack and picked up the large saber on the ground. With both hands behind her back, Yun Lan gripped the saber hilt and the blade quickly slashed across the black-clothed man's throat.

The man in black fell to the ground and twitched a few times before he stopped moving. His eyes that were filled with grievance at his death seemed to express the doubts he had at the moment of his death.

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