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With a bang, just as the wooden spike in Yun Lan's hand was about to pierce into Feng Hen Yan's groin, suddenly! A wave of intense heart-wrenching feeling struck Yun Lan's entire body. This kind of pain was akin to tearing one's heart and lung apart; it was as if five horses were dismembered.

Gritting her index finger tightly, her white joints showed the intense pain Yun Lan was enduring. Gritting her teeth and enduring the surging blood energy in her body, Yun Lan raised her head and stared at Feng Hen Yan with killing intent. "You knew this from the beginning."

"Right." "Actually, I have something else that I haven't told you. Once the royal family has established a seal with someone, from the moment I become a servant and the thought of killing the master came into my mind, my entire body will be burning with the pain of burning a horse to pieces." With that, Feng Hen Ye stood up and hugged Yun Lan, who was half-kneeling on the ground, stroking her cheek lovingly like a pet. With eyes full of happiness, he looked at the woman in his embrace who was enduring the pain. In his eyes, there was admiration; "You've lost this match." Lightly kissing the beads of sweat on Yun Lan's face, Feng Hen announced the end of his victory.

The killing intent in her heart gradually subsided, and the excruciating pain in her body lessened. The killing intent in Yun Lan's eyes turned into indifference. As an assassin, she understood how to judge speed the best.

With a flip, Yun Lan jumped down from WindWithoutTrace Ye's embrace and knelt inside the carriage. Her voice was filled with unwillingness and helplessness. It seemed that she would only be able to leave this irritating man when the mark was broken. Lowering his head, Yun Lan said faintly, "Shadow Cloud's killing move. From today onwards, Yun Lan will swear loyalty to Feng Hen until the day the mark is broken."

Without another word, Yun Lan stood up and sat alone on the other side of the carriage, looking at the scenery outside the window.

"I permit you to be my concubine and guardian. From today onwards, you will never be a step away from me." With that, Feng Hen Ye stood up and walked to Yun Lan's side and sat down next to her.

Turning around and staring at the pair of fox-like eyes, Yun Lan could only treat Feng Hen Yanye with contempt. On the other hand, Feng Hen Yanye had an evil smile on his face as he said in an ambiguous tone, "I said that I would never leave him."

As the saying goes, one can't see but one's heart cannot be annoyed. Yun Lan closed her eyes and ignored the Wind Scar Yanye in front of her, but why did the Wind Scar Yanye blabber on in her ear like a chatterbox?

Slowly adjusting his breathing, Yun Lan was afraid that he would implicate herself if he could not control the man in front of her and instantly kill him. However, Feng Hen Yanye's voice was like a spell from the heavens. With a whoosh, Yun Lan stood up and glared angrily at Feng Hen Yanye as she jumped off the carriage and walked with her guard by herself.


As the capital of China, Huayang was naturally bustling with activity. Five carriages were travelling side by side on the wide streets, and the merchants on both sides of the streets were selling snacks and toys in a dazzling array, making people feel dizzy. The Chinese had its own architectural style, red brick, green gold, and silver carvings.

Crown Prince's Palace

"Reporting to the crown prince, the emperor has ordered that this humble servant tells the crown prince that he must attend tonight's banquet." A man in a long blue robe wore a hat on his head. His white brows were the same color as the dust in his hands, and his slightly aged face revealed a trace of love.

"Eunuch Hua, I got a few new toys for you." Dressed in a purple qilin robe, with a golden crown on his hair and a few strands falling in front of his eyes, the current Feng Hen exuded the majesty and domineering aura of the imperial family. A pair of fox-like eyes had a faint smile in them as he ordered people to take out a few rare jades and place them in Eunuch Hua's hands.

Looking at the few pieces of top quality jade in his hand, Eunuch Hua played around with them lovingly. His eyes were squinted into slits as he smiled. "The Crown Prince is still talking about this old servant, this old servant will be satisfied."

"Eunuch Hua, I've left the palace for a few days. I wonder if there have been any changes in the palace?" WindWithoutTrace sat on the bench at night while Yun Lan stood behind him, sizing up Eunuch Hua in front of her.

This palace was really filled with hidden talents, even a eunuch's kung fu was so high. The moment that Eunuch Hua entered, Yun Lan could feel his light footsteps and his inner breathing. He must have been a top-notch expert hidden within the palace.

There hasn't been any changes in the palace, but the matter of the Prime Minister's family has always been difficult for the emperor to handle. It should have been the second lady of the Prime Minister's Estate, Yun Lan, who joined the imperial concubine.

The Second Miss of the Prime Minister's residence, Yun Lan, and Feng Hen, Yan Ye's eyes widened. One of them looked behind them doubtfully while the other frowned as he recalled the events that had transpired over to this world.

If she wasn't mistaken, when she first entered this body, the memories left behind told her that the owner of this body was also called Yun Lan. Although they shared the same name, the memories left behind also explained one thing … She was the young miss of the Prime Minister's Estate, who had mysteriously disappeared from the mouth of Eunuch Hua, she couldn't be so unlucky.

Yun Lan, who pretended to be calm, didn't notice that Feng Hen and Yan Ye were looking at her. When Feng Hen and Yan Ye noticed the slight chaos in Yun Lan's eyes, the suspicion in their hearts was somewhat confirmed.

A faint smile appeared on the corner of his mouth. Feng Hen and Yan Ye returned to their original expressions as they spoke, "I wonder why the Prime Minister's second young miss Yun Lan has mysteriously disappeared?" When he said the two words' Misty Clouds', Windmark Yan Ye purposefully emphasized the two words.

Eunuch Hua looked at Feng Hen and said helplessly, "Crown Prince, don't worry. Even if we were to search the entire China and find Yun Lan, it would definitely not hinder you from inheriting the future of our nation. "

"Thank you so much, Eunuch Hua."

After a while, it was already noon. After WindWithoutTrace sent Eunuch Hua away, he stayed with Yun Lan in the study room.

Sitting on the chair, wearing a purple Qilin gown, the handsome and charming face carried a trace of an incomprehensible smile, "The second miss of the Prime Minister's house is also called Yun Lan."

"It's just a rebranding." Yun Lan lazily sat on the chair as she drank the tea on the table, concealing the slight panic in her heart. However, she didn't understand why she had to hide it, but her instincts told her that it was better not to reveal her identity.

Windmark Yan Ye tapped his index finger on the table and stared playfully at Yun Lan, who was pretending to be there. "Housekeeper Zhang, come in."

As Feng Hen's words fell, a middle-aged man in a long white robe pushed open the study door and kneeled on the floor, "This commoner pays his respects to Your Highness, Your Highness the Crown Prince is thousands of years old."

"Get up. Your Second Miss is here. Hurry up and greet her."

As soon as Windscar Yan Ye finished his sentence, the white robed middle-aged man turned to look at Yun Lan who was sitting on the chair. His eyes immediately widened, "Two …" Second Miss. Is it really you, Second Miss? "

Housekeeper Zhang also ignored the fact that Windmark Yan Ye was present. He suddenly stood up and walked toward Yun Lan. Seeing the identical face, tears fell from his eyes; "Second Miss, Master Zhang would definitely be very happy if he knew that you're still alive."

"Are you sure she's the Second Miss of your Prime Minister's Estate?" Feng Hen got up and went over to Yun Lan's side. He looked at the pouting girl with a smile. It was really interesting. He never thought that the pet he was so proud of would actually be his future Crown Princess.

"In reply to the crown prince, this one dares not lie. The second miss is the one who was raised. Naturally, this one is familiar with everything about the second miss." "A few days ago, the eldest young miss said that the second young miss had gone missing, so the prime minister sent people to search everywhere. However, the second young miss had already disappeared from the forest near Siyang City. God bless the second young miss and the crown prince together."

When Housekeeper Zhang's words fell, the smile in Feng Hen and Yan Ye's eyes became even more pronounced. Feeling the current state of mind of Yun Lan, he was sure that the girl in front of him was the second young miss of the Prime Minister's Estate, the princess that he had yet to meet.

It might have been a laugh, but he was supposed to be out of the palace, out of leisure. He hadn't thought that he would encounter such a delicious prey.

At this moment, she could feel the excitement Feng Hen Yanye was feeling. Even if she was really the second young miss of the Prime Minister's Estate, so what? It was not worth remembering that she was just another person from another world, Feng Hen.

"Replying to Second Miss, this old servant is here." A white robed middle-aged man stood respectfully in front of Yun Lan. He knew that the identity of the girl in front of him was not only the second lady of the Prime Minister's Estate, but also the beloved daughter of the crown prince.

Yun Lan played with the teacup in her hands as a bloodthirsty smirk appeared on the corner of her mouth. With killing intent in her eyes, she coldly said, "Do you know why I am here in Siyang?"

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