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"Shadow Killer and the other three are only so-so." A mocking smile appeared in his eyes, but the pain from his back told him that this battle was doomed. However, he was not worried, as there was still that cute succubus.

Just like what Windscar Yan Ye was thinking, two remaining black clothed men's swords were approaching him. A figure flashed past from the dark and arrived behind the black clothed man at an extremely fast speed, the silver dagger in his hand quickly dropped. Before the black clothed man could react, blood gushed out from the neck of one of the two black clothed men, and he fell on the ground and twitched a few times before becoming a corpse.

Using his petite stature, he moved around the black-clothed man's surroundings. His body was so fast that no one could tell where his true body was. In the end, the other black-clothed man's heart was stabbed and turned into an ice-cold body.

Her long hair fluttered in the wind, and her white robe was dyed with blood. Under the moonlight, she looked like an Asura with killing intent. Yun Lan picked up the sword in Feng Scar Yanye's hand, and as the sword fell, the heads of the four men in black separated from their bodies.

With a "kuang dang" sound, Yun Lan threw her long sword on the ground and looked down at the four men who were like ants. "You four are worthy to be called Shadow Killer." There was a hint of disdain in her tone, as if everything in the world was under her feet.

The same loose hair, the same white clothes that were stained with blood, the same burning pain that tore at one's back. At this moment, Yun Lan wished she could just kick Feng Hen to death, but she could do nothing about it. Their lives were currently interlinked. Holding onto Feng Hen's robe, Yun Lan left the yard like she was grabbing a little chick.

Just when the two of them had disappeared from the courtyard, the guards from the crown prince's residence rushed over to the scene to clean up the mess.

The light emitted by the Night Pearls illuminated the room as bright as the day. As for Feng Hen, he quietly sat on his chair, allowing the woman behind him to vent her anger.

Yun Lan lifted up the ointment in the jar and evenly smeared it on the wound on Feng Hen's back. The originally ugly wound had now become even more sinister and terrifying. However, wounds and blood were a common occurrence for Yun Lan.

Once the medicine was applied, Yun Lan wrapped the white gauze around the wound on Feng Hen Ye's body. "Who is the person who killed you?" Her voice was cold and indifferent. Although she didn't seem to want to interfere in the matters of the imperial palace, it seemed that she wasn't going to just stand by and watch for her own safety.

He shrugged his shoulders, the smile on his face was charming and lazy, as if everything that had just happened was just a farce. With one hand supporting his lower jaw, he tapped his index finger on the table, "I'm not sure which younger brother of this palace it is."

"You're the crown prince, yet your father doesn't care about openly committing assassination?"

When he heard what Yun Lan said, Feng Hen Yanye couldn't help but sneer. "Lan'er, do you know that this crown prince is just a target? In his and that woman's eyes, I'm just a pawn." As the words came out of his mouth, the sadness in Feng Hen and Yan Ye's eyes was caught by Yun Lan.

Seated on the chair in front of Feng Hen Yanye, Yun Lan looked at the faint bitterness mixed in that charming smile and guessed the gist of the matter. "Emperor's House, do you still want true love?"

Regardless of whether it was the emperor's family or the common people's family, they all came into contact with benefits. There were a few who were sincere and selfless. This was the ugliness of human nature.

"Has anyone ever said that it's not good if a woman is too smart?" He knew that Yun Lan was a smart woman. She should already know his current identity and the role he played.

"I think sometimes people are smarter and live for a long time." After replying to Windmark Yan Ye's indifferent smile, Yun Lan took a sip of tea. "Your royal father wants you to be his target. In the end, who is his choice?"

"Maybe it's Third Brother, or maybe it's Tenth Brother." Windmark Yan Ye's index finger still hit the table, but the killing intent in his eyes only grew stronger.

How could Yun Lan, who shared the same heart as WindWithoutTrace Yan Ye, not know what WindWithoutTrace Yan Ye was thinking? A bloodthirsty smile gradually appeared on the corner of his mouth. Looking at WindWithoutTrace Yan Ye, who was similarly in a state of mind, Yun Lan smiled and said, "Then kill them." This was a matter of life and death. If anything happened to WindWithoutTrace, even she would be affected. For her own safety, it didn't matter even if he killed everyone in the world. "Here's something for you, do you want to hear it?"

"Feel free to speak."

"It is better for me to bear the burden of the world than for the rest of the world." A wave of red murderous intent filled the eyes. At this moment, Yun Lan was just like Asura Ye Yue, causing one to be unable to look directly at her.

"It is better for me to bear the burden of the world than for the rest of the world." While mumbling the words of Yun Lan, the smile on the corner of Feng Hen's mouth gradually became thicker. What should I do now? I really like this seductress more and more.

"I will help you get rid of anyone who stands in your way, but I have a condition." It was precisely because of the mark that she was willing to help Feng Hen Yan accomplish a great deed. Although the mark was a shackle that bound her, it was also the weight that she had placed on Feng Hen Yan.

"You're referring to the mark, right?" Feng Hen and Yan Ye thought about it for a while before nodding, "When this matter is accomplished, I will naturally remove the imprint on your body."

However, she knew that what Feng Hen Yan Ye said was not to be completely trusted. Therefore, during this period of time, she still had to find a way to remove the imprint and obtain her freedom.

A sly smile appeared on Feng Hen Yanye's face as he watched Yun Lan slowly disappear from his sight. "My cute demoness, the imprint cannot be erased unless …"

2nd day

The handsome Windmark Yan Ye exuded a domineering aura and authority. In the eyes of outsiders, Feng Hen Yan Ye was a gentle Crown Prince, and it was agreed that he would respect his master's humility, or he would be born weak and afraid of things, making him difficult to achieve greatness.

Outside the imperial study, Yun Lan was wearing a red male attire as she stood guard outside. Listening to the Emperor's sigh and the intense discussions among the officials, only she didn't hear Windscar Yanye's voice.

If it was an ordinary person, they would definitely have been tricked by Feng Hen, but the truth was that all those with a gentle, humble, and amiable temperament were all fake.

The door to the imperial study opened and the ministers walked out. At this moment, the red-clothed Yun Lan looked very eye-catching.

"Lan, why are you here?" A white-haired old man in a government uniform came in front of Yun Lan. His round eyes stared angrily at the girl before him, and his voice was filled with rage. "Lan'er, your father will return."

This could not be blamed on him. The remnant memories of this body told him that this person was her biological father, and was also the Right Prime Minister of China. Although he was related to this body by blood, Yun Lan still extremely disliked this old man in front of her.

"Father, now Lan'er belongs to the crown prince." Yun Lan's words had clearly revealed her identity. Back then, the Cloud Silk Twin had wanted to marry her two daughters to two princes who had the ability to ascend to the throne. Marry her to the Crown Prince, Feng Hen, for the night to try her luck, while his eldest daughter would marry the Third Marquis. No matter which prince became the emperor, he would be able to reap the greatest benefits.

To exchange one's own daughter for happiness, this kind of man was neither worthy of being a father, nor deserved to live in the world.

"How dare you! How could a girl like you run away from a marriage?" Yun Si 20 knew the whole story from Housekeeper Zhang. Although he blamed his eldest daughter for her actions, but from the situation just now, as the crown prince, Feng Hen Yan Ye could not just give up his position as Crown Prince for nothing.

Humph! The old fox blamed it all on her, causing others to think that she had escaped the marriage and wouldn't marry the crown prince. This way, the emperor would not anger her and implicate her, and the crown prince would also be embarrassed, making her return to the Prime Minister's Residence and leave WindWithoutTrace Night's side. This way, the old fox would be able to control her to become a pawn and marry another man, making it clear that she was forced to marry the crown prince.

"Father, since Lan'er has received the imperial edict, she is now Feng Hen's man. Back then, he was completely forced to flee the marriage and someone instigated him to take Lan'er captive. It was fortunate that the crown prince's men passed by and faced the consequences of Lan'er's humiliation. "

Tears filled her eyes and her bright eyes seemed to be filled with distress. In the eyes of outsiders, this Yun Lan who was dressed in male attire really had to face some sort of bitterness before she had to escape.

At this time, Feng Hen Yanye, who was dressed in purple, walked to Yun Lan's side and hugged Yun Lan tightly. At this time, Feng Hen Yanye, who was dressed in purple, walked to Yun Lan's side and held Yun Lan tightly in his embrace. With just a few words, he was lacking in confidence. In the eyes of others, Feng Hen and Yan Ye were like afraid of the Twin Silk Twins.

The pawns that he had raised for more than ten years were gone just like that, so how could he retort in front of all the ministers? After all, the crown prince was still the crown prince, not to mention, the emperor was still in the imperial study. After looking at the two people, Feng Hen and Yan Ye, he brought his sect disciples and left the place.

Everyone retreated, leaving only Windscar Yanye and Yun Lan hugging each other in front of the royal study. The two of them seemed to have fallen in love, but only the two of them could see the bloodthirsty killing intent in each other's eyes. A faint smile appeared on the two of them, didn't the show just begin?

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