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An ordinary person would definitely ask her if she was relieved to have the things she needed, but the two of them knew that they would not say another word that would be of no importance to each other.

With a faint smile hanging from the corner of his mouth, Feng Hen drank the second cup in one gulp. "Ten years ago." "Ten years ago, on a winter night, I used the last of my food to save an old man, and the 'heavy' was the old man's gift to me. Until now."

Thinking back to what happened ten years ago, that time was truly innocent. He had used his last bowl of cold rice to save the old man who was on the verge of death, but he hadn't thought that he would obtain such a fortune, so much so that he had lived to this day.

Feng Hen and Yan Ye drank another cup of wine, gripping the jade wine cup in their hands. With a 'peng' sound, the originally undamaged jade wine cup turned into powder.

"From now on, it's all yours."

Yun Lan stood up and poured a cup of fragrant wine before bringing the cup to WindWithoutTrace Yan Ye. "Before the imprint is removed, and while I'm still you, my Shadow Cloud's oath to kill Yun Lan will not change." This was the biggest promise Yun Lan could give. Since she had already made the oath, she would carry it out until the end, until one side was victorious and the other side perished together.

The huge figure enveloped Yun Lan's small body, and the blurred desire in his eyes gradually deepened. Just when Feng Hen Yan was about to embrace Yun Lan and taste the alluring fragrance in his arms, the wine cup in Yun Lan's hand blocked the distance between the two of them.

"Take me with you." Men were animals that could not be spoiled. Giving him a good look made him think that the world was colorful. Ignoring the night full of grievances from the marks of wind behind her, Yun Lan was the first to leave the room.

"Just a kiss, once." Windscar Yan Ye was chasing behind Yun Lan like a scoundrel, hoping for the sweet fruits.

The rain gradually weakened, and although the drizzle was small, it still caused the clothes of Feng Hen and Yun Lan to become wet. It was already close to midnight. There were very few people coming in and out of the Crown Prince's Palace, and the servants were all hiding in their rooms to sleep.

The two of them walked to the pavilion at the center of the lake and looked at the colorful stone slabs beneath their feet. The wind traces Yan Ye used some kind of strange footwork to step on the stones on the ground.

"Remember my footwork. This is the key to unlocking the mechanism."

The instant WindWithoutTrace Yan's footsteps stopped, a depression appeared in the ground of the pavilion. Yun Lan followed him into the secret room, and the door closed behind them.

Within the secret chamber, the Night Pearls embedded on the walls emitted a bright light. The long and narrow passage was illuminated as bright as day.

Walking along the narrow road, a light breeze blew over, mixing with the faint scent of grass and earth. Yun Lan followed Feng Hen Yan Ye all the way to the end of the path.

In the heavy pavilion, Yun Lan looked at the two big words on the stone before her gaze landed on a distant place. After walking through a long and narrow path, a manor appeared in front of her.

"This is?" With a questioning look in her eyes, Yun Lan looked at the Windscar Yanye beside her. The Windscar Yanyue's palms condensed inner strength and imbued it into the stone. Gradually, the stone started to turn red and the manor's door automatically opened.

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