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A smile appeared on the corner of Yun Lan's mouth. This ancient technology was really well-developed. Even the temperature control equipment had appeared.

Follow Feng Hen and enter the pavilion. From the outside, this seemed like a manor. But as long as you left the pavilion, you would discover that there was a special domain.

"The Heavy Pavilion is only a few kilometers away from the Imperial Palace. It has the status of a salt merchant. As the owner of the store and as the merchant of the inn, they are all forces under my command."

Windmark Yan Ye pushed open the door and entered the hall. There were already dozens of black clothed men waiting respectfully at both sides of the hall.

"Mistress." The thirteen men shouted in unison.

Windscar Yan Ye sat in the middle of the room and nodded his head, indicating for the black-clothed men to sit down. As for Yun Lan, she stood behind him and looked at everything in front of her.

The thirteen people sitting below were all top class experts. Due to the dim light, Yun Lan could only see the appearance of the man sitting in the first few rows. The unified black robe with gold and cloud patterns gave off a chilling feeling, but the man's expression was cold and unchanging.

"Fountain of the Moon."

Feng Hen and Yan Ye lightly opened their mouths, and the black clothed man sitting in the first row stood up, and came in front of Feng Hen and Yan Ye and clasped his hands, "Your subordinate is here."

Seeing the expressionless man in front of her, Yun Lan knew that these people were the same type of people as her. People like them were often the hardest to tame. However, once they were successfully tamed, it would be comparable to thousands upon thousands of men and horses.

"This is Yun Lan."

If he wanted to 'heavily' accept Yun Lan, this little demoness would probably have to spend a bit of effort. He liked to see the distressed look on the little demoness' face, but from the moment he met her until now, he had never seen Yun Lan in distress before. Tsk tsk! I'm looking forward to it.

"Greetings, Lady Yun Lan." Yuan Yue and Yun Lan stood face to face, but Yun Lan was the superior one, while Zhong Yue was standing below her. Their gazes met in the air and a powerful aura surrounded the two of them, chilling like ice and snow, engulfing the entire room.

The fact that Master could bring her into the pavilion meant that there was a special relationship between her and Master, or perhaps it was Master's pet. However, they only recognized Master, and as for his woman, she could forget about pointing fingers and pointing fingers.

"Master, may I ask why you are visiting so late in the night?" The initial dissatisfaction of the people from the Heavy Pavilion was gradually subdued by his perseverance. When the elders had initially handed the Heavy Pavilion over to a young child of ten years old, all the people from the Heavy Pavilion had been filled with resistance and dissatisfaction, but as time passed, they discovered that there was a force within this young prince that caused them to be convinced.

"What's the situation with the Ascending Wine?" Feng Hen and Yan Ye's eyes were filled with laughter. Seeing the provocation in Yun Lan's eyes, the smile on their lips became even more pronounced. It seemed that this little demoness was interested. Turning his head, his gaze landed on Zhong Yue. "I heard that there has been some trouble recently."

There was still a smile in Windscar Yan Ye's eyes, but his smile contained a domineering aura as he sat on the bench, his index finger tapping on the chair's handle rhythmically. The Lifestyle was owned by the Heavy Pavilion, and was one of the three biggest wineskins in China. With its properties spread throughout the country, there were more than a dozen wineskins in the entire country. However, there seemed to be a problem with the Lifestyle as recently as it was mentioned in the intelligence report.

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