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C2 Two

"I'm so proud of you! You made the team!" Olivia squeals in Sebastian's ear while he laughs, hugging her back tightly. Sometimes I think he would prefer to have her as his sister than me, but I feel the same about him and a monkey. I smile as I quietly move into the room to see the other girls hugging him too while he grins widely at them. The previous sounds of laughter and the XBOX console comes to a halt when the boys realise that there are females present in the room.

I slowly walk up to my brother, gaining more confidence each time a head turns my way. I give him a wide smile and practically jump on him like Olivia did moments before. His laughter booms as he hugs me back tightly, slightly swaying me from side-to-side. I let go, looking up at him and start congratulating him, "I can't believe you made the team, now I owe dad twenty bucks," I punch his arm slightly.

"You gambled with dad on whether I would make the team or not?" he questions in disbelief but it's the mischievous glint in his eyes that tells me he regrets making that bet himself.

I smile sheepishly at him, "Maybe... What? Someone has to gamble with him now that Harry is back at college."

"This is why I hate you," he deadpans fighting the smile on his face.

"Oh please I've done much worse to you, remember the Universal Studios incident?" I ask with a smirk on my face.

"You promised you would never bring that up again!" He complains in a whisper hoping his new teammates don't have any dirt to ridicule him with in the future. I see a business opportunity developing slowly in the back of my brain.

"I make no promises, you should know that by now," I giggle at him. He gives me a cheeky grin the excitement clear on his face.

"Do you realise that you're standing here in front of the baseball team and you haven't had a nervous breakdown yet? I'm really impressed sis," he points out in a loud whisper no doubt gaining their attention. Shit.

My face slowly paled as I turned around to see the boys with their mouths slightly agape, which to me makes no sense because they probably have no idea who I am. I looked towards the girls for help but of course they're busy chatting away ignoring my silent plea.

My brother looks at me and realizes that I'm slowly starting to freak out and casually places an arm around my shoulders and gives off a casual smile to the guys. I'm usually not used to this much attention from this many members of the opposite gender. One guy I can handle talking to but multiple? I think not.

"Guys, this is my older sister Charlotte she's a senior at our school, you've probably seen her around the halls or something," Sebastian tells the guys while squeezing my shoulder slightly. They all slowly look me up and down.

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