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C3 Three

One hour, a bag of chips and an entire bottle of Victoria Secret perfume later (Olivia accidentally dropped it on the floor); we all walked downstairs towards the kitchen where I know my mom is.

Mom is standing in front of the island preparing what appears to be a salad to go with the burgers that I smell my father making outside on the barbeque. I notice some of the baseball boys are sitting either outside by the barbeque or are still in the living room playing Xbox. My mom turns to us when she hears our footsteps coming into the room.

"You girls leaving already? I thought you would at least eat something before going," my mother says but we all know she means that she doesn't want us drinking on empty stomachs. It's not like she is completely okay with us drinking but I hate to keep secrets from my parents, so rather they know about it than it becoming an issue in the future.

"We're just going to eat a burger and then leave, besides it's almost eight so the party only just started, we can't get there too early," Courtney explains to my mom and she grabs a few sodas from the fridge and passes one to each of us.

"Perfect! And you girls look gorgeous," my mom says as she gives each of us a kiss on the cheek, receiving a chorus of "thank you" from all of us.

I look outside to where my dad is grilling the burgers and notice the baseball boys outside are slowly making their way to the kitchen sliding door carrying trays of burger patties with them. Nathan suddenly looks up, catching me looking at him, and I quickly whip my head towards my mother hoping he didn't notice.

"Girls! I was wondering when the smell of my famous burgers would lure you downstairs," my dad chuckles as he walks over to my mom and kisses her cheek lightly. I chuckle lightly and lean against the kitchen counter.

"You know us too well Mr H, nothing beats your burgers," Olivia smiles at him and reaches over to grab a piece of lettuce from the salad bowl, earning a light smack on the hand from my mom; Olivia grins and blows her a kiss.

From the corner of my eye I see Zach sauntering up to Courts, who is talking to Quinn about some television series she's been binge-watching, giving her a once-over.

"Well don't you look absolutely edible," Zach says to her.

Courtney wrinkles her nose, stifling a chuckle with a cough. "I'm out of your league, now go away," she makes a half-hearted shooing motion with her hand. The room erupts into laughter at the second rejection of the day.

"Wow Zach, rejected twice in one day, you must be losing your touch," Olivia laughs. He stares at her looking as though he's ready to give a retort but thinks better of it and looks away.

"Alright kid's dinner is ready, grab a plate and whatever you're eating. Girls, come downstairs, burgers are ready!" My mom yells gaining everyone's attention as she walks to the bottom of the staircase calling up to my younger sisters.

I hear feet pounding from upstairs and seconds later I see two girls sprint into the room.

"Charlotte!" Madeline shouts and runs towards me and I just manage to pick her up before she tackles me to the ground. The seven-year-old ball of energy grins at me, showcasing her missing tooth.

"How was school Munchkin?" I ask and lightly tickle her stomach.

"Yes Maddie, why don't you tell your sister about what happened at school today?" My mother asks with an eyebrow raised. I turn my attention to the fidgeting girl in my arms. The room is silent as everyone waits for Maddie to start speaking.

"I got put in recess timeout," she tells me with a slight pout. I copy my mother's actions and raise my own eyebrow waiting for her to elaborate. "I threw an eraser at Jimmy's head because he said that I can't draw pretty butterflies and we all know I draw the bestest butterflies ever and he cried. He's such a baby," she grumbles the last part with her head hung low.

"Hell yeah you draw the bestest butterflies," Olivia tells Maddie high fiving her.

"Don't encourage her Olivia!" my mom scolds both girls.

I look at Maddie and whisper in her ear, "Look, if mom asks I told you that it is very bad to throw things at people and making them cry, but between you and me, don't get caught next time," I tell her with a wink setting her down on the floor. She walks over to my dad who lifts her up and puts her on his shoulders. He gives her a plate and starts handing her food to put on the plate that is she is attempting to balance on his head.

Sophie walks up to me; putting an arm through mine and leaning her head on my shoulder. "Please don't leave me alone with all these boys here," she pleads quietly.

"Oh, it won't be so bad, you still have Tessa and Maddie to keep you company. Besides it was your brother who brought them over. You could always come with us to the party, you never know who you could meet there," I chuckle at her.

"And risk the wrath of the cheerleading squad? I think not. And thats a stupid thing to say since he was your brother first," she retorts.

"You're twins, you two shared a womb, you got to know him a whole nine months before you were even born. He'll probably listen to you before he listens to me anyway."

"I doubt it," she mumbles walking away to grab her own plate. I heave a sigh as I watch her walk across the room being very careful to stay away from the boys around the room.

Sebastian and Tessa, my other sister who is a freshman in high school, strolls into the room shoving each other over and bickering about who can kick whose ass at some Xbox game.

"Hey Tess, how was soccer practice today?" my father asks my fourteen year old sister.

"It was really good, my team got to play against the boy's team and we kicked their asses!" she exclaims high fiving all the girls in the room.

"Asses is not a good word!" Maddie shouts, her mouth filled with food, from across the kitchen causing the room to erupt in laughter.

Everyone grabs some food and sits around the table or stands around the kitchen. Nathan ends up leaning against the island across from me.

"Hey I just wanted to say sorry for what I said earlier, it was a dick move," Nathan quietly speaks up. I turn my head to look at him.

"Yeah it was a dick move," I reply with a nod as I take a bite out of my burger.

"So, whose house is this party at anyway?" Zach asks us.

"Well if Chase is throwing the party then who the hells house do you think its at dimwit?" Olivia asks sarcastically.

"Shut up Olivia you're making me sound like an idiot," he says through gritted teeth.

"Oh honey, you do that all on your own," Courtney chimes in with a laugh.

"Hey, don't make fun of him, it was a simple question!" Lucas, one of the other baseball players' shouts at Courtney.

"Nobody asked you Lucas so stay out of it," Quinn glares at him, standing up for Courtney.

"All of you just shut up!" Nathan and I yell almost simultaneously. We both freeze and stare at the other trying to comprehend what the hell just happened.

"Whoa, that was a little weird," Olivia spoke up in the awkward silence.

I looked at Nathan, "Let's both agree that that never happened." He nodded his head agreeing with my statement. I looked over to my mom letting her know that we were going to leave now. We started running around the house fixing last minute appearances or for quick bathroom breaks.

"Does anyone have a mint? I'd rather not have burger breath while trying to socialize with the opposite sex," Olivia shouted running through the kitchen with a brush in her hand.

"I do!" Quinn shouts from the bathroom.

"Okay girls let's move out," Courtney says as we all walk back into the kitchen to say our goodbyes.

"I guess we'll see you girls at school on Monday," Nathan says walking up to us.

"Here's hoping," Olivia sarcastically mutters causing us to laugh quietly.

"Have fun; call me if you girls need anything, even if it's at 1am and you think you're a suspect of murder," my dad says and he looks directly at Olivia.

"That was one time!" Olivia shouts in her defence, she pouts and crosses her arms.

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