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C4 Four

Walking into Chases house feels like entering a club; the music is deafening; bodies are pressed up together trying not to spill their own drinks. I don't even bother looking in the dark corners of the house in fear of scarring my eyes from the grotesque images. Moving through the crowd I hear a chorus of 'Hey Charlotte!' from a few other partygoers, causing me to stop every few minutes for small talk. The amount of time it takes for me to enter the kitchen Olivia already has a bottle in her hand mixing drinks for us. I hesitantly accept the drink in her hands slightly worried about the balance between alcohol and regular drink that she has mixed together.

Olivia is in the middle of telling a joke to the crowd that has already formed around us, when I feel two arms snake around my waist pulling me flush against a body, causing a small smile to appear on my face. I turn my head to the side catching a glimpse of messy brown hair before I feel his lips press lightly to my cheek.

"Hello gorgeous," Chase whispers in my ear. I turn around in his arms, placing my hand on his shoulders before giving him a small hug. "I thought you girls were never going to get here." He lightly pecks my lips bringing a grin to my face.

"You know us Chase, are we ever on time?" Courtney chimes in taking a large gulp of her drink, probably trying to keep up Olivia, who is already refilling her cup. Quinn, who is probably the most responsible one out of all of us, sips her drink delicately sitting next to Olivia on the kitchen counter listening to the ridiculous stories Olivia is overexaggerating.

"You wouldn't be you if you ever came early to anything Courts," Chase answers her with a laugh.

"We had a little run in with the baseball boys from our school earlier," Olivia tells Chase. He turns his head in my direction silently asking if what she said was true, I reply with an eye roll and a small nod.

"Sebastian made the baseball team so they all came over for a barbeque after school," I elaborate.

"Sebastian made the team? That's awesome! Maybe I'll get to play against him this year," Chase gives me a genuine smile, tightening his arms around me.

"Well I think he would enjoy playing against you and kicking your ass," he looks at me confused by my statement and I finish off, "because someone can't keep her mouth shut," I look directly at Olivia.

"That was my bad," she raises her hand in the air, with a sheepish expression, taking full responsibility.

"What did you say?"

"Nothing bad, Charlotte is blowing the situation way out of proportion," Olivia starts to defend herself but she gets cut off.

"That's not the only thing she's blowing," Travis laughs earning a bunch of 'oohs' from the crowd.

"Shut the fuck up Travis," Chase releases me and starts heading towards Travis in amused rage. Travis seeing Chase coming towards him starts running in the opposite direction. The room erupts in laughter at seeing Travis running for his life.

"Don't be a jackass Travis!" Courtney shouts at him.

"Yeah, you illiterate degenerate!" Olivia chimes in. I shake my head at them with a small smile on my face; trying to hide the fact that Travis just embarrassed me in front of everyone in the kitchen but at the same time feeling incredibly grateful that my friends stuck up for me even though they're intoxicated.

"Okay let's start cutting back on the alcohol consumption, you know you're drunk when you start using big words," I walk over to Olivia and slowly pry the cup from her hands. She sticks her bottom lip out in a pout.

"Beer Pong!" someone shouts from the other room causing cheers to erupt throughout the house.

I lock eyes with Olivia and she nods her head quickly agreeing with my thought. Courtney and Quinn follow us out to the back of the porch where they set up the beer pong game. Two boys are already playing, with two other girls, but they're so drunk that its not even worth watching. The boys keep missing the table let alone the actual cups. The girls however are destroying them with each throw. No wonder the guys are so hammered. The one girl manages to get the pong ball into the last cup and a cheer goes up throughout the crowd. Whether it was because they won or the fact that the game was finally over will remain a mystery.

Chase steps up to the table setting up another round. Jackson one of his closest friends comes over to help him out, and probably volunteer as his teammate.

The girls and I hang back and wait for Chase and Jackson to choose their challengers. Chase locks eyes with me and I give him a little smirk with a wink. He turns to Jackson and they quietly decide on who their victims will be. Hopefully this works.

"Okay!" Chase raises his arms in the air trying to get everyone to quiet down, "We choose Charlotte and whoever she wants her partner to be!" his shouts echo through the backyard. Fuck yes!

"Fuck yes!" Olivia voices my thoughts. She looks at me and gives a slight nod with Courtney chuckling softly because she knows what's about to happen.

I turn to my left side and look at Quinn who was quiet throughout the whole challenge. "Well?"

She smirks at me, "Let's kick some ass partner." I grab her arm and we walk up to the one side of the table. Oh, this is going to be so good.

"You're picking Quinny as your partner? Bro, this is going to be so easy," Jackson gloats to Chase who has a relaxed smile on his face like he's already won this thing. Quinn and I keep quiet. "Okay, ladies first."

Quinn picks up the first ball, doesn't even aim and throws it into the cup, causing a few people to go silent, including Chase and Jackson. "You were saying?" Quinn smiles innocently at them.

Jackson downs the beer with a scowl on his face; picks up the ball and takes aim for a few seconds before he throws the ball. He misses.

I pick up the next ball listening to Quinn's mumbling instructions on where to position my arm how hard I need to throw the ball. I take my aim and throw the ball listening to it plop into the second cup. That is what victory sounds like. Olivia whistles, very poorly, from the side.

And it just went downhill from there... for them.

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