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C6 Six

"Well that sucked," Olivia announces as she steps out of the taxi, hanging onto the door like her life depends on it.

"You're the one that thought it was a good idea to actually drink the vodka in a moving car, even when you know you get car sick easily," Quinn remarks as she gracefully stepped out of the car.

"I was talking about the actual party," Olivia snaps back as she gives Quinn a side glance.

"That is the last time I hold the bucket while you get sick Olivia! That was just nasty," I shiver at the horrifying flashbacks from five minutes ago.

Courtney walks around the car, after paying the cab driver and meets us on the walkway leading up to my front door. We glance at the few cars still sitting in the driveway. "Well it looks like the party is not over yet," Courtney says as she walks towards the front door.

Olivia groans as she bends down to take off her shoes and releases a relieved sigh once they're in her hands. We start following Courtney to the front door where I grab my keys out of my shorts pocket.

"Are they sleeping over or something?" Olivia asks as we quietly enter the house. Well, as quietly as four slightly drunk girls can move. I shrug for lack of an answer.

The inside of the house is dark and quiet, except from the kitchen light which has been left on. We hear hushed laughter outside the patio door, knowing that that is where the boys are we head towards the screen door. They're sitting around the fire table, that is covered in chocolate and graham crackers, in the backyard roasting marshmallows and eating s'mores. There are only six boys left including my brother. We slowly make our way over.

"Well, well, well look whose back at midnight? Must have been an awesome party for you to come back so soon," Zach sarcastically states.

"Fuck you Zach!" Olivia shouts back only slightly slurring her words, as she perched on the arm of Sebastian's chair. He quickly grabs her arm to steady her as she starts to pitch forward.

"We're only home early because somebody had to punch another girl in the face," Quinn says pointedly looking at Olivia.

"Hey, Charlotte punched her too!" Olivia scoffs. The boys around the fire whip their heads around and stare at me.

"Oh what? It's normal for Olivia to punch someone but as soon as I do it, it's shocking?" I ask crossing my arms annoyed.

"Yes," Sebastian replies still with shock on his face.

"Yeah, you don't come off as a girl that will punch people willingly," Nathan points out while munching on a smore.

"Charming," Quinn mutters with a disgusted look on her face, causing Nathan to chew obnoxiously loud with a grin.

"You don't even know me. How are you supposed to judge my character if this is the first time we've spoken to each other," I look at Nathan with confusion.

Everyone is silent as we look each other as we try to understand the others' expression. He stares at me with a slight smirk on his face, I raise my eyebrow in return.

"Awkward," Olivia trails off saying what everyone must have been thinking. Everyone lets out a laugh including myself.


So maybe Sebastian and I managed to 'break' into our dads liquor cabinet (there wasnt much breaking in when he doesn't even have a lock for it) and distributed it amongst our friends, except for Olivia, she was drunk enough for all of us. Now we're all just sitting around the fire table telling each other funny stories.

"Wait! That, was you?" Zach asks in a shocked voice. I nod my head with a smirk on my face, the whole circle erupts in laughter.

"He must have had to wash his hands like one hundred times! They were so purple!" Lucas exclaims.

"I can't believe that you managed to sneak dye into the principal's soap dispenser," Cole laughs.

"And you never got caught?" Nathan asks.

"Nope, not unless you rat me out," I wink in his direction. He smiles and he raises an eyebrow in my direction.

"I'm impressed C, you can hang with me anytime," Zach winks at me. Ew.

"Nah, I'm out of your league," I laugh at him. Olivia huffs next to me. Oops.

"So why are you all still here? Having a sleepover?" Courtney asks from her spot beside Quinn.

"Nah, we were just about to go but then we saw you ladies stumble in," Lucas replies with a laugh.

"We did not stumble-" Olivia is cut off from what seems to be the start of another drunken lecture.

"Liv, you were practically crawling up the driveway," Sebastian points out.

"I was not!" Olivia yells at him. Everyone shushes Olivia and we all freeze listening and watching to see if any of my family members in the house have woken up. We waited a minute and then I let out an audible sigh of relief.

"Yes, you were," Seb whispers back after a pause of silence. I lean towards him and smack him upside the head.

"Can you stop encouraging her!" I whisper-yell at him.

The rest of the night went on without any more potential injuries and I had a genuinely fun night. I never thought that I would ever admit that, much less get to have actual conversations with the varsity baseball team.

It's not that these boys are so unbelievably popular and I am such a lowly subject in the student hierarchy, its none of that. Its the fact that jocks at our school just act like they're better than everyone, just because they have better hand eye coordination than the rest of us. It just gets tiring being in the presence of a jock for more than two minutes. I would know, my brother has been categorized as a jock since the day he threw a baseball, with perfect aim, at my head when he was six. I had to get five stitches on my hairline, but I can't give him all the blame because I did provoke him by telling all his friends at recess that he played Barbie's with Soph and I whenever he was bored.

But thank God, he has me as an older sister who would beat the annoying fake personality out of him if he ever started to act up.

That's not to say that I'm some pathetic weakling that dry heaves after climbing a flight of stairs most of the time. I'm perfectly average and that's the way I like it to be. It doesn't mean I disregard sports as something only annoying airheads do, I was quite the softball player throughout middle school and my freshman year, but you get one bad injury and it's like your whole life is over and there's no coming back from it. It took a while to get back on my two feet, literally, like over a year before I could walk without a limp. After that I quit softball altogether, paranoid that one wrong slide will end me back in surgery. But life carries on and you get over it eventually.

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