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C9 Nine

The rest of the weekend was uneventful, when we had gotten back from brunch the baseball team were already gone and the girls left later in the afternoon, so I was left to just finish weekend homework and just relax with the family. That and threatening Sebastian to drop the subject of Chase at all costs, it didn't work so well in the beginning but that is what blackmail is for.

I park in the school parking and get out the car followed by my three siblings. Tessa shouts goodbye as she runs off towards the junior section of the school to meet up with her friends. Sophie waves at me and walks over to her cheerleading friends, completely ignoring Sebastian who doesn't even glance in her direction, as she rushes past him. I thought they were over this summer drama. They instantly swarm her asking about her weekend and other menial gossip that could have happened in the past forty-eight hours since they last saw each other.

Sebastian and I walk next to each other towards the front of the school, him stopping every few times to talk to some of his friends, but I don't stop to wait for him knowing he'll catch up. I'm almost at the front steps when I hear my last name being called out from within the maze of cars scattered in the lot.

"Yo Hayes! What's up man?" I turn around and see Cole Fisher calling my brother over to the rest of the baseball boys that have gathered in front of a familiar black SUV. Nathan leans against the hood of his car; Zach sits next to him letting his legs dangle off the hood. I turn away and continue heading in the direction of the front doors.

"Incoming!" I hear a shout, turning a second too late as I get knocked down to grass I was walking next to. I roll a few inches until I come to a dead stop on my back staring up at the clear blue sky. I shake my head slightly trying to clear my thoughts before narrowing my eyes and glaring at my attacker lying next to me with a grin on her face.

"What the fuck was that for?" I shout at Olivia, shoving her leg and stumbling up to my feet, dusting off the dirt on my shirt and shorts. "You're fucking lucky I didn't skin something," I threaten pointing a finger at her trying to seem menacing.

"I would apologize but I have a very legitimate reason for knocking you over," she states getting up herself and looking at her elbow that has little spots of blood on it. Good, serves her right.

"Oh yeah? And what is this 'legitimate reason' for literally knocking me on my ass at seven forty-five in the morning," I cross my arms over my chest and stare straight at her.

"Quinn said that I shouldn't," she shrugs with a goofy smile on her face.

"So naturally you had to do it?" I ask.

"Yes! You know me, if you tell me not to do it there's a ninety-eight percent chance that I'm going to do it," she explains as if what she's saying makes all the sense in the world.

"What's the other two percent?"

"The 'Am I going to get arrested if I do this' part of my brain." She motions for me to follow her in the directions of where I'm assuming our friends are waiting for us.

"You're so stupidly annoying," I shake my head and walk next to her. I wait for the moment where she's completely let her guard down and shove her so hard she trips into a couple freshmen. I let out a loud laugh, "Olivia, would you be careful, there are other people in this lot, you know?"

She smirks at me and slowly pushes away from the freshman boy that was holding on to her a few seconds too long after steadying her. "Oh, you think that makes us even, because I think the fuck not," she speaks in a low tone with a mischievous glint in her eyes. I slowly start backing away making sure to keep the smile on my face so she cant see that I'm internally freaking out.

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