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He had been here for three days.

In these three days, he worked very hard and took the money with peace of mind. What he wasn't used to was being able to see the blood-red setting sun on the river at dusk and smell the slightly fishy river wind. The smell was like human blood, especially half-dried human blood!

A breeze blew by, sending the fishy smell of the river back to him. He instinctively held his breath and comforted himself in his heart. If he could last another two hours, he would be able to return home.

As long as he returned home, he would no longer need to smell the stench of blood. Once he returned home, he would no longer need to sweat so hard. Once he returned home, he would be able to stop him from leaning against the door …


He instinctively looked up and saw a group of labourers carrying bags laid out in front of him. The leader was bare-chested, exposing the knotted muscles of his upper body and the four finger length scars on his skin. That person's mouth was curled, his eyes were narrowed into a line, but from within shot out a cold light that was similar to the edge of a blade.

"Brat, put down the bag of rice on your shoulder and scram!" I don't want to see you again, do you understand? " After the leader coldly said that, he lowered his brows and looked at the steel hook in his hand that had already been polished beforehand.

"Why?" he asked calmly.

"I don't like you and I don't want to see you, is that not okay?" When the leader of the group said this, he threw his head back and immediately, the sound of laughter from the laborers could be heard.

"I was hired by Owner Qian. Without his instructions, I can't leave!" he said.

"F * ck your mother, you dare to take the money from Boss Qian to pressure me?" The leader of the group glared with his eyes filled with anger, "Do you know who is in charge of this Yangzhou pier? That's definitely my Lord Qin! Who the fuck do you think you are? "Pay back, Boss Qian. Do you think you can call him by his full name too?"

"Master Qin, I just want to beg for a meal here. Please be magnanimous and do me a favor!" Although his words were polite, his face did not have the slightest trace of a lowly expression.

"F * ck your mother!" You want to beg for a meal? Which one of you isn't here to beg for a meal? "Ever since you came here, you've done the work of four people by yourself. It was you who left four brothers without food. Do you know that?" The leader waved the steel hook in his hand, "Let me help you with that, I'll help you!" If I don't chase you away today, I won't be called Qin Da Hu! "

"Elder Qin, I still have a child at home …" When he said this, his eyes could not help but flash with a trace of pain, as well as helplessness.

"Oh, you have children at home?" Qin Da Hu slowly walked over, "That's something new! But what I want to say is, among those who work here, which family doesn't have any children? "

Qin Da Hu roared and kicked him right in the stomach, knocking him to the ground. The four bags of rice on his shoulder pressed down on half of his body. Seeing this, Qin Da Hu waved his arm behind him and shouted, "Brothers, get this rich grandson done for me!"

No matter how he struggled, he could only crazily throw punches and kicks at Qin Da Hu's body. He could hear the constant muffled "crackling" sounds, and his entire body was ruthlessly trampled and mutilated like weeds!

After an unknown period of time, he heard a voice in a trance, and said, "Elder Qin, it's about time! If we continue to fight, he will lose his life! "

"Throw him into the river to feed the fishes. Save him the trouble of going to other places to snatch another person's rice bowl!" Qin Da Hu said.

"Master Qin is brilliant! Brothers, attack! "

Once he said those words, he was lifted up and thrown into the river like a sandbag. With a splash, countless waves were sent flying!

When Qin Da Hu saw this, his face revealed a victorious smile. He waved at the crowd and said, "Brothers, let's go. We won't go back until we're drunk! "

"Alright!" All the laborers responded in unison as they crowded around Qin Da Hu and left in great delight.

He waited until Qin Da Hu and the rest had completely left the pier, when he heard the sound of water lapping in the river. Then, he saw a grey shadow break out of the river, make a beautiful somersault in the air, and then very smoothly plunge into the river bank. He stroked the wet hair on his forehead, sighed helplessly, and then slowly walked towards the warehouse at the pier.

There was a square table at the entrance of the warehouse, and a person was sitting on the long bench in front of it. He lazily waved a fan and was very annoyed as he sipped the bitter tea. He was the butler of Owner Qian, Hu Er.

With great difficulty, he walked in front of Hu Er, took out a handful of bamboo sheets from his bosom, and placed them on the table. He then said in a low voice, "There were originally sixty-four pieces, but I lost some …"

Without even looking at him, Hu Er took out 64 yuan from the money box at the corner of the table. He then heavily placed it on the table and said, "Take it away!"

"You believe me?" he asked doubtfully.

"He's already died once, can he still say lies?" Hu Er lightly sipped his tea and continued, "Go, don't come back tomorrow. Otherwise, they will really take your life!"

"Thank you for the reminder!" He stretched out his hands and took the sixty-four dollars from the table. Carefully, he held them in his arms and walked slowly home.

All the way he had been trying to figure out how to spend the sixty-four cents for the whole day, and he had had to worry about finding work tomorrow. The more he thought about it, the more confused he became.

He hesitated and didn't dare to go in, fearing that the person in the room would see the worry on his face. He tried to calm himself down and pretended to be happy. Just as he was about to knock on the door, it opened by itself!

Behind the door stood a child around the age of eight or nine. He had a very interesting name, and his name was Du Jiangsheng.

His clothes were worn out, but his arrogance was even more evident. His body was thin, but his movements were nimble. He shook the water droplets off his hands, randomly wiped them on his body, and then smiled: "Uncle, I calculated that you should be back. Dinner is ready, we can eat now!"

"How can you predict when I'll be back?" he asked with a smile as he entered the room.

"My ability is greater than the heavens, so what's so insignificant about this little bit of skill?" Du Jiangsheng spoke as he brought water over to wash his face, "Uncle, let's wash our faces first!"

He smiled faintly, bent down to wash his face, then took the towel from Du Jiangsheng and carefully wiped it clean before saying, "Today's sun is very poisonous, I stole a moment of laziness, so I only earned sixty-four gold coins. Tomorrow you should save some money on flowers."

As he spoke, he took out the 64 gold coins that he had soaked in sweat and handed it over to Du Jiangsheng. However, he did not immediately accept it.

"What's wrong?" he asked.

"What are you going to do tomorrow?" Du Jiangsheng asked.

"Tomorrow, I will eat less. I should be able to handle it!" he said.

"I mean what are you going to do tomorrow?" Du Jiangsheng asked.

"Of course I went to the dock. Why do you ask?" He laughed.

"Can you still go to the dock? Aren't you afraid that Qin Da Hu will have you thrown into the Yangtze River by someone else? " Du Jiangsheng didn't even blink as he stared at his face, his eyes filled with misery.

"Who did you hear that from? "Who's making this up?" Instinctively, he looked away, "Wow, the food today is so delicious! I can smell it! "

When Du Jiangsheng heard this, he suddenly reached out and slapped his thigh. The pain made him cry out "Ah!", and cold sweat broke out on his forehead.

"Why don't you continue pretending? Does it hurt? " Du Jiangsheng asked.

He was silent for a moment, then asked, "How did you know?"

"When I was in the restaurant, I heard Qin Da Hu and those people were joking. They mentioned your name, Ah Niu …" Du Jiangsheng said.

"These animals like to bully honest people, but I'm not afraid!" He laughed.

"You are indeed not afraid! Because, as a grand hero of the Meng family, he has never been one to cause fear in others. Why would he ever be afraid of others? " Du Jiangsheng smiled bitterly.

Hearing the three words "Hero Meng", he couldn't help but feel nervous, and his eyes were filled with panic. Instinctively walking around Du Jiangsheng, he gritted his teeth and endured the pain, trying his best to act natural as he walked into the room. "I really don't understand what you're saying!"

"Meng Spring Pavilion!" Du Jiangsheng suddenly shouted.

When he heard this name, he was shocked. His legs could no longer move and his body started trembling as well. However, he tried his best to hold it in as he shouted, "There is no Meng Chun Lou here!"

"You're Meng Chun Lou!" Du Jiangsheng raised his hand and pointed at his back, his eyes staring at his back, "You can't fool me!"

He slowly turned around, his face full of sorrow. He said coldly, "I am not from Meng Chun Lou. Don't ever mention Meng Chun Lou again!"

"If you don't want to continue being the Meng Chun building, then why do you keep sighing at the big trees in the courtyard?" Could it be that you just can't forget the Soulshake Sword? " Du Jiangsheng lightly asked.

He was shocked, staring intently at Du Jiangsheng's face and asked, "How do you know about the Soulshake Sword?"

"I dug it up myself, how could I not know?" Du Jiangsheng smiled bitterly.

"You, why did you do this?" he asked in surprise.

"Because I don't want to see my most respected Great Hero Meng become a laborer who does the lowest things with those poor people whose bodies are reeking of sweat. I still can't eat my fill just because of this!" Du Jiangsheng smiled bitterly.

"Meng Chunlou is dead. There will never be another Meng Chunlou in this world!" "You got the wrong person!" he said.

"Is that so?" Du Jiangsheng smiled bitterly, "A Soulshake Sword that can't be killed. In terms of being a hero, Cloud Restaurant dared not to recognize Meng Jun. "Meng Chun Lou, you can deceive yourself, but can you deceive the world?"

He somewhat sorrowfully raised his head and looked at the sky, pretending to look at the sky so that his tears wouldn't easily fall, but he very easily failed.

Tears slid down his face. It felt hot and moist, as if a lover had kissed his face. It had been a long time since he had last experienced such a feeling. However, the feeling only added to his melancholy!

"I've also heard about you. However, you shouldn't be depressed because of this. The martial arts world can be lonely, but it can't be without Meng Chun Lou!" Du Jiangsheng said.

"Meng Chunlou's heart is already dead. Right now, only his body is still alive. He's already dead in name!" He sighed somewhat dejectedly.

"You are wrong! Even though your heart is dead, in the hearts of others, you are still alive. You should not be so selfish and depressed, and instead do something for those who have you in their hearts! " Du Jiangsheng said.

"A dead heart is like a cripple. Other than waiting for death, what's the point of living?" He smiled bitterly.

"At least I can live for someone else once more!" Du Jiangsheng slightly creased his brows, a trace of bitterness flashed past his eyes. "Sometimes, people don't live for themselves, but for others! To live for others is the meaning of living! "

"Have you ever lived for anyone else?" he asked.

"Of course!" "When I was just adopted, I just wanted to grow up quickly so that I could have the ability to find my mother. But later on, when I saw that my adoptive parents could not leave me, I knew that my existence was their everything, I could not leave them, I had to live for them!"

"If you think so, why did you leave them?" he asked.

"Because they were killed!" Du Jiangsheng's face was filled with pain, tears uncontrollably flowed down his cheeks. "From then on, I had to endure the tragedy of that age. I will avenge them, even if it means my body will be smashed into smithereens!"

"You won't follow me for that, will you?" he asked.

"It's a pure coincidence that I followed you!" Du Jiangsheng lightly smiled, "If you hadn't carried me away from my second foster father's corpse, I would never have had the chance to meet someone called Meng Chun Lou!"

"When did you first guess that I was from Meng Spring Pavilion?" he asked.

"From the moment you bought this house, I already knew!" Du Jiangsheng laughed.

"Oh? That would be two years! "Then how did you find out?" he asked.

"One always sighs at a big tree, it will always arouse suspicion!" Du Jiangsheng said.

He was silent for a moment, and then said, "Since you can't hide it anymore, what kind of suggestion do you have?"

"The great hero Meng is bullied and abused by so many people. I wonder how many people in this world are bullied and bullied. Isn't hero Meng supposed to do something for them?" Du Jiangsheng asked.

"You want me to mind my own business?" Meng Chun Lou asked.

"That's called chivalry and righteousness!" Du Jiangsheng corrected him.

Meng Chunlou smiled bitterly and said, "I am almost unable to live by myself now. How can I do justice to the hero?"

"Being a chivalrous hero is not equal to paying a price. You can get something out of this!" Du Jiangsheng said.

"If I repay him with a kindness, would it still be called chivalry and righteousness?" Meng Chun Lou smiled bitterly.

"Why aren't you shouting?" If he wanted to help the poor, he had to get rid of the poor first. If he was the poor, how could he talk about relief? So, chivalry and righteousness are the heart, as long as the heart does not change, what is the crime of taking money? Furthermore, if we use this money to help more people, wouldn't it be a great merit? " Du Jiangsheng said.

"You mean to say that they have to be paid to help others and be passed on to others?" Meng Chun Lou asked.

"That's right!" Du Jiangsheng smiled faintly, "This way, we won't become poor, but we can also do more good deeds. Isn't that the same as having two birds with one stone?"

"Let me think!" As Meng Chunlou spoke, he fell into deep thought.

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