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Meng Chunlou thought for a while and asked, "According to what you said, your foster mother's entire family must have died in murder and then been set on fire. Such a despicable method is definitely not something ordinary people can do. Could it be an enemy of your foster mother's family?"

"I also tried to follow this line of thinking and investigate, but to no avail! "After all, my foster mother's family has always been humble and never provoked trouble. Even if they meet an unreasonable person, they would still make way for them repeatedly. How could they have made enemies with them?" Du Jiangsheng smiled bitterly.

Hearing this, Meng Chun Lou could not help but feel anxious. She lightly sipped her tea and then said, "At that time, you were still young, so you did not see through a lot of things. So you can't help but be a bit subjective. You should know something from your foster mother's relatives! "

"Of course I think that, that's why I've been living in Yangzhou!" Du Jiangsheng said.

"Oh?" Meng Chun Lou seemed to have thought of something, "No wonder you kept persuading me to come to Yangzhou. You had other plans!"

"I'm sorry, please forgive me for not telling you the truth!" Du Jiangsheng said.

"Why didn't you tell me? Perhaps I can help you find the culprit who killed your adoptive mother's family! " Meng Chun said.

"Since you didn't want to continue being in Meng Quan, why should I make things difficult for you?" Du Jiangsheng smiled bitterly.

Meng Chunlou couldn't help but sigh and say, "I thought you were just a pitiful kid, but I didn't expect you to be such a shrewd kid. I've really underestimated you!"

Du Jiangsheng smiled ruefully and said, "This was all forced! It is said that the poor should take charge early, and I said that children without parents should learn to think! "

Meng Chun Lou suddenly felt a burst of pain in her heart. She couldn't help but reach out her hand to touch Du Jiangsheng's forehead and gently said, "You are a good person!"

"Unfortunately, after coming to Yangzhou, I was unable to get any information from my foster mother's relatives. All the clues have been cut off …" Du Jiangsheng said.

"How could this be?" Meng Chun Lou asked.

"I heard from the people here that they were exterminated a few years ago!" Du Jiangsheng's body involuntarily spasmed as he spoke, his eyes bloodshot with anger.

"When did you find out?" How come I never knew? " Meng Chun Lou asked.

"Ever since we arrived at Yangzhou, I've been looking into it. It's been almost two years!" Du Jiangsheng said.

"So it turns out that you were trying to find out more information from the city while I was out making money. You've been keeping me in the dark!" Meng Chun Lou sighed bitterly.

"There's no other way! I can't rely on you or anyone else, I can only rely on myself! " Du Jiangsheng smiled bitterly.

"Actually, if you had told me these things earlier, I might have already left the martial world!" Meng Chun said.

"You don't owe me anything, I have no reason to make things difficult for you. Moreover, I owe you a lot already, I don't want to owe you anything, because I'm afraid I'll never know for the rest of my life!" Du Jiangsheng said.

"Silly child! What a silly child you are! " Meng Chun Lou's eyes were filled with tears, "I really don't know how you can hold on for the past two years!"

At this time, there was a knock on the door. Meng and Du quickly wiped the tears from their eyes. They calmed down and asked, "Who is it?"

"Is Monsieur at home? This lowly one is Zhao Fu! " Zhao Fu asked while bending over the door.

"Wait a moment!" As Meng Chun Lou said this, she looked at Du Jiangsheng and then stood up to open the door. Zhao Fu looked around cautiously and found no one else. She whispered, "Sir, my master has an order, can we talk inside?"

"Come in!" Meng Chun Lou immediately let Zhao Fu into the room and then closed the door.

Zhao Fu walked up to the table and poured himself a cup of tea to dry. Then he said, "Sir, I heard that the Chen Prefecture Lord is inviting you to visit the palace to have a cup of tea. What did you discuss?"

Meng Chunlou rolled his eyes and immediately said with a smile, "Of course it's related to the disaster relief. I had thought that he would not know my identity, but I didn't expect that he would have already heard of it!"

Zhao Fu immediately beamed a smile and said, "The father-in-law of the Chen family is a middle-second rank senior official in the imperial court. Now that an official is coming to Yangzhou to do errands, he naturally has to greet his son-in-law. This is not surprising!"

"Housekeeper Zhao, how did you find this place?" Meng Chun Lou asked with a smile.

"One, my master has the eyes and hands of the heavens. How can this big and small matter in Yangzhou be able to escape my master's eyes and ears? The two of them came back in the sedan chair of the Prefect of Chen Prefecture. They passed by many streets and alleys along the way, and even if I didn't know, it would still be difficult! " Zhao Fu smiled bitterly.

"Then why did you come here?" Du Jiangsheng asked.

"I'm here to give you two silver coins!" Zhao Fuyan took out a stack of banknotes from his sleeve and placed it on the table. He then said with a smile, "This is a banknote for a treasure deposit of thirty thousand taels of silver. Please accept it as soon as you see it!"

Meng Chunlou glanced at Du Jiangsheng and roughly counted the banknotes before nodding his head. Meng Chunlou then laughed, "I didn't expect Boss Zhao to be so swift and decisive. You truly amaze me!"

"My old master has always been decisive in his actions. This time, besides asking me to give him 30,000 silver, he also asked me to bring something with him!" As he said this, Zhao Fu took out a palm-sized brocade bag made from blue satin and cloth. He lightly poured it on the table, and a dozen or so pearls the size of cat's eyes rolled out from within.

Meng Chun Lou had also seen the world. With just a glance, she could tell that the beads were priceless. So she smiled and asked, "Boss Zhao, what do you mean?"

Zhao Fu grinned and said, "My master knows that both of you have always been clean and honest so it is hard for you to have any savings. So I sent these to you as a gift to meet with you. I hope you can accept it so that I can go back and explain it to you!"

"Butler Zhao, your old master is so generous. I admire him very much, but if you ruin my good name, then how will I return the decree?" Meng Chunlou stroked his long beard and asked.

The smile on Zhao Fu's face vanished as he said somewhat fearfully, "Please don't be angry, my lord! My master did it not to ruin my lord's name, but to honor my lord! "After all, it's easy to clear officials, but the poverty-stricken ones are hard to bear. Please enlighten me, Sir!"

"This …" Meng Chun Lou had a difficult expression and thought to herself, "With your flattering face, I should have taken your things and let your master have a chance to ruin the fortune!"

At this time, Du Jiangsheng put the pearl back into his bag and calmly accepted it. He said, "Go back and revive your old master. Tell him that we've accepted it, so he can be at ease!"

"Little gongzi is more sensible! This lowly one will go back and report to my old master right now, say that the two of you are extremely satisfied! " As Zhao Fu said this, he took a peek at Meng Chunlou's expression. Seeing that he did not intend to stop him, he felt slightly more at ease. He grinned and said, "I'll take my leave now!"

"Housekeeper Zhao, didn't your master ask you to find out our names?" Du Jiangsheng asked with a smile.

"This little one doesn't dare!" Zhao Fu said with a smile.

"This is my master, calling me Du Chun Restaurant. As for me, my name is Meng Jiangsheng. Now, can you be at ease and go back and report to me?" Du Jiangsheng laughed.

When Zhao Fu heard this, he could not help but feel relieved. He then smiled and said, "Actually, I have already inquired from the waiter at the inn about this. I already know the honorable names of the two of you.

Du Jiangsheng lightly smiled and said, "Even servants have their own difficulties. You can go!"

"Thank you, little gongzi. I will take my leave now!" Zhao Fu looked gratefully at Du Jiangsheng and left the room with his head lowered.

He then walked over to the table and picked up the cup of tea Zhao Fu had poured. He said, "Because he isn't sure about our identities, he still dares to pour tea for himself. After confirming his identity, he doesn't even dare to drink tea anymore.

"Of course! Which commoner in the world is not afraid of officials? " Du Jiangsheng lightly smiled, "Now do you know why I insisted on having you pretend to be an official?"

"It's a pity that our messenger doesn't have any honor, not even a guard!" Meng Chun Lou smiled bitterly.

"But even so, we still managed to deceive them. This must be said to be a type of sorrow!" Du Jiangsheng laughed.

The two of them chatted for a while longer, and before they knew it, it was already time to light the lamp. Just as they were feeling hungry, they heard someone cough from outside the room, and then he called out, "Two esteemed guests, dinner is ready, would you like to deliver it immediately?"

Meng Chun Lou immediately recognized Wang San's voice and replied, "Sure!"

"In that case, please open the door!" Wang San.

Meng Chunlou stood up and opened the door to see Wang San carrying two bowls of porridge and two small dishes, one meat and one vegetable. From the looks of it, he had been waiting for a long time!

"Man, how long have you been listening at the door?" Meng Chun Lou asked.

"How could I dare?" Wang San's face turned red as he lowered his head and entered the room. "Please enjoy!"

"Buddy, if you admit it just because you eavesdropped, it's no big deal!" Meng Chun said.

"This little one really did not eavesdrop! To be honest, the food that I sent over was actually sent to the next room. However, that guest didn't have any appetite, so I had to send it here! " Wang San explained.

"Oh? "Then who lives next door?" Meng Chun Lou asked.

"Customer, please forgive this vile character for speaking too much!" Wang San.

When Meng Chun Lou heard this, she took out the 10 taels of silver Chen Lu had given her and gave it to Wang San. She smiled and said, "Lad, here are 6 taels of silver. I'll leave it with you first. You can ask me for it when you're done!"

"Customer, are you sure? This is 10 taels of silver, why do you call this 6 taels? " Wang San asked in shock.

"The remaining four liang of silver is for you. I still have some things I want to ask you!" Meng Chun Lou laughed.

"Oh?" Wang San's eyes lit up. "Then I will have to thank you!" I don't know what this esteemed customer wants to ask, but as long as I know, I won't hide anything from you! "

"You should be very familiar with that woman we met in the corridor during the day, right?" Meng Chun Lou asked with a smile.

"Familiar, this is simply too familiar!" In this area, she was not as famous as the real brothel. Relying on her white skin and slender waist, she was handsome. People had given her the nickname 'Sai Jiuniang'. It was a pity that in these few years, people had almost forgotten about her as she had been in her old age! "What, the guest has taken a fancy to her?" Wang San asked with a mischievous smile.

"Do you know where she lives?" Meng Chun Lou asked.

"Of course! If the guest wants to go, I can lead the way at any time, but at this time, I'm afraid she doesn't have the time to see you! " Wang San.

"Oh? "Why?" Meng Chun Lou asked.

"This hour is her busiest time. Do I even need to say it?" Wang San laughed innocently.

"Is there any way to see her?" Meng Chun Lou asked.

"As long as you are willing to spend money, it is not difficult!" Wang San said with a serious expression.

When Meng Chunlou heard this, he cast a glance at Du Jiangsheng and saw him take out a pearl from his brocade bag. He waved the pearl in front of Wang San and smiled, "Little brother, do you think this pearl will be able to accomplish this?"

Wang San's vision was blurry. He stretched out his right hand and grabbed the pearl. He nodded his head vigorously and said, "It's, it's too amazing!"

"Please lead the way!" Meng Chun Lou laughed.

"Guest, please!" As Wang San spoke, he ran out of the house.

"Wait for me at home, I'll be right back!" Meng Chun Lou instructed Du Jiangsheng.

"Then take all the beads with you. It might be useful!" With these words, Du Jiangsheng passed the brocade sack to Meng Chunlou. Meng Chunlou hesitated for a moment before taking the brocade sack and putting it in his pocket. Then, he went after Wang San.

As for Wang San, after getting the silver, he was overjoyed and purposely showed off his local advantage in front of Meng Chunlou. Therefore, he did not forget to explain, "Dear guest, you can go a lot less on this path. Other than me, no one knows about this!"

After walking for about a quarter of an hour, he saw a house with closed doors and a red light hanging on the door. With the wind blowing by, Wang San pointed at the house and said, "Guest, it's that house!"

"The other party's doors are tightly shut. He doesn't want to do business, does he?" Meng Chun Lou asked.

"Wrong!" A red light is hung over the door, which means that she will receive guests as usual. You were lucky today, but Little Peach Blossom still hasn't received any guests! " Wang San said with a smile.

"Is that so?" Meng Chun Lou gave a faint smile and said, "Then let's go and climb her door!"

"Customer, just watch me!" Wang San smirked as he walked in front of the door. He raised his hand and smacked the door as he shouted, "Little Peach Blossom, big brother is here to see you!"

"Who is it? What the hell was knocking on the door? I haven't finished my bath! " A woman's voice came from inside the room.

"Wash what?" So it's not dirty after washing? "Open the door!" Wang San sneered as he heavily pounded on the door.

When he was young, he saw the door creak open halfway, revealing the face of a pretty woman. She glared at Wang San and scolded him, "You damned Wang San, come and make fun of me if you have nothing to do!"

Wang San took a step back and said, "How do you know my skin is itchy again? Could it be that we share the same thoughts? "

"Stop being so f * cking pretentious here, who the hell would agree with you! "Since you're not busy at the store, do you have any business with me?" the woman asked.

"It's not that I have something on, it's that guest looking for you!" Wang San smiled evilly and looked at Meng Chun Lou.

"Why is he an old guy? "You're getting more and more presumptuous. No matter what kind of people you are, come and take them from me. Do you really think this old lady is a bitch?" With anger in her eyes, Little Peach Blossom complained in a low voice.

"Don't look at him, he's old and has this!" As Wang San spoke, he handed the pearl to Little Peach Blossom. Her expression immediately changed as she smiled and said, "It doesn't matter if he's young or old. With this, we can discuss it!"

With these words, Little Peach Blossom waved towards Meng Chun Lou, putting on a coquettish and seductive pose. She gently smiled and said, "Your highness, come!"

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