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A white-clothed female slowly walked out of the palanquin like an immortal. No one could describe her beauty, not to mention her beauty, they only felt that her eyes were brighter than the stars, brighter than the moon and fogier than the clouds. It was a miracle that had never happened before!

Some women may look pretty, but in the midst of all these beauties, she would seem very ordinary. In the case of some women, although they weren't gorgeous enough, she was the most eye-catching one. In the case of Hua Jiu Niang, however, she was the kind of woman who would make people's eyes light up no matter if she was by herself or in some other places. She was like the most beautiful and brightest pearl in the world, and no matter where she was placed, she would always be the most dazzling one!

It was said that a beauty's smile could topple a city, and her smile could topple a country. Yan Jiuniang, on the other hand, did not need to use that much, she only needed to use that one time!

If Yan Jiuniang was happy, the sky of the entire Yangzhou City would be clear. If Yan Jiuniang was unhappy, the sky of the entire Yangzhou City would be dark without light!

Although she was living in the Pleasant House, the madam did not dare disobey her, because as long as she was happy, the daily business of the Pleasant House would be as good as a month's income for all the brothels in Yangzhou. If she was not happy, the Pleasant House would not only not have any business at all, it might even be destroyed by those people who frantically worshiped her.

At this moment, she was wearing a plain gauze veil as she stood there like a fairy. The haze made her even more beautiful, and everyone couldn't help but become infatuated. It was as if their breathing had stopped. Meng Chunlou couldn't help but praise in her heart, "What a peerless beauty!"

Although Yu Jin Branch had heard of Yan Jiuniang's beauty, seeing her in person at this moment still shocked her. She instinctively held her breath and tried to see through the veil to see Yan Jiuniang's appearance, but to no avail!

For example, how could Yan Jiuniang let others clearly see her appearance? If one could easily see it, how could the person who spent so much money for the sake of laughing be disappointed?

"Madam, this girl first lost her father, and then lost her virginity. This can be described as a double blow, if you force her to sell herself, wouldn't it put her in a dead end? For my sake, can you spare her? I am willing to redeem her and offer her double the amount of silver, what do you think? " Yan Jiuniang asked.

When everyone heard this, they could not help but get excited. Ding Yuhong also gratefully looked at Yan Jiuniang, and changed her expression to look at Yu Jin's face, only to hear her say: "Does your Yan Jiuniang have a lot of face? Why don't I think so? Don't think that just because you've grown a bit more beautiful that you're so noble that you can't eat the fire of the mortal world. In my eyes, you're still someone who comes out to show off! "

"Impudent!" How dare you insult my master. Aren't you afraid of getting yourself killed? " Xia Yu coldly rebuked.

"Hahahaha!" I, Yu Jin Branch, am not afraid of anything. I am just not afraid of insulting a smiling man. Look at yourself, you're not even worth a laugh! " Yu Jin branch pointed at Xia Yu proudly scolded.

"Madam, if you have anything to say, there's no need to provoke us!" Yan Jiuniang's words were plain like her expression, as if no amount of gossip could stifle her calmness and cultivation.

"What is there to discuss with a smiling person like you? Are you qualified? Don't think I can't see that you're trying to get her to sell in your happy building after you redeemed her. I, Yu Jin Branch, am not that stupid, nor am I that stupid! " Yu Jin Branch sneered.

"Are you f * cking stupid enough to say that you're not stupid enough?"

That sentence was like an ice knife stabbing into the chest of the branch, causing her to not only feel pain, but also a chill. She instinctively looked over and saw Li Chunfu squeezing out from the crowd with his mouth wide open.

"So it's Boss Li. Were you joking with me just now?" The branch tried to look like it was smiling, though the smile was stiffer than crying.

Li Chunfu glared at Yu Jinzhi, then scolded, "You damned fat woman who doesn't know what's good for you, relying on your body to recover and refuse to lower yourself to a shameless person like you, you purposely shamed her in front of everyone, do you think that just by doing this you can raise the price of the Spring Pavilion? Let me tell you, even if you had all the beauties in the world, you still wouldn't be worthy of carrying Lady Yan's shoes! I advise you to be more tactful and quickly find a hole to hide in, so as to not embarrass yourself here! "

"Li Chunfu!" "Don't think that just because you're a regular customer of our Spring Pavilion, you can spout nonsense in front of me. Let me tell you, even after you're away from Li Chunfu, the Spring Pavilion can still cover half of Yangzhou City!" Yu Jin Zhi shouted in anger.

"Pfft!" With just your fat body, you want to cover Yangzhou City for half a day? You really are a toad yawning! How arrogant! " Li Chunfu smiled coldly, "Yu Jinzhi, I don't want to waste my breath on you, so apologize to Lady Yan as soon as possible. Otherwise, if you anger me and make me fly into the air, you will have unfathomable consequences!"

"Pfft!" A stingy rich family in Yangzhou had actually learned to be arrogant and unbridled. Who knew that in this old lady's eyes, you were only a grain of sand! "Don't think that every time I see you hitting someone and laughing, if I call you grandpa again, you'll be so high up in the air. Let me tell you, when I'm unhappy, you'll be even worse than a stinky insect!" Yu Jin Branch sneered.

"You, you really pissed me off! Yu Jin Branch, my surname is Li and I'm not done with you today! Just you wait, I'll blow my top at you right now, just you wait! " Li Chunfu was so angry that his entire body was trembling, and his face had also changed.

"Didn't you say you were going crazy? Send it! If you don't, don't stay in Yangzhou City anymore! " Yu Jin branch said in anger.

At this moment, Li Chunfu waved his arm and cursed, "Dammit, why aren't you coming over?"

He saw a servant holding a sack in his hand, pushing his way through the crowd towards Li Chunfu. Li Chunfu did not even look at the servant, but took his bag from his hand and put his hand into it. When he took his hand out, he already had a silver ingot in his hand, so he threw it at Yu Jin's face and cursed, "I'll smash you to death, fat woman. See if you dare to anger me?"

So it turned out that he was using silver to smash his opponent when he launched the attack!

One ingot, two ingots, three ingots. At first, she was able to block it with her hands, but later, she was unable to do so, especially when the other pedestrians were all fighting over the silver on the ground. They were pushing her around and she was so angry that she held her breath and shouted, "This old lady will fight with you! Guys, listen up. Don't worry about what Boss Li and Yan Jiuniang are, just beat them up! Beat them to death! If anyone sees red, I'll reward him with 500 taels of silver! Do it! "

Just as she finished speaking, a silver ingot hit her head and a bag appeared out of nowhere. The pain caused her eyes to flash wildly as she shouted, "Why aren't you making a move yet? Do it! "

After all, people like Li Chunfu and Yan Jiuniang were all famous figures in the city, who could casually hit them? Now that they were once again prompted by Yu Jin's loud voice, they did not dare to hesitate anymore, after all, they were only giving the food of Yu Jin's branch, and five hundred taels of silver was enough to make people stupid for once!

After that, they slowly surrounded Li and Yan, each of them looking ferocious. Just as they were about to pounce on them, they heard a muffled thundering sound from the ground. It was unknown who shouted: "You are courting death!"

He did not answer and only waved the sword in his hand crazily. In the blink of an eye, the sword in his hand was pierced into the scabbard like a wave hitting a rock, and the quick and swift shadow also disappeared. When everyone looked again, they saw that Yu Jin's branch was already in the man's hand, held high above his head, scaring Yu Jin to the point that his face turned pale, and he was waving his arms around like a turtle with its tail cut off!

The employees were all shocked by the scene in front of them. Only when they realized that the clothes in front of their chests had been cut into pieces by the sword did they finally understand that they were the people who had died countless times!

That person's eyes were full of smiles, with a heroic look on his face. At this moment, he was smilingly looking at Yan Jiuniang as he said, "Miss Yan, how should we deal with this fat lady? Say something!"

"Even if she doesn't speak properly, it's due to unintentional. Just let her go!" Yan Jiuniang said.

That man smiled lightly and said: "If everyone was as reasonable and reasonable as Lady Yan, I think there wouldn't be so many crazy people in this world! "Alright, I'll let Miss Yan off just because of her face!"

As soon as he finished speaking, his right hand gently pushed forward, pushing Yu Jin's huge body forward. Yu Jin's body then flipped in the air before landing gently on the ground, which made people admire his great strength!

Yu Jin who had yet to recover from his shock stared at that person's face with his eyes wide open. He lowered his voice and asked, "May I know how to address this hero?"

The man smiled faintly and said, "What? Are you trying to find someone to cause trouble for me? Good! Then I will tell you, my name is Li Zhi, I am known as Swift Sword Li! "

"This little one doesn't dare!" Yu Jin didn't want Li Zhi to be suspicious, so he quickly explained.

"Who do you dare not to? A dog-like person dares to be so impudent in front of Lady Yan, do you still care about inviting someone to get unlucky with me? " Li Zhi coldly asked.

"Please calm your anger, hero. This lowly one was at a loss for words for a moment, and offended Miss Yan. Now, I know my mistake, so I hope that hero will take it to heart. Do not lower yourself to the same level as me!" Yu Jin branch said in fear.

Li Zhi sneered and said, "Now that you know your wrongs, where did you go back then? Did he think he was qualified to stir up trouble just because he was fat? "Right, how much fat do you have?"

Yu Jin didn't hear any hint of relief from his words and couldn't help but to panic. At this time, someone from the crowd shouted: "She has at least 500 kilograms of meat on her!"

This shout immediately drew a wave of laughter. Li Zhi was even more elated, but he soon put away the smile on his face and coldly stared at Yu Jin's face, saying: "Don't say she has 500 jin of flesh, even if she has 5000 kg of flesh and 50,000 kg of flesh, she still doesn't have the qualifications to be impudent in front of Lady Yan! If anyone is unconvinced, they can spar with the sword in my hands. I am willing to accompany you! "

Although he said it casually, at that moment, the air froze and everyone's breath became extremely heavy. Cold sweat instantly soaked the backs of everyone present. Li Zhi coldly smiled, broke the silence, and said, "Of course, for smart people, I still like to reason!"

Hearing this, Yu Jin Branch quickly knelt down, ignoring the pain in his head, he kowtowed to the cold stone floor, and said with trembling voice: "Please spare me, I will never dare to be presumptuous in front of Lady Yan again! I beg you, please spare me! "

Li Zhi disdainfully smiled and said: "It's not like you have offended me, so you don't have to beg me for mercy. The one you've offended is Lady Yan!" "You idiot!"

The branch seemed to have awoken from a dream as it hurriedly turned to Yan Jiuniang and kowtowed even harder, saying, "Lady Yan, I am not a thing, I have a bad mouth, please be merciful, please forgive me, I will kowtow to you! I'm begging you! "

Yan Jiuniang did not pay any attention to the branch, but walked in front of Ding Yuhua and gently asked, "From now on, are you willing to follow me?"

Ding Yuhua hesitated and then said, "Can you not sell yourself?"

Qiu Ying burst out in laughter and said, "Who wants you to sell yourself off? If you follow our master, you might as well consider yourself lucky! Hurry up and thank Master? "

When Ding Yuhua heard this, she could not help but be happy. She kowtowed three times towards Yan Jiuniang and said: "Thank you for your kindness. I am willing to accompany you from now on, never leaving you!"

Yan Jiu Niang then threw it in front of Ding Yuhua, and said, "You can take this gold to redeem yourself. The rest will be left to deal with the aftermath for your father. In three days, you will go to the Happy House and find Qiu Ying. She will arrange for you!"

"Thank you, Master. This servant will be there on time!" Ding Yuhua said with tears of gratitude.

Yan Jiuniang glanced at Ding Yuhua with her eyebrows lowered, turned around and got into the palanquin. She said, "Let's go back!"

With these words, the sedan left the ground, falling to the ground in a certain direction before slowly departing.

When Li Zhi saw this, he couldn't help but call out, "Lady Yan, is the Pleasant Tower welcoming me?"

Yan Jiuniang giggled and said, "The Happy Restaurant will never refuse guests!"

"Alright, it's a deal between us!" Li Zhi shouted in satisfaction.

Just then, Li Chunfu suddenly ran over and grabbed Li Zhi. He said, "Hero, are you Martial Master Li from Zhao Dexing's house? "Why does he look different from me?"

Li Zhi thought for a bit and immediately scolded, "This kid, he must have used my name to scare people! "A useless trash!"

"Listening to Hero's words, could it be that you know that Martial Master Li?" Li Chunfu asked in shock.

"He is my younger brother, his real name is Li Zhi. Because he speaks the same name as me, he uses my name to scare people. That's why my name is Li Zhi!" Li Zhi smiled.

"So that's how it is! No wonder someone said that he was kicked to the ground before he could even touch Meng Chunlou's clothes. So he was just a fake, if he truly had the martial arts skills of a hero, then Meng Chunlou would probably not be a match for him! " Li Chunfu said.

"Where is Meng Chun Lou?" I've been looking for him all day and I haven't seen him. I guess he's a fake! " Li Zhi smiled arrogantly, "After all, there is no such person as Meng Chun Lou in the martial arts world anymore!"

"Right, right, I guess that's what happened! That person must be an impostor. When he heard the news that you were coming, he ran away in fright. After all, it was a small loss to Meng Chun Lou's reputation and he lost his life! " Li Chunfu laughed.

"You can only hate me for coming here for nothing!" Li Zhi sneered.

When Meng Chunlou heard this, he could not help but smile bitterly. At this moment, he felt someone pat him on his shoulder. He subconsciously turned his head to see someone holding his Soulshake Sword flash before his eyes and quickly disappear into the crowd!

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