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Meng Chun Lou picked up the precious beads and hairpins from the table and put them into her bosom. Then, she picked up the Soulshake Sword from the table and looked at it again.

After entering the city, the city was still bustling with noise and excitement, but it was concentrated in the teahouses, taverns, casinos, and brothels. Ordinary people would have long since turned out their lights, but Meng Chun Lou hurriedly rushed in, using his impression of the Mascot Inn to find it. The moment he appeared, the shop assistant Wang San welcomed him with a smile, "Official, why did you come back so quickly? Didn't she keep you overnight? "

Meng Chun Lou smiled bitterly and said, "I'm a bit tired today, so I want to come back early to rest!"

"Oh!" Wang San gave a wicked smile. "So what if you're tired! "Dear guest, please listen to me …"

Meng Chun Lou knew Wang San had misunderstood her, so she didn't pay attention to him. She dodged and hurried upstairs.

There was still a light on in the room, but the door was ajar. Meng Chunlou pushed open the door and felt a faint fragrance of orchids. He hastily went to find Du Jiangsheng, but where was he?

Instinctively, he walked into the room to see more clearly. However, he unintentionally discovered that there was a note on the table. He quickly looked at it and saw that there was a small line of words on it: "If you are Meng Chun Lou, come and make fun of us. If you are not Meng Chun House, then come and collect his corpse!"

When Meng Chun Lou saw this, she felt her heart tighten. She angrily grabbed the note in her hand, broke it, and left the room in a hurry.

When he saw Wang San again, he was still grinning from ear to ear. Although he was a bit tired, he still recognized Meng Chunlou at a glance and asked, "Dear guest, do you have any instructions?"

"How do we get to the Spring Pavilion?" Meng Chun Lou asked.

Wang San hesitated for a moment and immediately asked with a smile, "Customer, didn't you say you were tired? Why are you still going out? "

"Cut the crap!" "Answer me!" Meng Chunlou said seriously.

"Yes, yes, yes!" Wang San pulled back the smile on his face and said, "The Laughing Spring Pavilion is in the center of Yangzhou City. After leaving the store and walking towards the east, when did you see the lanterns? So you were looking for the Laughing Spring Pavilion!"

Hearing this, Meng Chun Lou hurriedly left the inn and hurried to the Spring Pavilion. Wang San was so happy that he burst into laughter and said, "Could it be that taking a sword with you will make up for your shortcomings? This old man is really funny! "

As Meng Chun Lou rushed on, they soon saw a tall building in front of them. The surroundings of the building were decorated with lanterns, making the building even more breathtaking!

From afar, one could only hear the incessant sounds of the zither and the strings being struck. Occasionally, they would be mixed with the laughter of the customers and the ladies, making this huge Spring Pavilion seem even more perverted and rotten!

Meng Chunlou walked over with a frown. Her eyes shot out icy blade like rays of light. It frightened all of the princes and prostitutes who were welcoming guests. They did not dare to go up and answer him, thinking that he was in the wrong place!

Meng Chunlou walked all the way to the center of the hall and stood beside those dancing geisha. It was only then that everyone noticed his existence!

All of a sudden, the guests' gazes were fixed on his face. Some were resentful, some were skeptical, some were shocked, and some were angry. However, no one said anything because his right hand tightly gripped his sword hilt, ready to pull out his sword at any moment!

The music soon stopped, and the dancing geisha were stunned on the spot, their eyes wide with fear, waiting for the madame Yu Jin to come and deal with them. At this moment, Meng Chun Lou shouted coldly, "I'm here, where are you guys?"

Although the voice was not loud, but strangely, everyone could hear it clearly. Those who understood the mystery would know that he was using his internal force to urge the voice to come out. If they didn't understand, they would think that it was too quiet here!

At this moment, a person's head appeared on the railing of the second floor. That person revealed a smile and said, "Meng Chun Lou, you really came!"

Meng Chun Lou looked up and saw that the person was none other than Zhao Daxing's martial arts master, Li Zhi. He couldn't help but frown and coldly shout, "I'm not Meng Chun Lou. You've misjudged me!"

"Hahaha!" Even now, you still don't know your name! Fine! Let me show you something. I'm sure you know who you are! " As Li Zhi said this, she clapped her hands, and another head popped out from the railing. It was none other than Du Jiangsheng!

His face was covered in blood, and his mouth was stuffed with linen. At this moment, he was sweating profusely as he looked at Meng Quan. He seemed to have something to say, but he could only groan in his throat!

"Looks like he wants to speak, then I'll give him a chance!" Li Zhi stared at Du Jiangsheng and laughed.

With these words, the piece of sackcloth in Du Jiangsheng's mouth was pulled off. He immediately shouted, "Uncle, leave now! Don't worry about me!"

"Hahaha!" Can he leave? " Li Zhi looked coldly at Meng Chun Lou. Suddenly, with a wave of his left arm, Du Jiangsheng was once again gagged and dragged behind the railings.

"Let him go! If you have anything to say, just come at me! " Meng Chun Lou said angrily.

"Don't worry, what's the use of being anxious?" Li Zhi glared at Meng Chunlou with disdain, "Let me ask you again, are you really Meng Chunlou?"

"I'm Meng Chun Lou, what are you trying to do? You might as well say it out loud! " Meng Chun said.

"You kicked me, but your butt still hurts. What do you think I want to do?" Li Zhi asked coldly.

"Every injustice has its merit, every debt has its master! If you are angry, then do it to me, don't make a difficult child for me! "Do you dare?" Meng Chun Lou asked.

"Why wouldn't I dare? Do you think I, Li Zhi, would be afraid of you? Stop joking around! " At this point, Li Zhi slapped her hands again, and another head popped out from the railing. That person was clearly Li Zhi!

Li Zhi's face was filled with pride as he curled his lips at Meng Chunlou, saying, "Meng Chunlou, I heard that you were once a dashing and elegant young master. How come you have become so destitute now?" "Look at that beard on your face. No matter how I look at it, I feel uncomfortable!"

When Meng Chunlou heard this, he stretched out his hand to pull off the fake beard and asked, "How is it now?"

Li Zhi burst into laughter and said with a bitter face, "Forget it, why don't you put on your beard? Otherwise, it would look even more awkward like this!"

"It's not hard to put on a beard, but you have to promise me to let the child go!" Meng Chun said.

"I'm afraid that's hard to deal with! "Because the two of you have committed heinous crimes. Even if I am willing to show you mercy, I am afraid Prefect Chen will not let you off!" As Li Zhi spoke, he turned his neck to the left. Indeed, wherever his gaze landed, the shrewd and scheming face of Prefect Chen was revealed!

Chief Steward Chen stroked his beard as he scolded, "Meng Chunlou, how dare you lie to me. You've eaten the heart of a leopard!"

Meng Chun Lou burst into laughter and asked, "Chief Chen, you said I lied to you, but where did that come from?"

"Originally, you two did flawlessly and flawlessly, and I had already completely trusted you two. Unfortunately, Martial Master Li had his own eyes and could see through your martial arts techniques. In addition, with the help of Swift Sword Li, how hard would it be to see through you two?"

At this moment, Li Zhi suddenly retracted his head back to the railing. When he once again revealed himself, he had already become Qiu Wuchang!

Meng Chun Lou was shocked and couldn't help but ask, "Brother Qiu, could it be that you've been caught by them as well?"

He used his hand to lightly tear off the mask made out of human skin, but he once again revealed Li Zhi's face and said: "Meng Chunlou, you never would have thought that the one who would talk to you would be me, Li Zhi, right?"

"You … "How could this be …" Meng Chun Lou's head was covered in cold sweat. No matter how hard she wracked her brain, she couldn't think of any reason for this change.

"Let me tell you!" Li Xin smiled complacently, "As soon as you appeared on the street, we had our eyes on you! "Originally, I wanted to ask Li Zhi to impersonate Qiu Wuchang and trick you to find out more about the river. But because of the incident with Ding Yuhua, we could only let things be as they are. I will pretend to be Swift Sword Li Zhi, while the real Li Zhi disguises Qiu Wuchang. In the end, you were deceived!"

Meng Chun Lou gritted her teeth as she angrily said, "Since you are lying to me, why did you give me the pearl and hairpin?"

"That's obviously fake, can't you tell?" Li Zhi laughed maniacally.

When Meng Chunlou heard this, he couldn't help but break out in cold sweat. He suddenly realized a very serious problem. From start to finish, he had never seen how precious beads and hairpins looked like!

"Then my sword …" How did you find my sword? " Meng Chunlou still asked with unwillingness in his heart. He wasn't trying to turn the situation around, he was just trying to give an explanation!

Li Zhi first laughed wildly in a complacent manner, before saying, "That fortune-teller's family has always been made up of women, and now that his clothes are gone, would the mistress not ask? When she asked, the news spread! "

"In this Yangzhou city, it is all small and big. How could I, Zhao Dexian, not know about it?" Zhao Dexing suddenly popped out from behind the railing. He coldly glared at Meng Chun Lou, his eyes flashing with boundless hatred. "Meng Chun Lou, you have tricked me so badly!"

"Now that things have come to this, I can only admit defeat! However, I still want to ask one last question! " Meng Chunlou stared at Li Zhi, "How do you know so much about Qiu Wuchang? Otherwise, how could you learn so much?"

"Hahaha!" "I was originally an elite of the Ru Yi Hall's' Heaven's Gate 'and was specifically responsible for gathering information. Not to mention Qiu Wuchang, even if you fell asleep at night and flipped a few times, I would still know clearly!" Li Zhi said with an extremely arrogant smile.

Cold sweat couldn't help but trickle down from Meng Chunlou's forehead. He suddenly felt an inexplicable fear. This fear did not come from the threat of martial arts, but from the humiliation and worry of being toyed with by others!

"Meng Spring Pavilion!" Aren't you going to surrender? " "You've already committed three heinous crimes. Even if I killed you on the spot, no one would talk nonsense!"

Meng Chunlou smiled bitterly and asked, "Sir Chen, I'm stupid. Which three sects have I committed?"

"First, you pretended to be an official, bluffing and deceiving me, making it a crime; secondly, you deceived the public, deceiving me, secretly stealing my family's treasure, almost killing my wife; thirdly, you deceived Zhao Daxing, causing his silver coins to be damaged; and you intended to make the things I had stolen fall victim to the crime; thirdly, you are guilty of the third crime! With these three crimes, I will sentence you to death! " Chief Steward Chen said angrily.

"Sir Chen, although I am guilty, but your family's treasury is extremely well-kept. How do you explain this?" Meng Chun Lou laughed coldly.

As soon as he said that, it caused a thousand ripples and a few of the guests started to criticize him. Seeing this, Prefect Chen waved his arm and scolded, "Capture this mad man!"

As soon as he said that, many archers appeared on the railings on all four sides. They pointed their arrows at Meng Chunlou, scaring everyone down below out of their wits. They clutched their heads and ran out the door!

Meng Chun Lou was afraid that she would accidentally hurt the crowd. She immediately shouted, "Dog Officer, if you have the guts, then fight me head on. Why do you need to hurt the innocent?"

"Cut the crap, shoot the arrows!" With a wave of his arm, he commanded his men to shoot an arrow. Li Zhi then shouted, "Hold it!"

Chief Steward Chen looked at Li Zhi and asked, "Warrior Li, why did you stop me from taking the person?"

"I've heard that Meng Chun Lou's martial arts are powerful and his Soul Shocking Sword is unrivalled. Today, I have mastered my skills and am going to compete with him to determine victory or defeat!" Li Zhi said full of confidence.

"Hero Li, I have also heard of this person. He truly did have the courage of tens of thousands of men back then. If I can't take him down today, I'm afraid that he will cause trouble!" Chief Eunuch Chen said with concern.

"Sire, rest assured. With my Quick Sword Li here, we will not have this Meng Chun Tower's place of arrogance!" Li Zhi said with a serious expression.

"That's right!" "My big brother used his skills to suppress all the heroes, and he only wished he could be two years younger than Meng Chun [1]. Otherwise, the person who could rule the world alone would be my brother Li Jun, who is faster than my sword!" Li Zhi could not help but praise.

"Good!" "Since Martial Master Li is so sure, then this official will be happy to enjoy the success. Please!" As he spoke, he looked towards Li Zhi!

Li Zhi smiled and waved his hand at Meng Chun Lou, saying, "Meng Chun Lou, I'll give you three moves. Please use your sword!"

"If I attack, you will definitely not be alive!" Meng Chun Lou gave a cold smile and said, "You have to think this through!"

"Cut the crap!" If I don't give you three moves, how will you have the chance to draw your sword? "Come on!" Li Zhi said angrily.

When Meng Chun Lou heard this, she gnashed her teeth in anger and shouted, "Die, you lunatic!"

Before he could finish his sentence, both his feet tapped on the ground. Then, with a leap, he actually made it to the second floor!

Without waiting for Li Zhi to react, his right hand pulled out the sword from its sheath with a clanging sound. With a ruthless slash across his chest, Li Zhi suddenly bent his body, barely dodging the sword, but he felt his head tighten. His long hair was actually injured by the sword blade.

His arms felt like they were being pulled out of his body. He wanted to straighten his sword and stab again, but he couldn't. He could only take a step back and think, "Not good, I've been tricked!"

Li Zhi narrowed his eyes and glanced at Meng Chunlou. He then said with a smile, "Young hero Meng, why are you not going to confess?" Do you want to admit defeat? "

Meng Chunlou was agitated by him, but he suddenly felt the anger in his heart skyrocket. He enthusiastically gripped his long sword and thrust it towards Li Zhi, only to see him side by side with a kick. Meng Chunlou fell to the ground and laughed, "So Meng Chunlou is only so mediocre!"

Seeing this, Li Zhi immediately scolded: "Capture him!"

He had an unwilling expression as he stared at Li Zhi's face, causing him to have a look of displeasure. He smiled and said, "I know you don't like it, but I won't tell you that while you and Qiu Wuchang were drinking, the wine had already been mixed with 'Dissolving Technique'!"

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